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Chapter 100

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Xiao Luo didn't expect Sun Yu to be so stubborn . He was finally forced to accept and put the IOU into his wallet .

He looked at the girl next to him quietly, with a curvy figure and a lively and youthful air all over her body . Although the bag hanging on her shoulder was not a famous brand, it matched her very well . On the whole, he felt she's quite good .

And Sun Yu also secretly observed him . The man's side face was very good-looking, handsome without losing evil spirits, especially his eyes, which were as deep as the night sky . After watching for a long time, it was easy for people to get lost in it . At the same time, she felt that Xiao Luo was very mysterious especially when he could win more than 2 million with just 100,000 yuan, which was too profound to be understood .

"Xiao Luo, how do you know how many points the dice in the casino will draw?" She asked curiously .

Xiao Luo made a careless eye: "Lucky . "

"Then if I stay with Xiao Luo for a long time, will my luck get better?" Sun Yu laughed, her eyes like peach blossoms .

"I think so . " Xiao Lul said .

The two people looked at each other and laughed heartily .

Half an hour later, they stopped in a residential area that provided rental housing for migrant workers .

In fact, most of the houses here are privately built . The layout of each building is not very good . It had a messy feeling . Moreover, the houses are closely adjacent to each other . All kinds of wires and cables are pulled randomly . The environment is really very poor .

"Here, I am . "

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Sun Yu turned to face Xiao Luo, feeling warm in her heart .

"Well, go up, it's getting late, and I also need to go back . " Xiao Luo said .

Sun Yu reached out: "Xiao Luo, give me your cell phone . "

Xiao Luo had a good impression of her and directly took out his mobile phone and put it in her hand .

Sun Yu lowered her head and dialed Xiao Luo's cell phone, then hung up and returned the phone to Xiao Luo . She kept Xiao Luo's number in her cell phone and smiled sweetly: "Ok, now we have each other's contact information . "

"Then, goodbye . " Xiao Luo smiled .

Sun Yu nodded and told him, "Be careful on the road and drive slowly . "

Xiao Luo responded with a weak and inaudible voice and then turned to leave .

Sun Yu stood where she was, and did not enter the corridor until she could no longer see the figure of Xiao Luo, just like she had just finished the meeting with her boyfriend, with a full face of happiness and joy . When she reached the halfway point, she stopped and thought for a moment, then took out her mobile phone and changed the name of Xiao Luo's mobile phone number name to "Big creditor . "


After leaving Sun Yu's neighborhood, Xiao Luo called Zhang Dashan and asked him to drive to pick him up .

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At this time, seven or eight men came up with bad looks, sticks in their hands and cruel expressions on their faces . These men directly surrounded Xiao Luo . Xiao Luo knew that these were the same people who beat Uncle Sun Yu in the casino .

"Why?" Xiao Luo asked in a sinking voice .

"Boy, you're a cow and a bully . If you take a hundred thousand dollars and a half, you can double it ten times . Our manager is very upset . He asked our brothers to come and give you some blood . They have a long memory and mind their own business . They need to pay the price . " The man with a scar on his forehead said .

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly and snorted softly: "I'm in a good mood . I don't want to fight . You should leave now . And I won't embarrass you . "

Hearing this, the men fell silent for half a second and then burst out laughing .

"Brother Bao, it seems that this guy has a bad brain . He's an escapee from a mental hospital . He even said that he would not embarrass us . " One man said to the scar man .

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The others burst into laughter .

The scar man also laughed for a while, then his face sank, he threw the cigarette in his mouth to the ground and gave a vicious order: "Get him!"

Six or seven eyes make a determined effort, raised their hands holding steel pipes and sticks and greet Xiao Luo's body .

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"Motherf*cker, this is why we don't like city people . "

Just then, a rough voice rang, and it abruptly let this group of men's action to stop .

Xiao Luo smelled peculiarity, five tiger-like men leisurely came up from a distance, each with a height of more than 80, only the one walking in the front is slightly shorter, about 75 or so . His body is not that strong compared to the others . But he seems to be the leader of the other four people, because only he, had anbopen collar and there one can see wearing a big gold chain .

The scar-headed man looked at the five men and did not dare to make a move . He asked, "Brother, which street? Don't be uncomfortable with the dragon gang . "

Dragon gang?

Xiao Luo frowned, he think these two words are very familiar, thinking for a bit, he remembered . The last time where children were forced to begging was a criminal gang also called Dragon gang .

"Pa ~"

The man wearing the gold chain raised his hand and slapped the scar head in the face .

The slap was very firm, without any moisture, and the slap sound was quite crisp and sweet . The scar man was stunned directly, because the slap was taken too suddenly and without warning . He was completely off guard . No one could have imagined that the gold chain man would take the shot .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, his mouth slightly raised, and said in his heart, "Interesting!"

The golden chain man shouted loudly: "I have never heard of any dragon gang . Don't be talking nonesense?" Although we are from the countryside, we are not intimidated by you city people . "

The scar-head man shook his head . His face was burning with pain . His eyes were almost burning with fire: "How dare you f*cking hit me?"

"Hey . . . what's wrong with you, I beat you because I respect you, I beat you because you do what you should play, I beat you because you peeked at the next village king's widow . . . While . . . taking . . . bath . . . "

The golden chain man said righteously . In the end, his voice became smaller and smaller, because he realized that he was wrong more and more . He scratched the back of his head when talking about going to his own village . He scolded, "Your grandmother, how did you get to widow Wang?"

"Brother Feng, it was you who watched widow Wang take a bath . "

"Yes, Brother Feng, how did you bring out your own troubles?"

"Fortunately, the people here do not know us, or else we will be humiliated . "

The Four companions laughed aloud chimed in .

With a red face and a dry cough, the gilden chain man shouted, "Ah yes, I indeed watch widow Wang take a bath . When I was a child, I stripped naked and took a bath with Honggong . I also touched her little sister . "

"The elder brother of the wind, is fierce, we admire!"

"No wonder when we left the village to rush out, we looked at you with different eyes . It turned out that when we were young, we already had a lifelong relationship just from that experience . "

"Elder brother's word is true, ha ha ha . . . . . . "

The four men's eyes were filled with endless admiration and their thumbs-up were full of praise for the gold chain man .

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