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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:19:09 AM
Chapter 13

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Surprised to consternation, Xiao Luo soon calmed down and introduced himself generously: "Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Luo . I will attend classes and study together with you in the future . Please take care of me!"

With that, he bowed politely and humbly .

However, his words did not receive any response . All the girls in the class looked at him as if they are appreciating a cultural relic . As the saying goes, thinness is the most important thing . As soon as Xiao Luo, a handsome fellow, entered the classroom, the sophomores in the English department looked straight in his eyes . {1}

Xiao Luo is embarrassed at this time . Although he had his fair share of being in a crowd as he even presided over a product development that has 20 or 30 people to participate in the big meeting, but now by 40 or 50 girls is looking straight at him, he still can't find his balance .

"Ahem . . . what are you all doing? Welcome your new classmate!" Counselor Qin Nanyu gave a dry cough as a reminder .

At this time, all the girls in the class responded and warmly applauded Xiao Luo . Some shouted for classmates, some for handsome boys, and some for Obama, not to mention how enthusiastic and attentive they were . Their mood was several times higher than when the class was just over . {2}

"Welcome, handsome Xiao . My name is An Huan . I don't have a boyfriend yet . Can you give me your phone number?" A petite and lovely, sweet-looking girl stepped onto the platform, took out her mobile phone and directly asked for Xiao Luo's phone number .

The whole class immediately booed . . .

"An Huan, even a big fellow from northeast China can't satisfy you? Don't curse our handsome Xiao anymore . "

"Correct, don't dare to pedal two boats, believe it or not we'll hang you up and fight . "

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"Now we finally have a boy in our class who can take the shots . It's not up to you to be his boyfriend . Get down and get down quickly . "

The whole class of girls joined in the crusade .

"Go, go, you are just jealous, jealous I tell you!"

The girl named An Huan pouted, unconvinced but didn't reply, she instead approached Xiao Luo . She said in an odd way, "Xiao Handsome Don't listen to them, you should be careful of them, because they eat men, and they don't even vomit bones . "

Xiao Luo managed to squeeze out a smile . It felt like he had not come to an English major class, but instead fell into a wolf's nest, and all of them were female wolves .

Before he could say anything, a large group of girls ran up to him and asked for his phone number, WeChat and QQ . They were very excited and seemed to have met a superstar .

But there are also indifferent ones, such as a girl sitting on the left side on the front row .

The girl had a neat short hair with neat ears, and her hair briefly covered up her charming face, which was flushed with drunkenness because of shyness . Her delicate and fresh facial features looked smart and attractive .

The white strapless dress properly presented natural folds on her arms, wrists and chest . Lace lines extend all the way along her graceful waist to her disheveled skirt . The skirt covered with tulle is tinged with light gold . The typical small jasper is not exaggerated or thin, with proper sweet shoulders, pink cheeks, full and introverted breasts and hips .

Clear water gives rise to lotus, pure and elegant, and the lollipop in her ruddy little mouth adds playfulness to her .

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"Bai ling, check his information, I suspect that he was sent in by my stinking father . " Her eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo, who was surrounded by all, but her words were addressed to the girl sitting next to her .

The girl named Bai Ling immediately entered a series of codes into her notebook computer and invaded Hua Ye's student management system . She quickly called up Xiao Luo's information, looked at it, and smiled: "Chu Yue, you guessed wrong this time . This guy was not sent by your father . He was really a student of our Hua Ye college . He joined the army in our school two years ago and returned to continue his college studies after two years of military service . That's why he entered our class . "

"Are you sure?" Chu Yue's fine eyebrows furrowed .

"It's clearly written on it . It also records in detail the results of various courses in his freshman year, even the record of winning a school-level scholarship . " Bai Xeiwen turned the laptop to let Chu Yue see clearly .

Chu Yue carefully looked at it again, she became silent, she also agreed with Bai Xeiwen

"I didn't expect a handsome classmate to pop up on the way . It will be much more interesting after work . "

Bai Xeiwen also welcomed the arrival of Xiao Luo, after all, their major has really too few boys, only two that is a crooked melon and a cracked jujube . Thinking about a handsome boy in class and being together in the future, she could not help but be a little excited .

"What handsome? Isn't just that just two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, and rustic clothes . You anthomaniacs think of him as handsome? " Chu Yue heavily snorted, she hates this kind of attracting bees, although Xiao Luo doesn't necessarily up to her standards, so he can be surrounded by all the girls for all she care .

Bai Xeiwen didn't speak, she can't insist that Xiao Luo is very handsome so openly to her best friend .

"All right, all right, back to your seats!"

It was not until Counselor Qin Nanyu spoke that the English major girls returned to their seats . Talking and laughing, they took out their mobile phones, opening Xiao Luo's WeChat space and QQ space with strong curiosity, and discussed with each other which photo of Xiao Luo was the most handsome .

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Xiao Luo is really very embarrassed at this time . These girls want him to give out his contact information . Just now he clearly realized that someone was touching him . It was something he has yet to pass on to his family .

Are these people really a group of college girls?

In Xiao Luo's heart, these girls played a big question mark .

"Xiao-fei zhu, Ding Kai!"

After Qin Nanyu read the two names, the only two boys in the class came running from the last row .

One of them was so fat that you could hardly find his neck . He was less than 1 . 7 meters tall, but he definitely weighed more than 170 pounds . He was round like a huge meat ball . The other person is like a bamboo pole, sallow and emaciated, with rickets . He is over 1 . 75 meters tall but weighs no more than 100 kg .

Stout, tall and thin, two people together with very rich contrast, a person can't help but want to laugh!

"Xiao Luo will share a dormitory with you in the future . You can take Xiao Luo to get familiar with the dormitory environment . " Qin Nanyu said to the two men .

"Give Xiao Luo to us, counselor, and just relax . "

Xiao-fei Zhu patted his chest and promised, turning to Ding Kai and said, "Kai Zi, help me with the books and I'll carry the luggage for the Xiao Luo brother . "

"No, no, I'll carry the luggage myself . " Xiao Luo pretended to be bashful, he busyly refused .

"It's okay . Zhu is strong . It's nothing for him to move a suitcase . " Ding Kai urged .

However, Xiao-Fei Zhu has already carried the suitcase on his shoulder and shouted to Xiao Luo, "Xiao Luo brother, come with us . We will be roommates in the future . Don't be too polite to us . "

Xiao Luo reluctantly bid farewell Qin Nanyu and all the girls with Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai, before he left, his eyes specially searched the class . Soon he found sitting in the first row, Chu Yue, eating a lollipop .

"Master Chu, it seems that Xiao Luo gave you a second look before he left . It seems that his eyes are very good!" Bai Xeiwen half jokingly said .

"What's good, just a pair of colored embryo!" Chu Yue disdained .

Bai Xeiwen chuckled and said meaningfully, "His eyes are still good regardless of what you think . He looked at nobody, just our queen Chu . "

"Smelly Xeiwen, are you making fun of me? Believe it or not, I'll let you beg for mercy loudly tonight . " Chu Yue laughed coldly like a little devil .

"Forgive me queen!"

Recalling the picture of being tickled by Chu Yue, Bai Xeiwen felt an evil coldness and immediately begged for mercy .

[TL Notes:

{1} since when did he became handsome? Lol
{2} yes it said Obama} ]

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