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Chapter 917 - The Chase

At the entrance of the disordered Magical Thunder City…

"Qin Nan, this way!" Sima Kong waved his hand as he saw Qin Nan's figure. However, as he took a closer look, he was given a great scare. He immediately fired a stream of Qi into Qin Nan's body.

"Have you got it?"

Qin Nan asked softly.

"Of course! Hehe! Is there anywhere in the world I can't sneak into?" Sima Kong could not help but brag as he handed Qin Nan a storage bag.

"Let's quicken our pace to the Middle Sector City!"

Qin Nan kept the storage bag without glancing at it.

They would only be safe after returning to the Dragon Emperor Clan. Even if City Lord Zhou and the others realized that he had taken the rare artifact, they would not be able to do anything about it.

The two hounds and one mouse quickly left the place.


"Phew, the Tribulations finally disappeared."

"Why are they gone all of a sudden? Are they going to come back again?"

"I don't think so. I saw the three geniuses are already in the process of ranking up, and they should be done soon. However, unluckily for Cui Hao, his Tribulation is gone…"

"HAHAHA, that serves him right!"

The cultivators were relieved.

Although what happened had been quite strange, their lives were not endangered.

City Lord Zhou and his crew were extremely confused. The Tribulations went out of control, leaving the city in a mess, but why did they suddenly calm down in the end.

"For Heaven's sake——" Cui Lixu could not help but curse.

For some reason, the four Tribulations had been targeting him throughout the incident, leaving him in a miserable state. Most importantly, his brother's Tribulation was gone as well!

It would greatly hinder his cultivation.

"City Lord, some cultivators are demanding compensation!" One of the elders came up and whispered.

City Lord Zhou turned around and saw many cultivators shouting furiously at the disciples and elders of the Magical Thunder City.

Many of them had traveled a great distance to the Magical Thunder City to take part in the bet. How would they feel pleased after what had happened?

The Magical Thunder City had to explain themselves!

"City Lord Zhou, I believe Qin Nan is responsible for what happened today. We should take him into custody and let him be responsible for the losses!" Cui Lixu said with a harrumph.

He was feeling extremely unpleasant.

It did not matter if Qin Nan was the culprit. He just wanted him to be the scapegoat to teach him a great lesson.

"That's right!"

City Lord Zhou's eyes flickered. He was still wondering how he was going to pay the cultivators the Monarch Crystals.

"Spread the word and search for Qin Nan. Detain him at once when he's found!" City Lord Zhou gave out the command and proceeded to control the situation.

Under City Lord Zhou's control, the Magical Thunder City slowly calmed down.

Each of the cultivators was promised some Monarch Crystals as compensation.

Even though it was only a small amount, they had spectated a remarkable Tribulation battle and witnessed a strange phenomenon today, thus there was nothing they would complain about.

A while later, at the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion…

Many cultivators were running out of patience.

"City Lord Zhou, what do you mean by this?"

"That's right! Half the period it takes an incense to burn has passed. Where are our Monarch Crystals?"

"Are you trying to mess with us?"

Most of the cultivators were Martial Progenitor Realm experts.

"Please calm down. Please be patient…" City Lord Zhou waved his hand trying to comfort the crowd. His eyes flickered as he saw a figure approaching him, but his expression became gloomy after taking a glimpse.

In addition to him, Cui Lixu frowned as well seeing the figure.

Why had the Second Elder returned by himself?

"City Lord, this isn't good. We've searched the entire Magical Thunder City, but we were unable to find Qin Nan and his crew. It is highly possible that they have escaped during the chaos!" The Second Elder spoke.


City Lord Zhou and Cui Lixu raised their eyebrows.

That didn't make sense. Qin Nan had won the bet despite the strange behavior of the Tribulations. Why would he leave in advance? Did he already guess that they were planning on setting him up?

In the midst of the confusion, City Lord Zhou glanced at the impatient looks of the cultivators. A bad thought suddenly crossed his mind!

Why did the Tribulations go out of control?

Why did Qin Nan bet one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals and disappear?

Why would the battle end up like this today?

"Please bear with me a few more moments. I must go and check something!" City Lord Zhou took a deep breath and declared, before he excused himself.

He had to check if the artifact of the Magical Thunder City was still in place!

However, as soon as he took his first step…

A figure made its way toward the crowd with a pale expression, who turned out to be one of the elders guarding the artifact.

"This is bad…Help…City Lord…Something bad has happened…"

The cultivators gathering at the City Lord's Mansion were astounded. What now?

Seeing this, the bad feeling in City Lord Zhou's heart became stronger. He immediately blurted out, "Don't panic. What's the matter?"

"The artifact…has been…stolen!"

It felt like the elder had used all of his strength to finish the sentence.

The words served as a shocking thunder.

The crowd's face was filled with disbelief.

The artifact was stolen?

Could that be the reason why the Tribulations had gone out of control?

The crowd soon reached this conclusion. As the Tribulations went out of control, it would attract everyone's attention, resulting in a great opportunity to steal the artifact!


City Lord Zhou was thunderstruck.

Even though he had speculated, it was still a great surprise to him.

"Qin Nan!"

"It must be Qin Nan!"

"Everyone! Head straight to the Middle Sector City! Use the badge to contact me once you find the Peak Leader of the Dragon Emperor Clan's Human Peak!"

"Move out at once!"

As expected of a City Lord, who immediately reacted despite being taken by surprise, uttering his command with a murderous aura.

He had come to a realization at this moment.

A few days ago, when Qin Nan had first arrived at the city, the force of the Heavens and Earth had disappeared for a brief moment.

In addition, Qin Nan had proposed to increase the bet, and there was his sudden disappearance from the Magical Thunder City.

Furthermore, during the battle, the fatty who was with Qin Nan the other day was nowhere to be seen. Therefore, he must be the one who stole the artifact when Qin Nan was making a huge ruckus.

The cultivators, the elders of the Magical Thunder City, and even Cui Lixu were left speechless.

Qin Nan?

Was he really the culprit behind the incident?

"What are you waiting for, find him!"

City Lord Zhou was utterly infuriated seeing the lack of response from his people. He uttered an enraged roar and flew into the distance at full speed.

The elders and disciples instantly collected their thoughts.

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