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Chapter 937 - Everyone in Place

"Qin Nan, let's have a battle if we have the chance."

"Brother Qin Nan, please be gentle with me, let me have a chance too."

"The Ranking Battle is approaching, I wish master Qin Nan all the best in it."

Qin Nan smiled reading the messages.

Even though the three geniuses were not close to him like Gong Yang or Sima Kong, he had a favorable impression of them since they had fought each other.

They were his rivals, his opponents, and friends too.

"I'm not sure if senior Tang Qingshan, Gong Yang, and Jiang Bilan will participate in the Ranking Battle."

Qin Nan murmured. For some reason, he suddenly recalled the series of events at the Longhu Mountain Range. Perhaps that guy was here in the Middle Continent too.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Nan proceeded to cultivate.

Three days were gone in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon Emperor Clan was extremely lively when dawn had just arrived.

"The disciples who are ranked in the top five hundred on the Monarch Ranking, please gather at the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak!"

"Those who are ranked between five hundredth and one thousand five hundredth…"

"Those who are ranked between one thousand five hundredth and two thousand five hundredth…"

A series of announcements echoed above the Dragon Emperor Clan.

To ensure fairness of the Ranking Battle, the geniuses were categorized into different groups.

"Senior Brother Qin Nan, let's go." Xuan Yue was in his primary form. His wolf eyes were filled with excitement.

"Mm, let's go." Qin Nan smiled as his figure landed above Xuan Yue' head.

They were both ranked in between one thousand five hundredth and two thousand five hundredth, thus they were required to gather at the fifth peak.

The dojo was already crowded with people. Most of them were inner disciples, while only a few were outer disciples.


A blasting roar could be heard, causing everyone to raise their head.

A giant Skyhowl Wolf with an imperious wolf aura approached the place and on top of it stood Qin Nan with a calm face, whose robe danced softly in the wind.

"Qin Nan!"

"He's here!"

"Damn! He's ranked two thousand and first! I hope I won't stumble into him!"

"I hope so!"

The inner disciples were astounded, who all took a step backward. They were not afraid of Qin Nan's strength, but rather the stick instead!

As for the outer disciples, they remained silent with surprised looks.

Xuan Yue uttered a cold harrumph with a prideful expression. He had initially thought it was embarrassing to be Qin Nan's mount, but after witnessing the change of the Human Peak and hearing about the incident of the inner disciples trial, he had begun to feel proud instead!

As more disciples gathered at the dojo, a figure descended from the sky and burst out laughing, "Looks like everyone is here. We'll deploy after the other two groups have departed. Qin Nan, you'll lead the group!"

The person was none other than the Mentoring Elder, whose eyes flickered while glancing in Qin Nan's direction.

"Thanks, elder!"

Qin Nan brought his fists together as he led the way. The disciples were jealous, but none of them dared to make any noise.

A moment later, a terrifying aura sprang into the sky from the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak.

Qin Nan and the others immediately raised their heads.

The one leading the group of disciples was a massive Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon, who was the Peak Leader of the mountain, followed by a cold-looking young man with a powerful aura, a glamorous woman, and a man with a demonic aura.

Hua Lie and the others followed behind them.

"Fourth-ranked of the Monarch Ranking, Ao Cangtian!"

"Seventh-ranked of the Monarch Ranking, Young Master of the Nine-Tailed Skyfox Tribe, Jiu Jiu!"

"Eighth-ranked of the Monarch Ranking, Young Master of the Demonic Qilin Tribe, Yang Qi!"

Voices filled with great shock could be heard.

They were the most talented disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, who normally stayed in the Ten Thousand Beast Garden or spent their times training themselves in the ancient ruins. It was extremely difficult to meet them in person.

"So they are the real geniuses of the Dragon Emperor Clan, very powerful indeed…" Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

Especially Ao Cangtian, who had achieved his own personal unique Martial Progenitor Realm. His strength seemed to be comparable to Sorceress Qian Qian and Sage Chen Zilai. Even the Peak Leader of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak was nowhere close to matching his strength.

"Since I have the Beast-Hitting Stick, doesn't that mean I have a chance of recruiting Ao Cangtian as my mount?"

A sudden thought crossed Qin Nan's mind, causing his heart to race. How magnificent would it be to ride the fourth-ranked genius who was the Young Master of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Tribe?

I definitely have to try it when I have the chance!

Following this, a second powerful aura sprang into the sky.

Surprisingly, it was Mu Mu leading the group of disciples, looking extremely gorgeous as her hair danced elegantly, accompanied by a cold, unfriendly aura.

"The strength of the Dragon Emperor Clan is indeed quite scary, having more than a hundred disciples being ranked in the top one thousand five hundred."

Qin Nan could not help but exclaim observing the geniuses.

They were more than thirty Two-Starred Factions and a few hundred Three-Starred factions in the Middle Continent, and the Dragon Emperor Clan had already occupied more than a hundred spots in the top one thousand five hundred, which was already very impressive. It seemed like the Dragon Emperor Clan was considered a powerhouse among the Two-Starred Factions not only because of the three Monarch Beasts.

"It's our turn!"

The Mentoring Elder said and sprang into the sky.

Xuan Yue let out a roar as he carried Qin Nan on his back and departed, followed by the remaining disciples.

The batches of disciples took turns setting out on their journey from the Dragon Emperor Clan.

The same sight was taking place in various factions of the Middle Continent.

If someone were to glance down from high up in the sky, they would see thousands of light glows heading to the same destination to attend a grand occasion.

A moment later, Qin Nan and the others exited the rift.

In the distance was a desert surrounded by raging sandstorms.

Unlike last time, many dojos were floating in the area, which summed up to a total of ninety-eight of them, as if they were forming a huge formation, creating an astounding sight.

All of these were considered the Touring Dojo.

Meanwhile, groups of people were making their way to the different dojos.

A variety of auras were present at the place, causing everyone to be dazzled and feel miniscule when facing the crowd.

Every single one of the cultivators here was relatively talented, thus only those at the same level as Ao Cangtian would rise as the most remarkable stars among the participants.

The Mentoring Elder said smilingly after being aware of the disciples' astonishment, "Both the trial and the Ranking Battle are held here at the Touring Dojo. Isn't it remarkable? Alright, Qin Nan, we're at the thirteenth dojo. Can you please lead the disciples there?"


Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he made his way to his assigned dojo.

With so many geniuses gathering at the place, their powerful auras, pride, and murderous intent had caused his blood to boil.

The Ranking Battle was more exciting than what he had imagined!

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