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Chapter 916 - A Total Mess

Since the Tribulation battle took place, it was the first time the dojo fell into a dead silence, to such an extent that even the sound of a pin dropping on the ground could be heard.

The scene before them was too bizarre, entirely exceeding everyone's understanding.

"Qin Nan, was that you?" City Lord Zhou and the others glanced at Qin Nan and snapped.

Judging from the way Qin Nan had reacted during the battle, he was no doubt the most suspicious person.

"Hehe, City Lord Zhou, why would I still waste my time here if I was capable of controlling the Tribulations? By the way, I have yet to point out that you guys cheated by using the artifact to suppress the trio, and yet you're calling me out instead?" Qin Nan's expression became colder.

City Lord Zhou and the others shuddered.

They had been acting on impulse, but now on second thought, it was impossible that Qin Nan was able to manipulate the Tribulations.

Could it be that a terrifying expert hiding in the dark was manipulating the Tribulations?

As the thought crossed their mind, it was more convincing than their previous accusation.


Cui Lixu's face became pale all of a sudden.

"What happened?"

City Lord Zhou and the others raised their heads and were stunned after getting a glimpse.

It turned out that the four Tribulations were flying toward their hall at an incredible pace, as if they were being dragged by a giant hand, trying to crush them into pieces.



"Something's wrong! Run for your lives!"

"Damn it, what's going on?"

The cultivators in the other halls recovered and immediately executed their moves to defend against the impact.

"All experts of the Magical Thunder City! Move out at once to stop the Tribulations!" City Lord Zhou uttered a roar while transmitting his thoughts to the experts of the Magical Thunder City.

At that instant…

Every formation in the palaces surrounding the dojo was activated, glowing brightly.

The spectators headed straight for the exit, not desiring to stay a moment further.

The entire place suddenly became a complete mess.

"Damn! Damn it! Asshole!" City Lord Zhou and the Martial Progenitor Realm elders cursed as they proceeded to resist the Tribulations. Their faces were incredibly gloomy.

They had no choice but to use all their strength to resist the Tribulations.

However, after the problem was resolved, it would still greatly damage the reputation of the Magical Thunder City.

After all, the Tribulation battle had suddenly fallen out of control, thus the cultivators participating in the bet would surely ask for compensation, which would be a shocking number of Monarch Crystals.

"Mm? Sima Kong only needed three breaths more? Well done…" Qin Nan glanced at his badge and patted the two hounds and one mouse. The golden seal was activated once again as he glanced at the four Tribulations.

Cui Lixu and his crew had already fled for their lives.


The series of explosions caused by the Tribulations suddenly halted, as their destructive aura vanished.

"Mm?" City Lord Zhou and his crew who were controlling the formations were stunned.

The Tribulations disappeared?

What just happened?

Are you saying that someone was able to suck them away?

"Well, it's not the worst scenario——"

City Lord Zhou let out a relieved sigh. After all, it would require a great effort just to stop the Tribulations from harming them.

"City…City Lord! Emergency…There's an emergency!" At that moment, a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert hurried toward City Lord Zhou and blurted out, "The Tribulation… The Tribulations have appeared above the Magical Thunder City!"


City Lord Zhou and his crew stared with their eyes open wide, as if they were struck by lightning.

Meanwhile, the sky above the Magical Thunder City suddenly became dark. A terrifying storm swept the surroundings as the thunderous sword, spear, and two sabers floated in the sky, unleashing a shocking force aimed at the city.

It felt like the Tribulations were planning to destroy the city!

"Holy crap!"

"What is going on! Is someone targeting the Magical Thunder City?"

"Stop wasting time! Hurry up and attack. Otherwise, we will all die here!"

"Damn it!"

The cultivators fleeing for their lives felt extremely troubled. They immediately executed their attacks with Monarch Arts and artifacts, firing colorful rays toward the sky.

"Activate the formation at once! Defend against the Tribulations!"

City Lord Zhou floated in the air and yelled as he fully unleashed his progenitor force.

The entire Magical Thunder City emitted a glow, forming a giant shield that faced upward.

The force of the Tribulation was extremely terrifying, let alone the combination of four Tribulations. However, for some reason, the four Tribulations were incredibly agile, as if they could detect the path of everyone's attacks, evading them with ease.

The explosions caused by the attacks did not stop.

The cultivators were all trapped inside the Magical Thunder City. They were fully focused on defending themselves against the Tribulations.

Meanwhile, in a small residence…

Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple glow as he stared at the Tribulations and cultivators in the sky, "Upper left, lower right, thirty-six attacks approaching from behind, dodge…"

He was the one controlling the Tribulations battling against the cultivators.

That being said, his main focus was to attract their attention. Apart from using the four Tribulations to give Cui Lixu some special care, he tried his best to avoid casualties.

Time gradually passed...

The battle intensified.

Drops of sweat dripped from Qin Nan's forehead as his figure shuddered.

The Tribulations were powerful, and his left eye allowed them to evade the attacks, but he was facing too many cultivators at once, thus the rate his energy was depleting as he tried to control the battle was unimaginable.

"Come on, Master Sima…"

The two hounds held their paws together staring at the badge while uttering prayers.

Although they were clueless as to what was taking place, Qin Nan had told them that when the badge began to glow, it would serve as a sign for them to leave the place. Therefore, their eyes were fixed onto the badge. If City Lord Zhou and the cultivators somehow realized that Qin Nan was the culprit behind all this, it would be a disaster.


Following a buzz, the badge emitted a glow.

"Qin Nan!"

The two hounds were overjoyed, leaping into the air with excitement.

"Did he succeed?"

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief. He glanced at the Tribulation that had been significantly weakened throughout the battle and gave out his command, absorbing the remaining force of the Heavens and Earth into the golden seal. However, he did leave a little for the three geniuses.

Without overcoming the Tribulation, even if the three geniuses were able to rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm, their cultivations would be extremely weak.

Qin Nan was not willing to be so cruel toward them.

As for Cui Hao?

Who asked him to be Cui Lixu's brother, thus Qin Nan decided to absorb his Tribulation without mercy.

"Let's go!"

Qin Nan said with a hoarse voice. However, as he moved, he almost tripped himself. The two hounds immediately leaped forward and carried him, before running straight for the entrance of the city.

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