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Chapter 915 - Fooling the Crowd

"Is he insane? This is ridiculous!"

"One hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals, did I hear that right?"

"Who exactly is that guy!"

"Doesn't that mean the one who bet on Cui Hao has lost? Or would there be a turnaround?"

"Interesting! Very interesting! Who would have thought it would be this spectacular!"

The crowd burst into an uproar.

At that instant, everyone's attention was fully attracted by Qin Nan's words.

Cui Lixu and City Lord Zhou did not expect Qin Nan to tell the crowd about the bet. Cui Lixu's expression became dark as he collected his thoughts.

How dare this Qin Nan!

Trying to get the crowd to celebrate with him?

In his dreams!

"Humph, looking forward to celebrating your victory? Not a bad idea! Qin Nan, it's time you realize who's the real winner!" Cui Lixu rose from his seat and transmitted his voice.

On the dojo…

Cui Hao who was in a tight situation suddenly wore a hideous grin. A terrifying aura was unleashed, causing the strength of the thunderous sword above him to skyrocket and outmatch the two sabers and one spear!


The thunderous sword slashed forward and crushed the formation of the two sabers and one spear, knocking them backward.

The crowd was startled.

They did not expect that Cui Hao had yet to unleash his full force, allowing him to turn the tide of the battle in the blink of an eye.

Cui Lixu's lips curled upward upon seeing this.

Before the battle took place, they had already come up with a plan. Otherwise, how would they be daring enough to bet seventy thousand Monarch Crystals!

"City Lord Zhou, please assist my brother in defeating the Tribulations at once!" Cui Lixu transmitted his voice.

"Sure!" City Lord Zhou grinned staring in Qin Nan's direction as he activated the treasure deep inside the city with a thought.

Following this, the force of the Heavens and Earth was gathered, suppressing the Tribulations triggered by the three geniuses.

It was extremely difficult to observe the trick, without something like Qin Nan's incredible eye-technique.

The trio was dumbfounded. The thunderous sword was powerful enough, but for some reason, the power of their Tribulations had weakened all of a sudden.


The thunderous sword continued to slash forward with great might.

The three Tribulations shuddered violently, as cracks began to appear on their surface.

The spectacular battle had suddenly become one-sided out of nowhere.

"Damn! The trio is about to lose!"

"This Cui Hao was concealing his true strength!"

"The guy who spoke just now must be feeling miserable, he is going to lose one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals!"

"Even a core disciple of a Two-Starred Faction would feel disastrous losing that many Monarch Crystals in a bet. If I were him, I would be more willing to kill myself."


Countless sighs and voices filled with gloating tones could be heard.

The entire place had become indescribably lively.

The crowd was extremely excited as they were able to witness the outcome of a bet that consisted of one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals and the incredible battle between the Tribulations.


Cui Lixu and the others burst out laughing seeing this. Their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with pleasure and disdain.

This was the end!

No matter what you have, you wouldn't be able to alter the situation!

Cui Lixu felt extremely pleasant after knowing that Qin Nan had suffered such a great loss against him. His face flushed due to the excitement.

"Qin Nan! It's time for you to hand over one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals——" Cui Lixu stepped forward and demanded.

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan interrupted with a calm smile.

"Who said that you're the winner?"

Cui Lixu, City Lord Zhou, and the others were stunned hearing this, before anger rose within their hearts.

He was still unwilling to admit his defeat despite the circumstances.

Was he planning to deny the bet?


Before they could unleash their anger, they immediately turned their heads around after becoming aware of something strange.

In addition to them, the cultivators had their eyes fixed onto the dojo too.

For some reason, Cui Lixu's Tribulation in the form of the thunderous sword shrunk rapidly. Its size was halved in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the Tribulations of the three geniuses expanded rapidly in a terrifying manner.


The sight left Cui Lixu and the entire crowd in astonishment, unable to believe what they had just witnessed.

What just happened?

Why did the thunderous sword shrink rapidly while the Tribulations of the three geniuses expanded?

The three geniuses were the most surprised among them.

There was nothing they could do!

But why did the tide of the battle change all of a sudden?

"Cui Lixu, who do you think is the winner now?" Qin Nan said in a calm tone.

Cui Lixu, City Lord Zhou, and the others still stared at the dojo in disbelief after hearing Qin Nan's question.

At that instant, a shocking sight took place once again.

The power of the Tribulations above the three geniuses weakened rapidly, while the Tribulation above Cui Hao expanded.

The tide had changed once again.


Cui Lixu, City Lord Zhou, and the others were stunned.

The crowd was left speechless.

Why did it become normal again?

Was the scene that had just taken place just a mere coincidence?

"Phew!" Cui Lixu hesitated for a moment and uttered a relieved sigh after seeing the Tribulation remain the same. He harrumphed as he collected his thoughts, "Qin Nan, I don't know what happened just then, but the outcome is still——"

No one was able to explain the scene that had taken place.

However, Cui Lixu could not care less about it. All it mattered was that he had won the bet!

City Lord Zhou and his crew let out sighs of relief after realizing this too.

However, before he could finish, he was surprised once again.

Similar to before, Cui Lixu's Tribulation shrunk rapidly while the Tribulations above the three geniuses expanded once again.

It was as if their Tribulations were being manipulated by an invisible giant hand.

The scale of the Tribulations could be easily modified by it.

Cui Lixu, City Lord Zhou, and the crowd were dumbfounded.

It might be a mere coincidence the first time.

But how could they explain it after it had happened a second time?

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