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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:33 AM
Chapter 134

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[Yingtong Plastic Factory]

Director Jiang Yongchun did not refuse to meet Xiao Luo, but after Xiao Luo was led into the office, he scolded Xiao Luo in a sweeping way: "Xiao, I heard you are very good x, seizing boss Chen's preferences, dig traps for them one by one, and finally successfully forced them to sign a contract with your Luo Fang . Mid-autumn festival orders were placed with you . What a good method! What a good method!"

A face of absconded, small eyes outrageous, but with a malicious crime intensely staring at Xiao Luo . As one taste buds most loyal old customers, he was full of hostility to Xiao Luo . He can promise to make an appointment with Xiao Luo, because he want to severely humiliate Xiao Luo .

"Boss Jiang, you don't need to have such deep hostility to me . I'm here to talk about business with you today . We are all businessmen . Our interests are paramount and our personal feelings must be put aside . "

Xiao Luo smiled, then beckoned, took the contract from Luo Qi and gently placed it on Jiang Yongchun's desk . "The order that you spent 500,000 yuan on your taste buds can only be obtained with 450,000 yuan in my hand . Although 50,000 yuan may not be much in the eyes of boss Jiang, mosquito meat is still meat, so boss Jiang can consider placing an order in our Luo Fang . "

"You motherf*cker, this boss only recognize taste buds, you Luo Fang in my eyes is a fart!"

Jiang Yongchun angrily roared aloud, he directly picked up the contract on the table and threw it at Xiao Luo, a thick stack of documents were sent flying all over the room, slowly falling to the ground .

Luo Qi really felt aggrieved for her big boss . She used to specialize in studying all kinds of cakes in Luo Fang . She didn't have much contact with the prior boss . But, now she is following Xiao Luo . She has a very comprehensive understanding of these rich big bosses . They are just like H society . They always humiliate people .

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"Boss Jiang, it's not a good thing that you are so angry!"

Although he was hit in the face by the contract he took out, Xiao Luo kept a smile from beginning to end . Of course, he also restrained himself . If it wasn't for business, when this Jiang Yongchun smashed these documents on him, Jiang Yongchun had only one result, and that was to be kicked by him .

"This boss is furious, do you know how iron clad is my relationship with taste buds? You really want me to become a client of your Luo Fang, who the f*ck are you? This boss hasn't fight in years but am still ready to go t it, can you afford to fight? Don't say Fang, it's just me Jiang Yongchun . Trying to destroy your Luo Fang is just like playing . "

Jiang Yongchun reached out a finger to Xiao Luo and Luo Qi . "Now, you and her, get out of here . Don't provoke me again, or I'll make your Luo Fang look really 'good' !"

Such humiliation of Xiao Luo, he ain't too happy deep in his mind .

Xiao Luo shook his head and said with a hint of helplessness: "Boss Jiang, if I didn't guess wrong, you suddenly fell into a coma three days ago?"

When this was said, Jiang Yongchun's face slightly changed: "What did you say? You investigated me? "

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In his heart, it already set off a sea of shock . He was indeed in a coma three days ago while at home, for also no reason . He also had gone to the hospital to check but got nothing . They only said its because he may be squatting for a long time, coupled with hypotension and brain oxygen shortage it produced a short coma . This matter only he and his wife know, outsiders know nothing of it . Where did this Xiao Luo find out?

Xiao Luo did not directly answer his question, but looked at his complexion and said lightly: "Too much energy and laziness, tiredness and weakness in the whole body, low voice, shortness of breath when moving, easy sweating, dizziness and palpitation, sallow complexion . All these characteristics indicate that you are ill, and the disease is not a minor one, but a serious one that can kill you . "

"What the f*ck are you talking about? This boaa is in good health!"

This is enough for him to fear, because what Xiao Luo said was exactly just his performance in these recent days .

"Is it?"

Xiao Luo smiled, "Three days ago was not your first coma . Your first coma should have been a year ago . Since that coma, you have become more and more powerless in sex . Until after the fourth coma, you can no longer have sex . Your heart felt it can't handle it . Am I right?"

This statement, Jiang Yongchun immediately emitted a cold sweat, all right, this f*cking son of a b*tch is like he witnessed his life this year, but this . . . Is it possible?

For an instant, Xiao Luo became so unfathomable in his eyes!

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"How on earth do you . . . do you know?"

Jiang Yongchun's rhetorical question confirmed that all what Xiao Luo said was true . Luo Qi now looked at her big boss Xiao Luo like an alien and thought it was amazing . Is the big boss really a miracle doctor?

Who knows? Maybe Xiao Luo is really a miracle doctor? But in truth he just spent eight hundred points in the system mall and exchanged for a traditional medicine skill, the purpose is to deal with this Jiang Yongchun who is not interested in women, men, not interested in beauty thus he must have abpersistent ailment .

For traditional Chinese medicine, looking, smelling, asking and cutting are the most basic, and the ability he exchanged is of the highest standard, and the disease of Jiang Yongchun can be seen at a glance .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, indifferently: "Of course I can see it . "

"You you you . . . you fart, if you dare to talk nonsense again, believe it or not I'll let the security guard drive you away from here!" Jiang Yongchun didn't believe what Xiao Luo said .

"Four days later you will know what I said is true or not, because in four days you will be unconscious again without warning . The interval between coma is getting shorter and shorter, which is also a countdown to your life . If you don't get medical treatment quickly, you will have about half a year to live and at least three months to spend in a hospital bed . " Xiao Luo said .

Six months to live?!

Jiang Yongchun's soul is like being pulled away from his body in an instant . Xiao Luo can accurately describe his symptoms, which shows that he can believe what he said, that is to say, he really probably only has half a year to live .

"You're absolutely an alarmist . I've been to the best hospital in River City and said he said this boss's body is fine . You . . . you must be kidding me?" His trembling hands pointed to Xiao Luo, as if to deny he has only half a year left of his life .

Xiao Luo stood up, he don't want to talk nonsense with him anymore .

"There is no point in playing with you . I'll wait for you in Luo Fang . You'd better pick up the contract on the ground and keep it . If any piece of paper is dirty, I won't accept it . When the time comes, I believe you will make your own decision whether to choose your taste buds or Luo Fang . "

Saying that he waved and left with Luo Qi .

"Scaring this boss, do you think I'm that easy to scare!? Get out of here, sc*m! "

Jiang Yongchun shouted several times in the office, but when he calmed down, he suddenly had a silent panic and looked at the contract with his eyes that were scattered all over the floor . He finally walked over, bent down, picked it up one by one from the ground and carefully put it away .

No matter how much money you have, it's not as important as your life . A big rich boss like him will shiver with fear when it comes to his life!

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