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Chapter 936 - The Monarch Ranking Battle

Taking a deep breath, Qin Nan adjusted his thoughts as his eyes sharpened.

Although he was unsure of what was happening, the flesh of the Divine God of Battle had told him that time was running out.

"I have to quicken my pace of improving my cultivation, so as to be able to destroy the South-Heaven Gate as soon as possible!"

Qin Nan clenched his fists.

His cultivation was only considered above average on the Monarch Ranking, but it was still not enough to face the experts of the Middle Continent or the half-God region.

Following this, Qin Nan communicated with the Mountain-Suppressing Godly Orb to unleash greater power.

This caused the Qi surrounding the Human Peak to increase significantly.

"Time to cultivate in seclusion."

Qin Nan closed his eyes and unleashed his Martial Spirit to absorb the Qi around him.

While he was in seclusion, the eight skeletons experienced a shocking change. Meanwhile, Xuan Yue and the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein both went into seclusion as well, knowing that their strength was still too weak. As for the two hounds and one mouse, the mysterious Heavenly Fortune bloodline in their bodies became restless, as if it was waiting for something.

The inner disciple trial continued to take place in the Dragon Emperor Clan.

Time gradually passed. Two days later, the rare phenomenon of the monarch glow and aura was made known to the factions of the Middle Continent, urging the Sect Leaders to order their disciples to cultivate diligently.

Although only the minority were aware of it, the rogue cultivators scattering around the Middle Continent could sense the difference too. It felt like a storm was approaching.

A month later…

Qin Nan's figure inside the Dao Origin Crystal shuddered as the aura of his personal Martial Tree behind him rose gradually while it grew another zhang taller, a sign that he had achieved the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

As for the remaining eight Divine Battle Martial Trees, their power had increased too, but they still had not reached three-zhang tall.

Qin Nan had purposely restricted the pace of their growth.

"Time to focus on the Divine Battle Martial Trees!"

Qin Nan said after a slight ponder. It was unwise to let his personal Martial Tree over-suppress the Divine Battle Martial Trees, as it would cause them to rebel.

However, at this moment…

At a mysterious place in the Middle Continent, countless golden rays sprang into the sky like soaring dragons, which penetrated the rift and spread in all directions rapidly with a magnificent monarch aura.

A while later, one of the golden rays dived into the Dragon Emperor Clan unnoticed.

None of the disciples were aware of it.

After the period it took an incense to burn…

A pleasant voice echoed in the sky above the Dragon Emperor Clan, "Everyone, this is the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast speaking. I've got something important to announce."

The Peak Leaders, elders, and disciples of the mountains were taken by surprise.

Even Qin Nan's eyes sprang open as he frowned.

What could it be, to be announced in such an urgent manner?

"The latest news from the Monarch Envoy, the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking will need to head to the Touring Dojo to take part in the Ranking Battle." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast said with a stern voice, "The Ranking Battle is extremely important. Once it finishes, the date of the Monarch Horoscope Contest will be determined.

"All Peak Leaders and elders, contact the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking at once, and depart for the Ranking Battle in three days!"

The few sentences served as a shocking explosion, leaving everyone staring blankly.

They never thought the Ranking Battle would be taking place so soon!

"Damn, it has only been eighty years, and the Raking Battle is about to take place again. Doesn't that mean we're running out of time?"

"Quick, summon them back to the Dragon Emperor Clan at once, they can't miss out on the Ranking Battle!"

"I've been waiting for so long!"

"This is getting interesting, I wonder how the other geniuses on the Monarch Ranking are doing since I last met them?"

The core disciples in the Ten Thousand Beast Garden were awakened as well, whose eyes flickered. Meanwhile, some of the inner disciples' faces darkened. As for the Peak Leaders and elders, they immediately contacted the geniuses who were not present at the sect.

The Ranking Battle had startled the entire Dragon Emperor Clan.

The same sight could be seen at the other factions such as the Heaven-Saber Sect, Chaos Sect, Shadow City, etc.

As a matter of fact, the entire Middle Continent was startled!

Qin Nan was confused seeing the elders and disciples coming out of seclusion from the Cultivation Hall of the Human Peak.

He was aware of the Monarch Horoscope Contest, but what exactly was the Ranking Battle?

"Let's check it out in the All-Knowing Scroll!"

Qin Nan inserted his thoughts into the scroll, and came to a realization after a while.

The exact time of the Monarch Horoscope Contest and God Horoscope Contest were never confirmed until the Ranking Battle had taken place.

The main reason being that the ranking of the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking would seldom change unless they were constantly battling against one another.

For example, Qin Nan was still ranked two thousand and first.

The aim of the Ranking Battle was to gather the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking at the Touring Dojo, organizing them to participate in one-on-one battles based on their strength and ranking, to readjust their ranking based on the outcome.

Once the battle finished, the exact date of the Monarch Horoscope Contest would be declared.

"Qin Nan, try your best to increase your ranking through the Ranking Battle." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein transmitted his voice.

"Mm?" Qin Nan was stunned.

"The higher your ranking, the better the benefits you will get in the Monarch Horoscope Contest." The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein explained.

"I see."

Qin Nan raised his head slightly.

It would not hurt if he were to participate in the Ranking Battle, but he still could not reveal his true strength. He was not too concerned about the benefits, or else he could easily ask the Monarch Ranking to place him at the first rank.

But was that really the point?

All the geniuses on the Monarch Ranking would be there at the Monarch Horoscope Contest and compete against each other.

It was better for him to conceal his secret of having Nine Martial Trees to surprise his opponents when the time came!

Three badges in Qin Nan's storage bag began to glow, which appeared to be the top three geniuses of the Monarch Ranking sending him a message.

"They're looking for me?"

Qin Nan was surprised.

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