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Chapter 113

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The black suit man's super outbreak was very fierce!

Another police officer responded quickly and immediately backed away when he saw the other side rushing towards him, ready to shoot at a distance .

Only the black suit man didn't give him the chance to shoot, he jumped up like a tiger, and then swept out one foot, bringing out a thunderous power . The officer's face changed slightly as he reached out to block .

"Peng ~"

Hands and feet touching, it generated out a rumbling sound . The police only felt a surge of power upon impact . He spit out one mouthful blood, he fell to the ground . The Black suit man smiled, in a situ roll, he grabbed him as a shield .

Seven or eight policemen and police officers rushed up to the scene raised their guns one after another and thundered, "Put the gun down!"

"Shoot, this is your comrade, so shoot-""

The black suit man smiled cruelly, his stiff mandarin smelled of bloodthirsty, and his face was filled with mad smile . Obviously, the police officer acted as a shield . He did not believe these people dared to shoot .

And the situation is just as he expected, seven or eight policemen, who wanted to save their companions and kill the enemy, only stood hesitantly, aiming nervously at the black suit man with cold sweat in their palms .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the black suit man took a hook on his heel and brought up a police gun on the ground . The gun revolved luxuriantly in the palm of his hand for two rounds . When he settled down, the black muzzle pointed to the seven or eight policemen and police officers in front of him .


The black suit man smiled grimly and immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation .

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"Bang Bang Bang ~"

The seven or eight policemen, who felt the danger did not have time to shoot back, they had to lie prone on the ground or avoid to the nearest vehicle to prevent being shot . However, it was still too late . The bullet tore through the air and roared in . Five people were blown away in a flash . Three cars were smashed . Broken glass spattered wildly . Dust filled the air . It was quite powerful .

After shooting over nearly half of the policemen, the black suit man kicked the policemen in front of him and rushed at the white corolla of Zhang Dashan .

Zhang Dashan's face was not good at ALL, so he subconsciously stepped on the accelerator to run the road . However, the figure of a child in front of him just shook, forcing him to loosen the accelerator .

In this gap, the black suit man rushed up, opened the car door and plunged into the back seat . The muzzle of the gun was lifted and held against Zhang Dashan's head . He shouted harshly in hard Chinese: "Drive, or I'll shoot you!"

Xiao Luo wanted to intervene, but seeing this guy having a grenade on his left hand despite the pistol on his right, he immediately dispersed the idea .

Zhang Dashan was so scared that he pissed himself when he a gun was aimed at his head for the first time . He warbled and asked, "Big big . . . big brother, where are you going?"

"Drive forward, drive forward, fast!"

The black suit man watched the police closely and shouted, "If I am caught by the police, you two will die!"

He clasped the grenade in his left hand, fired two shots in his right hand, and overturned a policeman who rushed in the distance . His marksmanship was very accurate .

This shot immediately made the rest of the police subconsciously get down, slowing down their approaching speed . The black suit man turned around and shouted at Zhang Dashan: "Not driving yet, do you want to die?"

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"Eldest brother, don't be impulsive . I'll drive right away . I'll drive right away . "

Zhang Dashan scrambled to start the vehicle, then stepped on a foot in full throttle .

"Faster, faster!"

The black suit man held a gun against Zhang Dashan, and his mouth kept growling, "No matter how fast they drive, the police must not catch me, or I will be the first to kill you . "

"Yes, yes!"

Zhang Dashan was livid with fear . He drove the car faster and faster according to the black suit man's orders . From the black suit man, he could feel a strong evil spirit . He even dared to kill the police . Little shrimps like him would surely made him hesitate less .

At this moment, he thought a lot, what should he do if he have to give his life here? However, realizing that Xiao Luo was in the passenger seat, his panic mood was somewhat assured .

"My friend just got a driver's license . He is a novice . His psychological quality is not satisfactory . If you hold the gun against him again, he will be even more scared . It is easy to have car accidents . So, I will drive . I am a racing driver . I will drive and promise to help you get rid of those policemen and police . " Xiao Luo suddenly said .

The black suit man squinted at Xiao Luo: "Can you promise?"

"Of course, if not, you will be the first to kill me . " Xiao Luo said .

"Well, I'll believe you once, you change now, quick!"

The black suit man didn't want to capsize in the gutter, and he did find that Zhang Dashan's driving skills were not good and smooth, and he felt that he could get caught at any time .

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Xiao Luo held the steering wheel firmly and quietly gave Zhang Dashan a look . The latter cooperated to get out of the way .

"Ding, congratulations to the host for his acquiring INSANE driving skills, 500 points had been deducted!"

In his mind, there was a system of prompt, Xiao Luo was too lazy and just ignored it . He steppd on the accelerator . The white corolla, like a beast roared up, speeding on the road of chaos, moving left and right, like a white ghost .

Zhang Dashan almost vomited, wearing his seat belt and observing silence for his car .

The black suit man in the back seat was greatly excited: "Yes, that's right, ha, ha, ha . . . "

A few kilometers later, sirens sounded behind him, and police support arrived .

Three police cars, screeching sirens were frantically chasing .

The black suit man turned his head to look at it, and his eyes shot up with murder: "Sh*t, still dare to catch up!"

He leaned out and blew out a gun, hitting the tires of a van . The van flipped sideways with a "bang" and immediately blocked a police car .

Then, he pointed his gun at a tanker truck, with a ferocious smile on his face: "Go to hell, all of you . "

If this shot is hit, there will be a violent explosion and most of the roads will be destroyed .

Xiao Luo found out his intention, with a fierce acceleration, the car instantly jumped out of more than ten meters, the black suit man's aim at the tank instantly lost target, and shot in other places .

Looking at the police car that caught up with him, the black man flew into a rage: "What the hell are you driving so fast for?"

"Didn't you said it as to get you away quickly?"

Xiao Luo frowned, he deliberately asked, "Is that faster or slower?"

The black suit man was depressed and shouted, "Of course, faster!"

Xiao Luo nodded, he immediately pulled open a distance of more than 50 meters from the closest police car .

"Hey, kid, your driving is not bad . How about mixing with me?" Seeing Xiao Luo has opened a distance, black suit man exhaled a sigh of relief .

"Sorry, I have a job . "


The black man laughed mockingly, "How can a man lead a life like cattle and sheep? A man should fight and find pleasure in conquering the world between life and death . He can go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants . "

"Eldest brother, what do you do in your business?" Curiosity came from Zhang Dashan .

"I can kill or save people for the commission . I have no faith and no nationality . . . "

"Are you a mercenary?"

Xiao Luo's eyes slightly narrowed as he interrupted .

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