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Chapter 125

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Although the park is cold and cheerless, it is very suitable for Xiao Luo and Sun Yu who come here to eat roasted sweet potatoes .

The baked sweet potato is tender outside and delicious to eat . Although Sun Yu will pay special attention to it in front of Xiao Luo, such as sitting posture, such as smiling, she did not dare to open it too much, but she could not resist the temptation of roasted sweet potatoes . She peeled off the skin, and ate a round sweet potato at one breath, while Xiao Luo did not even eat half of it .

She smiled shyly at Xiao Luo: "Am I not very image-conscious?"

Xiao Luo shook his head . Sun Yu's frankness is exactly what fascinates him most . He said: "Eating roasted sweet potatoes doesn't have to take care of too many external forms . Just like when I was a child, I devoured it when it was baked . "

Sun Yu's eyes brightened: "It turns out that when you were a child, you also ate roasted sweet potatoes . "

"Everyone from the countryside should have eaten . " Xiao Luo gently laughed .

Sun Yu nodded and asked curiously: "Then how did you eat roasted sweet potatoes when you were young, is it like us, we build a stove with stones and bake sweet potatoes on it?"

"No, when I was a child, I used to secretly put sweet potatoes into the oven to barbecue when I was cooking for adults . "

"Why do you want to sneak?"

"Family members think that roasted sweet potatoes are dirty and can easily get you angry, and they will ban us from eating roasted sweet potatoes, so most of the time they are burnt and wasted because adults are watching them before they can turn them out of the fire . " Xiao Luo recalled when he was a child, he feel very happy .

Sun Yu laughed like a bell: "It seems that when Xiao Luo Ge was young, he wasted a lot of sweet potatoes because he burnt them . "

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Xiao Luo shook his head: "There is no waste . When I was a child, I didn't know anything . I took out the baked sweet potato and washed it . I swallowed it with the smell of burnt sweet potato . "

"Ah? Isn't that what you eat with your mouth full black? "

"I didn't care so much then . "

"Well, it's also true . When I was a child, everyone thought roasted sweet potatoes was fun and delicious, so it didn't matter whether it was irritated or not . "


The two chatted about their childhood and ate the delicious roasted sweet potatoes . The time passed before they knew it .

It was already four o'clock in the morning when Sun Yu was sent back to the hospital . When they were separated, Sun Yu's eyes were obviously showing a trace of attachment . She didn't turn back to the hospital until Xiao Luo's car left her sight .

For Xiao Luo, the second meeting with Sun Yu deepened his favorable impression of Sun Yu once again .

Of course, he doesn't know whether Sun Yu is his destiny or not . His hope is that such a straightforward girl is rare and certainly easy to get along with is very suitable for life .


Fresh air came in through the window with a ray of golden sunshine, as one morning came .

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They finally had woken up, but they were still very weak . When Xiao Luo came out of the bedroom, the five of them got up and saluted Xiao Luo .

"Lie down and don't move, or the wound will easily burst open again . " Xiao Luo said .

"Xiao Ge, thank you . From now on, you will be my eldest brother . "

Feng Ge greatly admired by Xiao Luo in his heart, and then he rushed to Xiao Wu and cried, "Call him eldest brother . "

"Eldest brother!" Xiao Wu and the other three people shouted in chorus .

Xiao Luo's face had a black line down, what eldest brother, do they regard him as mixed H society?

At this moment, Zhang Dashan, who had just thrown a biochemical bomb in the toilet, pushed the door and came out, tying his pants and said: "F*ck, what big brother? Lao Xiao is the big boss, not the boss of H society . Besides, isn't it uncomfortable for big brother to shout it out? It's also very old-fashioned . "

Feng Ge frowned awkwardly: "It's better to call him Xiao Ge . It's more cordial . "

"Call him Xiao Ge or Xiao Zong . " Zhang Dashan patted Feng Ge on the shoulder .

"Dashan, you have a rest these days anyway . Their food and daily life will be left to you . I'll go to the company first . "

Xiao Luo told him and turned around and to leave . When he walked to the door, he stopped and turned around again . "By the way, they lost too much blood . Please take care of that, too . Also from afar you look like a P though your thin your head is chubby . "

Hearing this, Zhang Dashan only felt in his heart thousands of grass mud horses were rushing past . Why did he have to pull on his face? Come on!

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However, Xiao Luo has already left . He just wants to attack and has no object or target .

"Brother Zhang, we haven't had a good meal for several days . Please buy more meat for us . " Feng Ge had his mouth watering .


Don't mention how "humbled" Zhang Dashan is . Being the nanny of five big men is simply making him angry at the thought .

He said coldly: "Do you want pig whips or bullwhip?"

"If you want it, I heard my father say that the chickens are the most complementary . "

"Yes, it can make people drink nosebleeds . Do you think it is necessary to make up?

"It would be even better to have an elephant's chicken . Eating it will definitely bring us to life . "

The five people were greatly excited . They just heard that animal whips are very good, but they haven't really tasted them . For no other reason, the smell is too strong, and usually they can't get a bite . Now the situation is special . They eat whatever is best, regardless of the taste

Feng Ge was even more overjoyed when he heard this . He smiled at Zhang Dashan and said, "Please, Brother Zhang . "

F*ck, motherf*cker!

Zhang Dashan had a kind of crazy impulse and thought to himself: Can't you hear him saying something contrary? Why don't you buy a chicken and make the soup?

"You five old timers are more fucking shameless than elder brother!"

He threw down the sentence and went out to buy food after getting dressed . Since Xiao Luo asked him to take good care of these people, he naturally would not neglect them .


"Boss Xiao, I heard you asked Minister Li to sue Chen Jianbo, the reporter who reported our Luo Fang on News?" Xu Guansong came to Xiao Luo's office and went straight into the topic, looking a little panicked .


Xiao Luo dropped his job and looked up at him . "Is there a problem?"

"If the lawsuit is successful, of course, there will be no problem . Our reputation will be restored and our former customers will come back . "

Xu Guansong said earnestly, "But if we lose the case, our reputation in LuoFang will plummet . I have already learned that Chen Jianbo is mobilizing all the reporters to make a fuss when we lose the case . "

Xiao Luo smiled: "He is quite confident . "

"With taste buds backing him, of course he is very confident . Xiao Zong, in my opinion, let's forget it . We Luo Fang really can't afford another heavy blow . Although we are still losing money, new customers pour in every day . Many old customers of our company also order moon cakes to be distributed to employees here . As long as we stick to it, we will get through it . "

"Get through? How? "

Xiao Luo could not agree with Xu guansong's point of view . He said coldly, "There are 500 or 600 people in Luo Fang . We have to provide food, clothing, housing and transportation for the 500 or 600 people . The financial department has a total of 4 million people . If we continue like this for two months, we will have to close down . There are only two ways in front of us, life or death of the company!"

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