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Chapter 947 - Training the Three Geniuses


Ao Cangtian stared with his eyes open wide while holding his head, his face filled with disbelief.

The scene that had just taken place had toppled his understanding.

He was ranked fourth on the Monarch Ranking, who had achieved his own personal Martial Progenitor Realm, but Qin Nan was only a fourth-layer Martial Progenitor.

Even if the strange stick in his hand possessed certain power, how was it possible for him to ignore the huge difference between their cultivations?

Qin Nan remained calm as he glanced at the three geniuses, "Don't overthink it. This Beast-Hitting Stick specifically restricts the power of beasts, unless you have achieved the Martial Monarch Realm."

The words served as a great shock to the three geniuses.

Beast-Hitting Stick?

Did such a magical thing really exist in the world?

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast knew that it was time, thus she giggled and said, "Now you realize how powerful Qin Nan is, right? If you want to grow stronger, you will listen to Qin Nan's teachings for a day. You will make your own decision."

Saying this, her figure disappeared from the dojo with a kick.

The dojo became silent for a moment, before Ao Cangtian collected his thoughts and his eyes glistened.

"Interesting, very interesting, the Beast-Hitting Stick, right? I would like to see how much your Beast-Hitting Stick can help me improve! I won't mind being your mount if you're able to do that!"

The pride in his bones was displayed.

How could the Young Master of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon be afraid of a mere Beast-Hitting Stick!

"Senior Brother Ao is right, if you can make me stronger within a day, I can even accept other request instead of just being your mount."

Jiu Jiu said while blinking her eyes in a seductive manner.

"I agree."

Yang Qi said in a calm tone.

Qin Nan's lips curled upward seeing this.

Although the three geniuses had witnessed the power of the Beast-Hitting Stick, the pride in the bones of the three geniuses stopped them from believing that he could make them stronger. But that was why it was so interesting!


Without any hesitation, Qin Nan stomped off the ground and aimed the stick at the three geniuses.


The three geniuses swiftly reacted out of instinct, firing three tremendous auras into the sky as they executed three Monarch Arts to resist the attack.


The Beast-Hitting Stick sealed off their power and landed on them like a storm.

The three geniuses immediately took a few deep breaths.

It was incredibly painful when being struck by the Beast-Hitting Stick!

"Use your primary form! Attack him from a distance!"

Ao Cangtian uttered a roar, urging them to transform into their giant beast appearances. With a flicker, they positioned themselves in three different corners while executing the Godly Dragon Roar, the Nine-Tailed Heaven's Wrath, and the Qilin's Fury—three Monarch Arts—in Qin Nan's direction.

Qin Nan was like a tiny ant in the middle, about to be devoured by the three Monarch Arts.

In the nick of time…

"Unrivaled Warrior!"

Following a roar, Qin Nan's battle intent rose rapidly as his left eye emitted a brilliant purple glow. He dashed forward and struck out with the Beast-Hitting Stick, nullifying the Godly Dragon Roar. Following this, it felt like he had eyes on his back, as he continued to attack with the stick, shattering the other two attacks.


As the three geniuses were immersed in great shock, the Beast-Hitting Stick summoned various clones of itself and attacked the three geniuses with greater force.

An astonishing sight took place on the dojo.

The three imperious-looking beasts shuddered violently while inhaling deeply. However, due to the pride in their bones, they endured the pain without crying out in pain.

All of their moves were no match against the Beast-Hitting Stick.

Qin Nan's figure moved rapidly while suppressing the three geniuses with the Beast-Hitting Stick.

"What now? You call yourself the top three geniuses? Is this all you've got despite being ranked fourth, seventh, and eighth on the Monarch Ranking? Where did your pride go? No wonder you've lost to the Sorceress and the Sage! With your current strength…" Qin Nan snapped with a cold look.

Even though the three geniuses knew Qin Nan had done it on purpose, their eyes were filled with fury when their old scars were revealed.

"Don't you dare be so full of yourself!"

Ao Cangtian let out an enraged roar as his battle intent rose rapidly, causing his scales to emit a purple glow.

The three geniuses counter-attacked in a ferocious manner.

Despite that, the Beast-Hitting Stick served as an uncrossable mountain, suppressing them with a great might. Even with their bloodlines, methods, and formations, they still could not break free from the restriction of the Beast-Hitting Stick.

"Huh? Giving up already?"

"Very funny, the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon? More like the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Worm! Don't you realize the weakness of your move?

"Nine-Tailed Skyfox? I think the name Mixed-Breed Fox suits you better! Calling yourself the seventh-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking, but the illusion in your seducing attack is not even complete. Who are you trying to seduce? Yourself?

"Diabolic Qilin! Where is the ultimate darkness in your move? Where did it go? It's turning into an assassination move instead! Have you mistaken the definition of darkness with assassination?"

Qin Nan's scolding echoed throughout the dojo.

The Beast-Hitting Stick was not the only thing that Qin Nan had.

He also had his left eye and the Martial Skill Talent that allowed him to give Fang Changqing useful advice!

The three geniuses felt ashamed and furious. They were angry because they were being bullied by a tiny human, but they were ashamed that their Monarch Arts had so many weaknesses.

Time gradually passed.

The dojo was gradually filled with cries of agony.

Even the three geniuses could not resist the continuous attacks of the Beast-Hitting Stick.

However, their disdainful attitude toward Qin Nan had shifted too. They did not expect Qin Nan to possess such terrifying capabilities.

"This kid…"

The Nine-Tailed Beast Monarch lowered her head while observing the battle as her eyes flickered with astonishment. The capabilities that Qin Nan had shown had entirely surpassed her imagination.

At this rate, the three geniuses would surely rank up if they were able to endure it.

For some reason, she suddenly recalled the discussion they had had at the mysterious place.

Was Qin Nan really able to secure the Monarch Horoscopes for them?

Didn't that mean she would have to let him ride on her?

As she continued to imagine the sight, her face began to blush, and who then immediately shook her head like a teenage girl after collecting her thoughts.

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