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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:35 AM
Chapter 133

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Xiao Luo walked to the front of the bed and quietly looked at Zhao Mengqi's pale face lying on the sickbed . The expression on her face was not much billows, and it was bland . It was like visiting an ordinary friend who couldn't be more ordinary .

Does he hate her?

To tell the truth, there was really a trace of hatred at the beginning, but the car accident made him understand a lot in an instant, and he also looked down a lot . People may see through a lot at once after close contact with death .

Some people, are destined to be passers-by in life, accompany you through a period of childish years, then turn around and leave without nostalgia, forcing you to become mature, forcing you to become strong and powerful to the point where no poison can invade you .

"Xiao Luo, you are Meng Qi's ex-boyfriend . Half a month ago, she was in a bad state . When she came back from work, she often sat at the table staring blankly . Sometimes she secretly shed tears . She said she was stupid and abandoned a good man who doted on her and loved her . " The woman with slightly curled hair said that as Zhao Mengqi's roommate, she hoped Zhao Mengqi and Xiao Luo could get back together, so she exaggerated that Zhao Mengqi was dying .

Xiao Luo's facial expression did not change at all . He put his hands in his trouser pocket and looked at Zhao Mengqi only with his head bowed . He said to the unconscious Zhao Mengqi with a comforting tone: "It is not too late to get to know a man's true face in two months . Take good care of yourself, forget the bad feelings, start over and find the pure happiness once!"

Zhao Mengqi seemed to know that he was coming . She opened her weak eyes and her pale face was a little ruddy . She said weakly, "This . . . this dream is beautiful . . . "

Slowly she closed her eyes, she thought, she's seeing an illusio . How can Xiao Luo be in her sight .

"Mengqi, this is not a dream . Open your eyes quickly . He is really Xiao Luo, the real Xiao Luo . " The woman beside her called in haste .


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Zhao Mengqi face appeared slight shock, " . . . I cheated you . . . however, even in a dream, I regret to leave him every moment, I'm sorry . . . "

At some point, tears slipped uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes, leaving two traces of tears on her face .

She did not dare to open her eyes, even if it was a dream, she did not have the courage to be face to face with Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo smiled: "You didn't do me wrong . You just chose your own life . None of us owes anyone . We can come today . I just told you to live bravely as a classmate . "

"Luo, thank you . . . I know I am too naive . . . that sentence is right, when you have some time don't know how to cherish, after losing it you will regret it . . . if you can do it again, I will desperate to hold on to you . . . "

Tears ran across her cheeks and wet the pillow . Zhao Mengqi's face showed a look of pain . How much she missed Xiao Luo's egg fried rice for her . It's a pity that everything has changed . A deep-rooted lesson finally woke her up, but she will never be able to return to her former beauty . It was she who personally destroyed the pure, happy and simple love .

She really hated it, she regretted it!

"You are no longer the former you, and I am not the former me!" Xiao Luo said lighty .

" . . . Un . . . "

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Zhao Mengqi was bitter .

"Squeek ~"

The door of the ward opened, and a doctor in a white coat leaned half way in: "You two, the patient needs more rest, don't talk to her for too long!"

Xiao Luo nodded and said to Zhao Mengqi, "Have a good rest!"

Then he turned and walked out of the ward, leaving Hua Haifeng without any nostalgia . Zhao Mengqi will have a new beginning . This is something that makes him feel a little relieved .

"There are 100,000 in this card, and the password is six sixes, so she will be in your care . " Xiao Luo handed a UnionPay card to Ma Ling .

[Tl: well apparently the woman's name was Ma Ling]

This gave Ma Ling a fright, with 100,000 at hand . This is too heroic, she's afraid Mengqi really missed a good man .

"By the way, don't tell her I've been here when she's well, just say everything is her illusion . As for the money, find a way to hide it . " Xiao Luo told her .

"Good . . . good . . . "

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Ma Ling was flattered and nodded . Suddenly she felt that the UnionPay card in her hand was heavy .


"Hello, boss Chen, the order between us immediately . . . What? No? Boss Chen, you can't do this, can you? We didn't sign the contract . That's because I trust you, but for orders of more than 100,000 yuan, you said yes and then now, no? "

Fang Changlei, the general manager's office of taste buds, was on the phone . When he heard the other party say the order was cancelled, he stood up on the spot . His face was gloomy and his tone was threatening . However, before the anger behind him could be heard, the other party hung up the phone . There was a "beeping" sound in the receiver .

"Motherf*cker, who is behind this!"

Fang Changlei was so angry that he smashed the phone to the ground . His whole face was so cruel that he seemed to tear people apart . This was the 8th call . All the old customers called to cancel the order . And how old were these old customers? All of them played with women in the same room together . Their relationship was quite good . But now, all of them called to cancel the order . Obviously, someone was dealing with his taste buds .

"Mr . Fang, what did they say and why did they suddenly cancel the order?" His male assistant Shan shan asked .

"The specifics are not clear, it is said that there is something on someone else's hands, they also said that with someone else they had signed a contract, ordering moon cakes in another . . . another? Damn it, isn't it Luo Fang? "

Fang Changlei said, suddenly he felt something wrong, because this scene was deja vu . The other day, the order of the rich branch group of Zhang Hongda also flew away in front of his eyes, he took his pipe from his mouth, a full face angry speculation, "Is it really that little bastard behind me?"

The male assistant saw that his expression was uncertain, so he did not dare to speak rashly, but stood trembling on one side .

"No, no, no, no, no, no, that little bastard could never have such great energy . "

Fang Changlei kept waving his hand and overturning his guess, but he immediately picked up the overturned guess again . "But if boss Chu intervened, it would be easy . After all, boss Chu thinks highly of that little bastard . "

At the thought of this, a cold sweat broke out all over him: "Is boss Chu trying to deal with me?"

Thinking more and more made it scarier, although he and the dragon gangs Long Sankui's relationship is good, but in front of Chu Yunxiong . . If River city's black power is dragon gang, then the white power belongs to Chu Yunxiong, if Chu Yunxiong dealt with him, then he can . . .

But, why?

He and Chu YunXiong didn't make friends, even he wanted his toad son to eat swan meat and marry Chu YunXiong daughter, Chu YunXiong have no reason to deal with him!

All of a sudden, an impenetrable fog enveloped him .

Fang Changlei broke out in a cold sweat: "Quick, get the car ready . I'm going to see Boss Chu . "

"Yes . "

The male assistant nodded and hurriedly stepped down to arrange .

Fang Changlei must find out whether Chu YunXiong wants to deal with him or not, or he will feel uncomfortable all the time .

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