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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:43 AM
Chapter 127

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"Big boss, how interesting you are!" Luo Qi looked at Xiao Luo with worship and giggled .

Xiao Luo didn't back to her, he raised his eyebrows and walked towards Zhang Hongda .

"Good morning, Mr Zhang . "

Xu Guansong hung up a warm smile on his face and greeted Zhang Hongda . "Sorry, the traffic is a bit blocked, so Mr . Zhang has been waiting so long . "

Although Zhang Hongda has reached middle age, his brow has a momentum of anger and self-restraint . He didn't take off his dark glasses . He couldn't see whether his eyes were happy or angry . He should be indifferent . There was no smile anyway .

He turned his head and looked at Xu Guansong . He replied lightly: "You are here . "

"Yes, yes, we have come to Mr . Zhang for your appointment . "

The smile on Xu Guansong's face was more enthusiastic . He introduced Xiao Luo to Zhang Hongda . "This is Xiao Luo, our current boss of Luo Fang, Xiao Zong . "

"Hello, Mr . Zhang!"

Xiao Luo smiled and held out his hand toward Zhang Hongda .

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However, Zhang Hongda did not reach out and hold it . He did not even mean to shake hands with Xiao Luo . After glancing at Xiao Luo, he turned his eyes away, looked at the vast stadium in front of him, and hung Xiao Luo there directly . He snorted: "I have heard that you have changed your boss in Luo Fang, but I didn't expect him to be such a young junior and have no experience . No wonder Luo Fang is falling . "

Hearing this, Luo Qi was immediately displeased: "Our big boss smiled and shook hands with you, but you didn't even lift your hand . What's more, you belittled our big boss, boss Zhang . Don't you think you are very impolite?"

"Luo Qi, what are saying at boss Zhang?" Xu Guansong rebuked .

"He is just impolite . " Luo Qi hands waist against the way .

Xu Guansong said: "Now is the time talking for business, we can live Luo Fang, it can be said that we rely on Mr Zhang alone!"

Before he came, he advised Xiao Luo not to take Luo Qi with him . although this girl is a minister, she is still like a little girl in the world . She doesn't know how to restrain edges and corners, and she doesn't have a sense of motive . She is so offensive to others in words . This is a mistake .

Luo Qi looked at Xiao Luo, after getting Xiao Luo's eyes beckon, she didn't reply .

"Little girl, your Xu Zong knows better than you do . In this respect, you have to learn more from your Xu Zong, or else you will be easily cheated!" Zhang Hongda held out a finger, with the tone of the elders ourtenant scolding . Although it is said with a smile, but there is always a feeling of disdain .

"If I were her boss, she would never suffer!"

Xiao Luo withdrew his hand and spoke softly, but he fought back with great strength and directness . He didn't mention it to Zhang Hongda at all and turned the subject aside . "Now let's talk about the company . Zhang Zong has been ordering mooncakes in our Luo Fang for three years . Why didn't they order mooncakes from us suddenly this year? Can you give me a reason?"

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Zhang Hongda smiled coldly, "The contract has expired, I can't choose another one? Does this need your approval? "

"Of course, this does not require our consent . It's just that our two companies have cooperated for three years . It's more or less emotional . At this time, Zhang Zong suddenly said that you didn't order moon cakes from us . It's hard to avoid the suspicion of hitting the target . Although shopping malls are like battlefields, there is no permanent friendship .

There is only permanent interest, but are you not afraid of damaging your reputation if you just abandon your original partners? In the future, before each company cooperates with your Foucault Group, will it not have to consider one thing or two? "Xiao Luo said .

Zhang Hongda gave him a look, pondering and laughing: "I have worked with Luo Fang for three years, but I only know Fang Changmiao, Fang Zong . As for you, I have never heard of you, and I don't know your ability . To me, you are a stranger . Do you think I will give an eight million dollar list to a stranger? There is no such reason to put it in anyone's place . "

"So the purpose of my coming today is to let Mr . Zhang know me well . I hope you can reconsider and place an order with me at Luo Fang . "

"Don't think about it, I have already talked with the taste buds . From now on, our Focault Group will only cooperate with the taste buds . " Zhang Hongda refused very simply .

His words just fell when a hearty laugh came from the entrance .

A middle-aged man in a suit and tie, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and holding a pipe came along accompanied by several bodyguards-like men . His bun was very high, revealing all his forehead . His hair was obviously dyed, shiny black, and his face was blessed because of the meat .

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At the sight of the man, Zhang Hongda immediately stood up, took off his sunglasses and warmly welcomed him: "Brother Fang, you have finally come . I have been waiting for you for a long time . "

"Zhang Laodi, I'm really sorry . I'm sorry . Now our country is rich and every family has cars . The roads are very blocked . I'm really sorry to be late . "

"It's okay . It's okay . Come on, sit down and drink tea . Good Longjing . " Zhang Hongda cheerfully poured tea .

Compared with the attitude towards Xiao Luo, it is completely a heaven and an earth treatment .

"He is the boss of taste buds . " Xu Guansong whispered in Xiao Luo's ear .

He doesn't need him to introduce, before, Zhang Dashan already gave him datas .

"Hey, isn't this Luo Fang's Xu? Why are you here? "

Fang Changlei actually has long noticed Xiao Luo and Xu Guansong but at this time he raised his head so surprised .

"They want to bring back my client . "

Zhang Hongda poured hot tea and cast aside all over his face . "But I will never cooperate with garbage companies that have had food safety problems . They came for nothing . "

Garbage company?

Luo Qi couldn't bear it any longer . Zhang Hongda was an *sshole . She didn't say anything insulting and his attitude towards them was extremely poor . Seeing Fang Changlei sitting down to drink tea, her small universe broke out and shouted at Zhang Hongda, "You are garbage . Your whole family is garbage!"

The atmosphere of the whole space suddenly dropped to a freezing point, Xu Guansong's face was green, and his heart only said: it's over .

Fang Changlei snorted coldly: "If you don't learn well at an early age, you'll just bring trouble!"

A black man, coldly stepped across, lifting his palm of like a cattail leaf toward Luo Qi's face .

Luo Qi was so scared that she turned pale . She never thought these people would hit people if they didn't agree with each other .

At that moment, a big white hand reached up from the side, stretched out five long fingers, grabbed the black man's wrist, and stopped it in mid-air .

Luo Qi looked intently, she's surprised and very touched, her mouth gently shouted "big boss" .

Xiao Luo grasped the wrist of the black man and stared coldly at Fang Changlei: "My people, it is not the duty for Fang to teach . "


Fang Changlei looked at Xiao Luo with profound meaning, waved his hand, motioned the black man to step down, and then said with disdain, "You are Xiao Luo who took over Luo Fang from Boss Chu . I have heard of you . Two months ago, you seemed to be just an ordinary small worker of Huahai Group . I don't know what lucky fortune you took won the favor of Boss Chu and became the boss of Luo Fang . You are the kind of person who went to heaven one step at a time . "

At the turn of the conversation, there was a deep bury in the tone, "But it is not a good thing to ascend to heaven one step at a time . on the contrary, you will fall very miserably, miserably to pieces!"

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