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Chapter 101

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Xiao Luo was amused, thinking that the gold chain man was indeed a cow and had started to play hooligans since he was young .

While looking at the big gold chain man and the group of people talking and laughing as if nothing had happened, boasting about their childhood romantic history, the scar man only felt a rush of anger . He was like an angry bull with red eyes, smoking nostrils and blue veins standing out on his forehead .

At last, he roared and growled, "Damn, kill these hicks!"

Seven or eight men, immediately shout at the golden chain man .

The originally talking and laughing five people, the smiles on their faces condensated . Like five tigers, they rushed toward the scar man, their eyes are without fear . It seemed that they are rather excited . They're just like bloodthirsty beasts seeing their prey .

"Motherf*cker, I'll beat you black and blue!"

The gold chain man opened his mouth coldly and dodged a steel pipe chop from the other side . His right foot slammed out like a spring compressed to the limit, kicking the man's chest in front of him .

"Ah ~"

Accompanied by a shrill scream, the poor guy just like one who suffered a bull collision, flew without resistance, then severely stumbling back out two or three meters away . Even the steel pipe in his hand failed to be kept within it and was dumped to the ground .

Oh, very strong!

Xiao Luo was slightly surprised, he have never thought this big gold chain man that looks only above ordinary, strength wise, having such an explosive force is so amazing .

Apart from the big gold chain man, the other four are also extremely fierce . If the other party is compared to a pack of wolves, then the big gold chain man and his group are a pack of lions . In boxing, they're not in the same weight class at all . Although the big gold chain man and his group were against guys that uses weapons, they are totally inferior to the big gold chain men's fists and feet .

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In less than five minutes, all seven men along with scar head fell to the ground, wailing incessantly!

"You city dwellers are in poor physical condition . You didn't need to be beaten at all . My brother and I felt short-lived even before we were hot enough, a bunch of vegetable chickens . " The gold chain man grabbed the scar man by the collar and shook his head .

The scar man stared at him viciously: "You've offended our dragon gang, I promise, you will die miserably!"

"Pa ~"

The gold chain man slapped him up and thundered, "Speak human language!"

A fishy smell spread out from his mouth, some of his teeth and blood were drawn out . The scar-headed man was angry and surprised . He never expected to meet such vicious people .

"You five, you better leave River City, we dragon ga . . . "

"Pa ~"

The gold chain man is a slapping machine, his slap directly made the scar man's teeth to fly, a large amount of blood followed suit .

"I've told you to speak facts and not spout BS . Don't you understand?"

The big gold chain man's tiger eyes stared at him, making the scar man's body shake .

This time he was really scared, it's too painful, even tears streamed uncontrollably down his cheeks, and he could clearly feel his face swelling rapidly .

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Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and took a seat with great interest . He thought the gold chain man was really very interesting .

"If you refuse to be soft again, my brother Feng will beat you to death . " One of the man's companions joked at the scar man .

The scar-headed man had a bitter speech and humbled himself to the extreme . When he was beaten like this, he had to plead for mercy . He really wanted to cry . When he saw the big gold chain man lift his big hand like a cattail leaf fan coldly, he was scared to death . He closed his eyes and begged for mercy: "I … I take it back, don't … no more . . . "

The golden chain man turned his anger into a smile . originally, his hand turned into a touch . He patted the scar man on the face a few times and laughed: "Finally, you have spoken sense . Ok, for the sake of you speaking normally, I won't hit you . Go away now . "

As soon as he said so, he pushed the scar man to the ground .

The scar man didn't dare to say more, struggling he climbed up . With a wave of his hand, a line of people left there despondently .

"Hey, don't you want these things?"

The gold chain man pointed to the scattered steel pipes and sticks on the ground and shouted at the scar man and his group .

When he shouted, the scar man and the group of people like frightened rabbits, ran faster . They disappeared in the blink of an eye .

"Tskk . Their as timid as mice!" The gold chain man touched the back of the head and expressed contempt for the scar man .

"Wow, Brother Feng, you have spoken an idiom . "

"That's right, I am a cultured man . I am definitely different from you big old men . Otherwise, I can't be your boss . " The golden chained man said proudly .

The other four nodded their heads like chickens pecking rice .

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"My brother Feng is a amazing!"

"Well, don't flatter . "

The Golden chain man waved, then turned and walked to the front of Xiao Luo, "This brother, you are so rude, I just saved you, why don't you say thank you? You're still sitting here like a bodhisattva watching a play . I'm not even satisfied with Lord Mao or the banquet, and yet I'll obey you! "

Xiao Luo smiled and then got up: "It's not too late now, thank you . "

"It's a trivial matter, not worth mentioning . If you see any injustice on the road, draw out a sword to help you . This is what a man does . "

The gold chain man clapped his chest and laughed, saying in a friendly way, "My name is Feng Traceless, just call me Feng Ge . "

Xiao Luo held out his hand and introduced himself generously: "Xiao Luo!"

Huh? Xiao Luo?

On hearing this name, Feng Ge and his four companions changed faces .

"What did you say your name was?" There is incredible color in the eyes of Feng Ge .

Xiao Luo did not understand what happened to these people and how they reacted so much when hearing his names, but he repeated: "Xiao Luo!"

A man with a leopard's head and eyes, a swallow's jaw and a tiger's beard and a little black skin took out an old-fashioned mobile phone from his pocket and looked at Xiao Luo carefully, as if to verify his identity .

After confirmation, he said to Feng Ge, "Brother Feng, he is indeed the Xiao Luo we are looking for!"

Feng Ge was overjoyed: "His grandmother, he's really been found in a place that we have to go through iron shoes . It took so much time to find him . It took almost a month . Finally, we found him . "

The other people were equally overjoyed, just like beasts that saw their food, their eyes became hot .

"Who are you?" Xiao Luo felt something was wrong .

"Big brother, you have offended the rich, otherwise, others would not have spent 20,000 yuan a day to scrap your hand . " Feng Ge had a ponder smile .

$20,000? Is it that sky-high amount?

Xiao Luo thought these guys are really out from a remote mountain, to even feel full of just twenty thousand dollars, it's bacically nothing if you live in a city .

However, compared with this, he is more concerned about who wants to scrap his hand and has been looking for himself for a month .

"Big brother, for the sake of our great predestination, I will lay my hands on you gently and try to be as clean as possible . There is a hospital nearby . There will never be any danger to your life if we scrap your hand . " Feng Ge said with a smile .

"Who is your employer?"

Xiao Luo was speechless, leaving one batch after another and causing another batch of troubles .

"When you come out to mix, what you pay attention to is credibility . Do you think I'll tell you?" Feng Ge replied righteously .

"Brother Feng, don't talk nonsense with him . There is still a reward of 10,000 for us . The consumption level in this city is too high . If there is no income, we will sleep under the overpass . " A fierce man clenched his fist and shouted .

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