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Chapter 923 - A Mysterious Young Man

This time, Qin Nan had spent five whole days in seclusion.

When his eyes sprang open, his Martial Tree had grown another zhang taller. The trunk was no longer grey in color, but rather a blend of faint purple and blue, as if it were enchanted with lightning, allowing its presence to become stronger. Even the eight Divine Battle Martial Trees were suppressed by it.

"Phew! Finally!" I should call him my personal Martial Tree then…" Qin Nan uttered a relieved sigh as his lips curled upward.

The curtain over his path of cultivation had finally been unveiled as he overcame the Tribulation.

There were currently two different levels to his strength. The first level was to prevent his secrets from being exposed, thus he would only utilize his three-zhang tall personal Martial Tree, which was enough for him to face fourth-layer or ordinary fifth-layer Martial Progenitors.

The second was unleashing all of the Martial Trees. However, Qin Nan had no clue how strong he would be.

"Qin Nan, you are finally done. You piece of shit, I've been waiting for the past few days…" He could hear Sima Kong grumbling.

Qin Nan was startled as he raised his head. For some reason, it felt like there was something different about Sima Kong, but he could not really point it out.

"HAHA, enough with that, are you coming to the Dragon Emperor Clan with me?" Qin Nan laughed and stared into Sima Kong's eyes.

As the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, he had been given the authority to recruit up to fifty disciples.

If Sima Kong were to follow him to the Human Peak, with his strength and the aid of the Beast-Hitting Stick and his capabilities, he would surely make a huge scene.

"Qin Nan, it's fine, I won't be going." Sima Kong straightened his face and said, "The succession of the Emperor of Thieves is still waiting for me. I believe we'll have many chances to work together in the future!"

"That's fine too."

Qin Nan nodded after a brief pause.

Sima Kong had his own path to take, thus it was better for him to make his own decisions.

"We'll head out together. It's possible that City Lord Zhou and his crew are still waiting outside." Qin Nan rose from the ground as his eyes flickered.

If they were still waiting outside, he wouldn't mind testing his full strength!


Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and the rest exited the strange cave.

"What's going on?"

As soon as they walked out from the cave, they were dumbfounded.

The initial scorching flames setting the valley ablaze had been significantly weakened. Even peak Martial Sacred Realm experts could move freely within it.

"Qin Nan, look up!"

Sima Kong suddenly said.

Qin nan raised his head and saw the fiery clouds were dyed with a hint of orange, like a giant sword.

"A rare phenomenon, it's possible that the succession of the Fire Path Mountain Range was discovered! Looks like we're in luck once again. Treasure Compass, summon the four spirits and find the treasure!" Sima Kong smirked and took out a strange-looking compass with a flick. The compass began to glow and rotate, firing two beams of light into the distance.

"This way!" Sima Kong put the compass away.

"Mm, let's take a look."

Qin Nan pondered before nodding his head.

If it turned out to be some powerful succession, it would be a great opportunity for them.

Qin Nan and his crew proceeded in the direction of the light. A while later, they could see a golden flame burning in the woods ahead. Despite standing a few hundred li away, Qin Nan and the others could still sense its strength.

"Such a powerful flame, its strength is on par with the Heavenly Flames."

Sima Kong was astounded.

As the name suggested, a Heavenly Flame was the flames summoned by the Heavens, capable of burning anything into ashes.

"Mm? Someone is approaching here…" Qin Nan whispered as he observed with his left eye.

He saw several powerful figures on the other side of the woods advancing forward at a shocking pace.

It seemed like they were not the only people that had noticed the rare phenomenon of the Fire Path Mountain Range.

After moving forward, the appearance of the golden flames was completely revealed.

It turned out to be a city made of flames, with giant shadows passing by swiftly. Even though they could not sense any aura from it, the sight alone was quite intimidating.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that instant, a few shocking auras arrived, which turned out to be five peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts.

They headed straight to the golden city of flames.

"Damn, this is bad. The succession has attracted a huge crowd…" Sima Kong's initial excitement was replaced by a troubled expression.

Qin Nan shook his head as he continued forward.

The distance was still too far for his left eye to observe anything inside the city, thus he would need to move closer.

As they moved forward, the surrounding woods was covered in a golden glow because of the golden city of flames. Furthermore, even Sima Kong could sense the presence of cultivators in different directions.

The group in front of them consisted of the peak Martial Progenitors they had just seen a moment ago.

The crowd did not act on impulse as they were aware of the strength of the golden flames.

"First form of the Divine God of Battle, Unrivalled Warrior!"

Qin Nan groaned, causing his aura to rise, allowing him to unleash the fullest potential of his left eye.

This time, he could finally get a clear glimpse.

The giant shadows inside the city were several fiery beasts moving rapidly without any sign of cultivation.

"Is that…"

Qin Nan was stunned all of a sudden.

He could see a young man similar to his own age striking his hands outward randomly in the middle of the city while uttering ancient chants.

Why would there be a young man inside such a city surrounded by the terrifying flames?

Following this, the young man rose from the ground as three crimson rays were emitted from his back, which turned out to be a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. Meanwhile, a four-zhang tall Martial Tree emerged from his head.

"Huh? A third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?  A cultivation of the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm?"

Qin Nan was taken by surprise.

Even the peak Martial Progenitors were unable to get close to the city and could only roam around it. How was the young man unharmed?

Could it be…

Qin Nan's gaze sharpened.

The only possible explanation was the young man had acquired the powerful succession, and the golden city of flames was part of it.

"It's true that everyone has a chance of finding a succession in the Middle Continent." Qin Nan mumbled as he was about to withdraw his gaze.

At that moment, he saw the mysterious young man uttering a roar as a fiery writing brush appeared in his hand. He then began to write in the air, causing lines of ancient characters to appear together with the will of a Monarch Art.

Qin Nan was instantly dumbfounded.

Was he inventing a Monarch Art?

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