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Chapter 928 - The Power of the Beast-Hitting Stick

The Ten Thousand Beast Garden, the first ranked forbidden area of the Dragon Emperor Clan, the sacred cultivation ground in the hearts of the disciples.

However, only core disciples were allowed to enter, and how difficult was it to become a core disciple?

There were only a few dozens of them in the entire Dragon Emperor Clan.

The eyes of the disciples burned passionately. The trial served as a great opportunity for them!

If they won the trial, they would reach heaven in a single bound!

"The trial will last for ten days. If anyone somehow collects more than half of the badges, the trial will end earlier." Hua Lie wore a stern expression as he continued, "Now, let us welcome Senior Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast!"


A shocking aura surged from the sky, resulting in a huge pressure that hindered the breathing of the crowd.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast who was wearing an outfit made of gauze approached the crowd slowly. Her glamorous figure entirely captured the attention of the crowd.

The disciples—and even the Peak Leaders—lost their train of thought.

"Ten thousand phases of the law, open the Nine-Tailed World!"

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast murmured and tapped at the air.

Countless seals appeared, which slowly formed a large colorful door.

"Don't worry, you will appear at a random location once you enter the Nine-Tailed World." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled as she waved, causing a few hundred unique badges to scatter in the air like the blossoms of flowers, before falling into the hands of the disciples.

"Thank you, Senior Monarch Beast!"

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, An Lin, and Hua Jiwudao were the first to react. They brought their fists together and leapt through the door.

The rest of the disciples collected their thoughts. They gave their greetings and proceeded to the entrance.

As soon as Qin Nan stepped forward, a gentle voice echoed in his mind, "Little brother Qin Nan, give it your best. Don't let us three down."

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast blinked seductively.

Qin Nan uttered a cough and adjusted his thoughts, before stepping through the colorful door.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast immediately giggled, leaving the Peak Leaders confused, as they were clueless as to why the Monarch Beast would be this joyful.

"Little brother Qin Nan, I wasn't joking. Us thee are waiting on your surprise…" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast murmured in her heart, before her figure vanished with a flicker.

…Meanwhile, in the Nine-Tailed World…


As Qin Nan landed on the ground, his quickly scanned his surroundings.

The sky was pink in color, while a pink aura could be seen in his surroundings. Not far from him was a forest, a river, and a strange grass that grew on the land.

"The Nine-Tailed tribe are experts in seductive arts. Therefore, this Nine-Tailed World would influence our minds."

Qin Nan mumbled as he gained a new understanding of the Nine-Tailed World.

Following this, his gaze sharpened.

If he could only unleash his personal Martial Tree in the trial, he could at most face a fifth-layer Martial Progenitor. Therefore, it was nowhere enough for him to secure the victory among the inner disciples.

If he were planning to unleash his full strength, he would have to kill his opponents to avoid his secrets being exposed, but that was not necessary in the trial.

"I guess I'll have to rely on the Beast-Hitting Stick!"

Qin Nan came to a decision and began to check his surroundings.

The Nine-Tailed World was filled with useful resources, thus he could collect them to earn some Monarch Crystals.

"Oh? Seductive Wisdom Flower? This might be useful."

Qin Nan's figure halted. At a distance five li away stood a pink flower surrounded by a thick presence of Qi.

With a kick, Qin Nan's figure propelled forward like an arrow being fired, grabbing the flower and putting it into his storage bag.

However, following a piercing sound, a long saber with an icy blue flicker slashed in Qin Nan's direction with a formidable aura.

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows. He dodged the slash by twisting his body.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three figures sprang out from the woods with powerful auras and landed before Qin Nan

They were two males and one female, who had all reached the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

"Tsk tsk, isn't this the famous Peak Leader of the Human Peak! It seems like our luck has been on point today!" The young man leading the group revealed a hint of greed in his eyes, "Now, hand over your storage bag and badge. Otherwise, we will show you no mercy!"

The other two beasts were excited too as they surrounded Qin Nan, leaving him with nowhere to escape to.

As everyone knew, the Cultivation Hall of the Human Peak had earned a great fortune from the disciples.

Even though they were jealous, there was nothing they could do back in the Dragon Emperor Clan, but that was no longer the case today!

"You will have to be strong enough if you're planning to rob me." Qin Nan's lips curled upward. It seems like the perfect time to stumble into them.

"You dare disobey us?"

The three beasts were startled, their faces filled with disbelief.

Everyone knew that Qin Nan only had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, and his cultivation was at most the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

They were fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm experts, with extraordinary capabilities as their trump cards. They could even defeat a sixth-layer Martial Progenitor!

Did Qin Nan really think he could face the three at the same time?

"Humph, such an idiot. Let's teach him a lesson!"

The leading young man snapped.

The trio struck at once, unleashing three Monarch Arts with a beastly aura. The combined force surged in Qin Nan's direction like a shocking tide.

Qin Nan's expression remained calm as he drew out the Beast-Hitting Stick and struck forward.

"A stick?"

The trio smirked disdainfully upon seeing this.

Although the strange stick was covered with a faint Qi presence, it showed no sign of a monarch aura, thus it was nowhere close to a half-Monarch Weapon!

However, their expressions swiftly stiffened.

The moment the Beast-Hitting Stick struck forward, the progenitor force in their bodies was somehow restricted.

The three Monarch Arts dissipated without the support of the progenitor force.

"What…what's going on?"

The trio experienced a great shock. It was their first time experiencing something like this.

Meanwhile, the Beast-Hitting Stick was right in front of them.

They subconsciously tried to dodge it, but for some reason, their bodies were fixed in place by some strange force, leaving them unable to move. They could only watch the stick hitting their bodies.

"Mm? Without any Monarch Art or progenitor force, and the stick is not even a half-Monarch  Weapon. It won't do any harm to us!"

At the last moment, the young man realized something and felt relieved.

His flesh was extremely powerful!

However, as the stick struck his body, an indescribable pain exploded from his body and penetrated his soul, causing his figure to shiver as he clenched his teeth and inhaled deeply.

The trio was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

The only response they received was the incoming attacks of the stick.

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