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Chapter 950 - The Land of Dharma1

The red-lettered quest was located at one of the ten great forbidden areas, the Land of Dharma.

It was said that two thousand years ago a Destruction Martial Monarch had lost in the God Horoscope Contest, and thus was planning to use the ultimate power of Dharma to achieve the Martial God Realm by force. However, he failed and consequently died, but prior to his death he left his succession at the Land of Dharma.

His succession was nothing simple. The Destruction Martial Monarch was extremely well-known due to his terrifying Martial Skill Talent. In the Monarch Horoscope Contest, he had used the Monarch Horoscope to invent the Law-Destruction Monarch Art, which was said to be able to nullify all Monarch Arts.

Qin Nan was very interested in this self-invented Law-Destruction Monarch Art, but he decided not to pursue it as his mind was set on finding the last treasure of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch, but to his surprise, the two hounds had reacted otherwise.

"Master Qin Nan, you have to trust us. I have a very strong instinct telling me that we would regret it if we chose not to check out the place…" Yellow added with a hint of panic.

"Instinct?" Qin Nan was startled.

"Cough cough." Although it was hard to notice, Blacky's face actually flushed as it spoke, "Master Qin Nan, just accept the quest and you will understand once we show something to you with the Heavenly Fortune Art."


Qin Nan agreed. Either way, he could still decide whether he would go or not later.

He then brought the two hounds and one mouse back to the Dao Origin Crystal of the Human Peak. Under the curious gazes of the eight skeletons, the two hounds held their paws together and danced around while uttering chants, resulting in a hilarious sight.

"Mm? What force is that? Heavenly Fortune force?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

He could sense some kind of force being unleashed by the two hounds, which surpassed the control of the Heavens and Earth, as if it did not belong to this world.

"Five elements and eight trigrams, the Heavenly Fortune of all living things!"

The two hounds suddenly yelled reaching out their palms, which summoned illusionary blue lines that intertwined into a formation. At its center was an illusionary turtle shell that spun rapidly without any sign of stopping.

"Master Mouse, it's up to you now!" The two hounds turned around and stared at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse harrumphed bluntly as it slowly placed its paw on the shell.

A shocking sight took place. The turtle shell shattered, revealing a mysterious red glow containing illusions of fairies flying out from it while singing a pleasant melody, making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

"Master Qin Nan! I wasn't lying! The singing fairies indicate a great fortune lying ahead. If we chose not to go, we would miss out on something extremely important! It's real! You have to trust us!" The two hounds almost cried due to the excitement.

For once, they had finally contributed after waiting for such a long time!

"Fairies singing? So this is the Heavenly Fortune Art? It seems like the three purple crystals given by the Monarch Ranking were quite useful after all." Qin Nan's eyes flickered and immediately made up his mind.

He was completely clueless in regards to where to search for the treasure of Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch, thus it would not hurt to believe the two hounds and pay a visit to the place. He might end up finding something unexpected.

"Let's move out, Xuan Yue!"

Qin Nan said.


The giant Skyhowl Wolf arrived with a mighty aura. With a wave, Qin Nan brought the eight skeletons, the two hounds, and one mouse with him and landed on Xuan Yue's head, before he took off and flew into the distance.

Their departure immediately grabbed the attention of many beasts.

A brief while after he left the Dragon Emperor Clan, at the Seclusion Dojo of the Ten Thousand Beast Garden…


Following a relieved sigh, Ao Cangtian's eyes sprang open with a complicated look. Both Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi had recovered too, glancing in his direction as if they had something to say.

"That guy has helped us a great deal."

Ao Cangtian said as he imagined himself being Qin Nan's mount. A moment later, his lips curled upward without any hint of disgust.

The Land of Dharma was located in the northwest of the Middle Continent, close to a relatively low-ranked Three-Starred Faction.

Qin Nan and his crew teleported to the Three-Starred Faction from the Middle Sector City and proceeded straight to their destination.

Xuan Yue had been groaning along the way to express his unwillingness. It was annoying enough to let the two hounds and one mouse ride him, and yet their expressions were filled with pride and disdain.

"The succession of the Land of Dharma has attracted quite a few experts." Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple glow as he scanned the surroundings.

Within a short period of time, he had stumbled into more than ten groups of cultivators consisting of geniuses of Two-Starred Factions or rogue cultivators. Some of them were ranked in the top five hundred on the Monarch Ranking.

After all, the Monarch Horoscope Contest was right around the corner, thus many geniuses had similar thoughts to try their luck in finding a succession that could improve their strength within a short period of time.

"We've arrived at the Unjaded Town."

Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

Countless grey talismans could be seen floating in the air ahead, which looked like a giant ancient wall, denying access to the place beyond it.

It was the entrance to the Land of Dharma.

Less than a hundred zhang away was a strange town constructed with some ancient red jade, which contained a mysterious force that was able to resist the terrifying aura of the Land of Dharma.

Currently, the town was lively due to the cultivators gathering there.

Although the succession had appeared, no one knew when exactly it would be accessible, thus many cultivators had no choice but to wait in the town.

"Let's go."

Xuan Yue transformed into his human form while Xiao Hong was smart enough to cover herself up with a black robe, concealing her appearance to avoid attracting any unwanted attention.

As they entered the town, a few cultivators immediately came up to them and introduced them to several inns to stay at in a passionate way, which gave the two hounds a great scare.

"Considering the number of cultivators staying at the town, we should probably gather more information before making any decision."

Qin Nan was about to make his move when a hand grabbed his arm from the crowd.


Qin Nan's gaze sharpened.

"It's me."

A pleasant voice appeared in his mind, causing his figure to shudder. He glanced in the direction and saw a black-robed cultivator with an attractive face.

It was strange yet familiar.

It was the Death Cultivator, Jiang Bilan.

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