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Chapter 112

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In the hospital, Wang Tiechui was almost completely wrapped in white bandages, lying on the sickbed like an Egyptian mummy .

The anger of more than 500 employees caused him to break several bones . His body was covered with wounds . The most serious injury was his head that was smashed with bricks by the man who begged Zhang Dashan .

When he woke up from a coma, he saw Xiao Luo standing in front of the bed with his hands on his back . He was so shocked that he couldn't help shuddering, especially Xiao Luo's eyes, which were as cold as ice and made him fall into the the arctic .

He asked in horror, "What do you . . . what do you want to do?"

He had never seen such terrifying eyes .

Xiao Luo looked at him from a high position and said lightly: "I only want to ask you one question, you answer me honestly, otherwise, you will die!"

Wang Tiechui really felt the pitfalls from Xiao Luo's face, it frightened him so much that he almost fainted again .

"I . . . I'll answer honestly, I will answer honestly . . . " There was clear panic in him .

"Who directed you to organize this strike?" His voice seemed to come from hell without any emotion .

"I . . . I don't know his name . He gave me 20,000 dollars to organize the workers to strike and protest . He also said . . . he would arrange for me to enter 'taste buds' to work when it was done . " Wang Tiechui answered quickly .

Xiao Luo looked cold: "You don't know his name?"

"I . . . I really don't know, that was also the first time I saw him, Boss Xiao, I didn't cheat you . . . " Wang Tiechui showed fear .

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The mouth can lie, but the eyes cannot lie .

Xiao Luo felr lost, he thought he can tear a hole here in Wang Tiechui, but now it seems impossible .

Chu Yunxiong once reminded him that the management of Luo Fang is very deep, that is to say, there is a great possibility that in the members of Luo Fang's management are hiding spies from 'taste buds . ' Taste buds can encourage their employees to strike and protest . Even this kind of dirty trick can be used to arrange people to enter Luo Fang or directly buy off Luo Fang's management . Naturally, there is no big surprise .

"Lao Xiao, this is the 'taste bud' information you want . "

Out of the hospital, Zhang Dashan, who had printed the information, welcomed him . "The boss of taste buds is Fang Changlei, and he and Fang Changmiao, the former president of Luo Fang, are half brothers . The two first worked together in the bread industry . After their father died, they broke up and set up Luo Fang and taste buds respectively . "

Xiao Luo looked at the data and smiled playfully: "Interesting . "

Zhang Dashan nodded approvingly and continued with the topic just mentioned: "In addition to taste buds, Fang Changlei owns 10 industries such as Prosperity Hotel and Phoenix Entertainment City . Tastebuds is his main industry . He has a son and a daughter, the son is Fang Chongqiang and the daughter is Fang Shulan . . . "

"Fang Shulan?" Xiao Luo's face showed surprise .

"Why, do you know her?" Asked Zhang Dashan blinking .

Xiao Luo said: "There was some friction with her in Hua Ye when I was still a bodyguard . "

"Since there was friction, it's a bitter rival, crush her father's taste buds and give him a vicious blow . " Zhang Dashan said with a smile .

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"Is it so easy?"

"Now Luo Fang is under your old Xiao's control . It will take less than a minute before he is crushed . "

"Ahem . . . please don't take me with you the next time you brag . "

"Mama's egg!"


On getting on the car, Zhang Dashan asked jokingly, "Boss, where are you going now?"

"To find someone . "

"Who are you looking for?"

"The reporter who wrote an article that pushed Luo Fang into the abyss . "

Xiao Luo was back against the seat, staring at the front, "The surveillance video shows that the old man's physical condition is really very bad, the hospital case file clearly recorded that he has chronic rheumatic heart disease, thus, he did not die of eating bread, but from a sudden death from a heart attack .

The doctor in charge of examining the old man's body said that he had gone abroad for further study, and the old man's family insisted on eating our bread in Luo Fang is what caused the death in order for us to compensate 470,000 yuan . All this clearly shows that this is a conspiracy . "

"Taste buds?" Zhang Dashan guessed .

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Xiao Luo gave him a look: "Can it be another company?"

"Damn it, that old bastard Fang Changlei really doesn't observe any business ethics . I'll check where his car is when I have time . "

"What do you want to do?"

"What else can I do? I'm going to sprinkle some shit on his car . " Zhang Dashan shouted loudly .

" . . . " Xiao Luo was speechless .


Just as they were driving to a crossroad, there was suddenly a burst of intensive and intense gunfire ahead .

"Bang Bang ~"

Another two gunshots rattled the pedestrians and cars on the road . No matter what the traffic lights were, they would no longer run around to avoid hurting themselves . As a result, several serious traffic accidents occurred one after another, with shrill sirens sounding .

"Lying in the trough, we won the grand f*cking prize!"

Zhang Dashan's body quivered as a sudden brake came . He had only seen it in movies before, but now it was a real gunfight . How could he keep calm?

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes became sharper, staring at the front like an eagle's eyes .

A black suit man rode out of the side street on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet on his head and a spear in his hand . He was extremely tough and shot while riding . Two police cars were chasing behind him, biting the black suit man to death .

One of the older policemen, who was the most formidable, leaned out half of his body to shoot .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

Gunfire was heard all the time . Bullets were flying through the air at high speed . Police cars had several more bullet holes . The black suit man had also wiped two bullets from his side . Then another bullet "poof" plunged into the black suit man's back shoulder .

The black suit man fell off the motorcycle with a shock and the motorcycle was thrown more than ten meters away, finally caught under the wheel of a truck .

He immediately got up from the ground and pulled off his heavy helmet, revealing his bloody face, he looks like he were a foreign man .

"Don't move, put your hands on your head and get down!"

In this gap, three policemen and police officers rushed up quickly and raised their guns to push the crowd away, aiming at the black suit man .

The Black suit man had a ferocious smile, his body's explosive muscles jumped instantly, he fiercely bent over, he jumped over like a black curtain covering the three policemen .

At the same time, the black man slipped back, his strong body only took two steps back, to support his body's center of gravity . His hundreds of pounds of body began to move like a cheetah, his black windbreaker fell to two policemen and did a reckless collision .

"Peng Peng ~"

The two policemen that had just rushed out of the building crashed into the commercial vehicles on the roadside . They bounced back and fell unconscious .

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