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Chapter 126

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Xiao Luo's attitude is very tough, Xu Guansong couldn't persuade him to give up the prosecution of Chen Jianbai . The two people quarreled in the office, and this also makes Xiao Luo turned his attention to Xu Guansong for the first time, taste bud spies, is it Xu Guansong with a beer belly?

Of course, there is no evidence, doubt can only be doubt after all!

Two days later, an extremely bad news came .

A buyer that has always been a loyal customer of Luo Fang, ordering moon cakes in Luo fang every year, and Foucault Group, which distributed moon cakes to employees during the Mid-Autumn Festival, suddenly announced that it would no longer accept moon cakes from Luo Fang .

This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue and a fatal blow to Luo Fang!

Foucault Group is one of the top 500 processing factories in the world . In Jiang City alone, it has 230,000 employees, and the total number of employees in its factories across the country, large and small, including foreign factories, is 1 million . Although Luo Fang has only won orders for mooncakes from the Jiang City factory and other two city factories of Foucault Group, the total amount of orders is also staggering 8 million .

There is no doubt that Foucault Group is Luo Fang's largest customer, not just one of them!

After learning the news, all the major ministers of Luo Fang were like ants on a hot pan . They poured into Xiao Luo's office anxiously s4 . The originally spacious office immediately had a feeling of overcrowdingẹo1c

"Xiao Zhong, quick think of some way to ah, once lost this rich family group - this customer, we Luo Fang will really . . . . from . . . from . . . alas . . . . . . "

"Why did they suddenly say that tbey didn't want us to supply moon cakes from Luo Fang? What would you do?"

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"Are we really goingt7ikk to finish Luo Fang?"
A bunch of ministers in Xiao Luo's office lamented, they are not grass-roots employees but veterans, at this the the 9 c d sax ck r afg, they have some deep feelings for . .
These voices, for Xiao Luo is not very noisy .

"Everyone be quiet and stop whining!" Luo Qi Jiao, minister of research and development, shouted .

She is the only minister who does not wear formal attire during work . In her words, it is: research and development requires creativity and inspiration . Wearing uniform, formal attire will only greatly reduce her sources of inspiration .

Bright yellow T-shirt, skinny jeans with some decadent feeling, a pair of jogging sneakers with light green lines, shoulder-length hair black and bright, wearing a lovely starfish-shaped blue hairpin, a pure and vigorous white face without makeup, with some coquetry in her brow .

By Luo Qi shouting, the whole office soon quieted down, everyone looked looked at the one sitting in the office chair with his left hand holding his chin, it's Xiao Luo thinking .

"It's finally quiet . "

Xiao Luo stood up with a long breath . "Since it is quiet, then I will say, we have signed a contract with Focault Group . What is the penalty?"

"Back to Xiao Zong, the penalty is 10 million . "

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Li Zimeng stood up and signed the contract with s4t, 9Group by herself . She knew Xiao Luo's intention and frowned at Dai Mei . She was very embarrassed and said, "But the contractk898899 will expire at the Ysidro-Autumn Festival this year . "

[I swear the author just made up random numbers even in the contract . . . ]

"Expired?" Xiao Luo's eyebrows wrinkled .

Li Zimeng bowed her head dejectedly: "This is my responsibility . Originally, the two sides were going to renew the contract after supplying them this time, but I didn't expect Foucault Group . . . "

"Minister Li, I just want to know why big orders like Foucault Group did not draw up a new contract before the contract was about to expire?" Xiao Luo tone was cold, with strong blame .

Li Zimeng lowered her head even further: "Yes . . . it was my negligence . . . "

She didn't really expect things to turn out like this . A few days ago, she also agreed with Zhang Hongda, the boss of the Jiangcheng factory of Foucault Group, to renew the contract on the Mid-Autumn Festival . It didn't take long for this to happen .

"Mr . Xiao, I don't think it is helpful to blame Minister Li now . The most important thing is to pull back the client of Focault Group . " Xu Guansong righteously said .

Luo Qi also echoed aloud: "Yes, big boss, Zimeng elder sister didn't expect "Fuke" group to fall out at this time, they are too immoral . "

Xiao Luo calmed down a little and felt for the first time that he had a long way to go to be the boss of Luo Fang .

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"Immediately contact the boss of Foucault Group . I want to meet him . In addition, I need to sort out a list of all the customers with taste buds . I will see it appear on my desk in the afternoon . "

This time, the taste buds must have fought over the customers again . This has completely aroused his anger . He wants to fight back strongly . He not only wants to take back the Focault Group, but also the customers originally belonging to taste buds .

At this moment, Xiao Luo's eyes became greedy, angry and dangerous, just like the eyes of a wolf!

The big ministers in the office couldn't help shivering in their hearts . They had never seen such aggressive eyes before, and this kind of aggression seemed to spread to them from Xiao Luo . They clenched their fists secretly, and their eyes were more sharp and firm .


At about 10: 00 a . m . , Xiao Luo, Luo Qi and Xu Guansong drove to Mingtai Golf Course . The purpose of coming here is to meet Zhang Hongda, the boss of Foucault Group .

"As one of the investors of Mingtai Golf Course, Mr . Zhang comes here to play one or two rounds of golf almost every day . " Xu Guansong said .

Luo Qi curled her lips: "Actually, I asked the big boss to meet here . Do you want the big boss to play golf with him?"

Xiao Luo laughed: "It is already his sincerity to promise to meet me . Take the contract with him and come with me to meet him . "

He has completely calmed down now, plus he can't talk about business with anger or a murderous look .

"yes!" Luo Qi laughed .

Xu Guansong immediately reprimanded with a straight face: "Don't smirk, be serious . "

Luo Qi stick out her tongue .

Entering the stadium, led by a waiter, he came to the service area . From a distance, he saw a middle-aged man dressed in white, wearing black sunglasses, with his hair slicked up, sitting under a sun umbrella, watching the front leisurely drinking tea . Not far from him, besides two black bodyguards, there was an assistant, and two women of model shape were pressing his shoulders and pounding his legs assiduously .

"He is Boss Zhang? He really knows how to enjoy life! " Luo Qi said in a curious inquiry .

"My aunt, please say less and don't miss the chance without talking to him . " Xu Guansong was frightened to disgrace .

This is an impolite and rash act . If Zhang Hongda hears of it, his impression of the three of them will definitely become very bad . There is nothing to talk about .

Xu had just reprimanded Luo Qi when Xiao Luo asked, "Is Zhang Hongda him?"

Hiss . . .

Xu Guansong breathed in a gasp, calling somebody else's name taboo, this this this . . . This is what ah, do you want to talk about business?

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