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Chapter 121

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After clashing, Jiang Hu deeply know Xiao Luo's strength, he couldn't believe this seemingly thin body actually contains such a terrifying explosive force . However, to his slight relief, Xiao Luo's knife was broken . Without it, he had the confidence to cut Xiao Luo to death .

Xiao Luo frowned as he looked in his hand, a half broken knife . Having a broken machete is like a person who lost their limbs . It is also far less than a dagger of length, its not equivalent at all, he had to throw away .

"Boy, I take your life now!"

Jiang Hu was grinning and forced himself to come up at a quick pace . He played the nine-ring knife like a tiger . While the nine iron rings jingled, the sharp blade seemed to be able to cut open the air .

Xiao Luo was forced to escape .

The cold blade passed through Xiao Luo's neck several times, only one or two inches away from touching it . Seeing it at the distance, Feng Ge and the other four were extremely frightened and did not dare to breathe .

"Whoosh ~"

Jiang Hu's knife is getting faster and faster, he is famous for his fast knife for a reason . Xiao Luo could not escape and was cut in the arm . The blade of the nine-ring knife is like the fangs of a beast tearing a bloody wound on Xiao Luo's arm .

"Brother Tiger is good . Kill him!"

The morale of more than 70 members of the dragon gang was greatly boosted, shouting loudly for Jiang Hu .

Jiang Hu licked the blood of Xiao Luo on the nine-ring knife and looked at Xiao Luo coldly and said, "How is it, is my nine-ring knife strong enough?"

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Xiao Luo looked at his wounds, he did not even knit his brows as hd looked up at him coldly, without any words . He's so indifferent as he looked at Jiang Hu, as if a silent deadly beast was enjoying his prey .

The feeling of being watched by Xiao Luo is very uncomfortable . With a rush from Jiang Hu, his steps moved wildly, as his veins stood out violently on his forehead . He looked like a bull rushing up to Xiao Luo again . The nine-ring knife was held high above his head, with a thunderous force, it came down to Xiao Luo from the air .

The strike was fierce, unparalleled, and brought up a roaring strong wind!


Jiang Hu ferociously roared, he already know that Xiao Luo would die immediately if hit .

Xiao Luo's mouth slightly raised into a a cruel smile, his eyes frozen, and then his hands turned into whistling on clamps .


A dull sound stirred .

Jiang Hu's eyes suddenly looked at the scene in front of him with disbelief . In his heart, there was horror: He . . . he's holding the knife in his hands!

It's really incredible, incredible, how is that possible!

All the people present also opened their eyes wide, and their eyes throbbed with thrilling shock . Whether the dragon gang members or Feng Ge gang of people, they were all dumbfounded . Xiao Luo took the knife with his bare hands . Is he still a human being?

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"Nice knife, I'll take it!" Xiao Luo however sneered .

"Want a fart!"

Jiang Hu used both of his hands to increase its strength, forcing the blade to press on Xiao Luo's head .

Coldly snorting, Xiao Luo's body seemed to flash as the knife in Jiang Hu's hands suddenly began to loosen . At the same time, Xiao Luo's body turned, and suddenly appeared on the left side of Jiang Hu . Lifting his right leg, he whipped Jiang Hu's abdomen . The surging power swept away like a tsunami .

"Ah ~"

Jiang Hu's body was quivering, his face blanched, and he screamed as be flew back away .

The nine-ring knife broke away from his hand in the process . Xiao Luo took the opportunity to hold it in his hand and waved it a few times in the air . Both the weight and the hand feel of the knife were just right . Xiao Luo couldn't help exclaiming: "Good knife!"

The pain in the abdomen Jiang Hu was unbearable, as if there was an electric drill in it . The pain twisted his facial expression to the extreme .

Shouting at his stunned subordinates: "Damn, what are you still doing, hurry up and cut him to pieces!"

He has been very sure that he is not Xiao Luo's opponent, he's too f*cking weird, he actually can beat himseld with just his bare hands . Now the nine ring knife is in the other's hands, his combat effectiveness is certainly off the charts . If he rushes up alone, he will definitely die .

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The remaining 70-odd dragon gang members were startled for a moment, looked at each other, and then shouted loudly like a tidal wave towards Xiao Luo .

But no matter how many lambs there are, how can they be rivals to evil wolves with fangs!

Xiao Luo moved his neck around and greeted them with a cruel smile . He cut at the sight of people . The ultimate combination of speed and power meant that no one could get close to him . Blood was spilled and the residual limbs fell from the sky . This was a unilateral massacre .

Feng Ge's group had faces of shock and horror, they have never seen in their life a skill like Xiao Luo . He's only one, this is enterprising, this is fierce, this is what strong should be!

"There is such a thing in the world, ha ha . . . ha ha ha . . . . . . "

Jiang Hu's face showed a mad smile, mixed with deep panic and disbelief . He took a short gun from a member of the dragon gang nearby . This short gun was used as a precaution and he wouldn't use it unless he had to, because the consequences of using a gun in China is very serious .

But now . . .

The bullet was loaded, the safety was opened, the gun was lifted, and aimed it at Xiao Luo, who was frantically slashing their dragon gang members, he pulled the trigger without hesitation .

"Bang ~"

Out of the chamber of the bullet carrying tearing power, it roared towards Xiao Luo, it's fast enough to let a person can't see its trajectory .

Xiao Luo seems to have felt where the bullet is, he turned and lifted the knife and blocked .

"Peng ~"

The bullet hit the nine-ring knife's body that blocked Xiao Luo's chest . The strong impact force made Xiao Luo's arm tingle which made it hard to hold the handle of the knife . The nine-ring knife flew out in a high-speed rotation . "Poof" as it cut the throat of a dragon gang member, then cut into a wooden pillar in the warehouse . The exposed knife body trembled violently and made a "buzzing" sound .

When the shot was fired, all the dragon gang members who pounced on Xiao Luo like hyenas were startled and stopped one after another . When they found out that their eldest brother had shot Xiao Luo, they all backed away to avoid the bullet hurting them by mistake .

One of them was preparing to retreat when a big hand leaned toward him quietly . Five fingers grabbed his neck and lifted him to mid-air .

"Bang ~"

Another bullet that was originally directed at Xiao Luo went through his back, and the penetrating power of the bullet obviously did not reach the point where one can pierce one's body at a draught, so Xiao Luo was safe and sound .


After Jiang Hu cursed loudly . Both shots failed to kill Xiao Luo . Instead, he killed one of his own . This made him feel both irritated and angry .

"With guns, aren't you afraid that the police will invite you to tea?" Xiao Luo said coldly while holding the dead bodies of dragon gang members as shields .

At the same time, he quietly made a look at Feng Ge .

"When did our dragon gang ever fear cops, little scum? If we don't kill you today, I'll be called a river worm later!" Jiang Hu with red eyes shouted .

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