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Chapter 914 - Another Hundred Thousand

The crowd stared in disbelief.

The scene served as a huge impact to their souls.

"How should I do it, just absorb the Tribulations away? Or should I absorb one of them? Making it strange? Or…" Qin Nan pondered as he saw the Tribulations.

It would take Sima Kong some time to acquire the treasure.

Not only would he need to stir a great chaos, but he needed to attract everyone's attention, thus it would be somewhat difficult.

"I shall wait a little bit longer, when the outcome of the battle is close to being decided, after Sima Kong has found the treasure, then I'll decide what to do!"

Qin Nan shook his head and gathered his focus onto the dojo.

Meanwhile, the Tribulations had taken shape; a thunderous sword, a thunderous spear, and two thunderous sabers, with auras significantly more powerful than the previous battle.

The rare phenomenon of Cui Hao's Tribulation in particular was spectacular, as the thunderous sword was covered in obscure runes, granting it an overwhelming presence that outmatched the other three rare phenomena.

This was a result from the mere difference between the grades of their Martial Spirits.


Cui Hao uttered a roar.

The thunderous sword in the sky was aware of the existence of the other three Tribulations. It lashed out ferociously, unleashing a powerful sword intent that transformed into a horde of phantoms charging forward.

On the other hand, the three Tribulations seemed to be aware of the situation. They immediately braced themselves together facing the attack.

One ability after another was executed like raging storms.

Countless streams of sword intent, saber intent, and spear intent were unleashed, causing the spacious dojo to vibrate vigorously, as cracks appeared and rapidly spread into the surroundings.

The spectators lost their thoughts observing the battle, not being willing to blink their eyes.

The three geniuses opposite Cui Hao used various artifacts and ancient Monarch Arts to boost the strength of their Tribulations.

On the other hand, Cui Hao uttered a hollow laugh and performed a hand seal.

Both sides were boosting the strength of their Tribulations!

The battle was extremely important, thus they were willing to use some shameless tricks to secure the victory.

However, little did the crowd know, a plump figure in the Magical Thunder City had executed a magical Monarch Art, causing him to disappear into thin air as he ventured deeper into the city and sneaked past the guards.

...Time gradually passed. In the underworld city…

The Tribulations gradually grew stronger.

The battle became more intense.

Cui Hao and the three geniuses were relentless in the battle, using all of their capabilities. The spectacular battle caused the crowd to cheer in excitement.

At one moment, the two sabers and the spear somehow had the same thought and positioned themselves in three directions to establish a formation, merging their attacks toward the thunderous sword.


Following a great explosion, the thunderous sword was knocked backward.

Cui Hao was startled too, who swiftly performed a hand seal, but it was not enough to change the tide of the battle.

"Damn it!"

"Holy! The three Tribulations have shown such remarkable intelligence!"

"Cui Hao is going to lose the battle! I've bet three thousand Monarch Crystals on him!"

"HAHAHA! Well done!"

Voices filled with joy and sorrow could be heard at the same time.

"Hehe." Cui Lixu laughed and glanced at Qin Nan while bringing his fists together, "Congratulations, cultivator Qin Nan, it seems like you're going to win the bet."

"Mm, it does seem so."

Qin Nan nodded without any hint of humility.

Cui Lixu and City Lord Zhou twisted their lips.

Cui Lixu took a deep breath as a sudden plan came to him. He said in a calm tone, "If cultivator Qin Nan is so confident in the outcome, why don't we contribute more to the stake? The battle has yet to finish, and I still believe that Cui Hao is going to win the battle!"

"More?" Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

He was still figuring out how to stir a great chaos, but this Cui Lixu had taken the initiative to do so.

"If that's the case, I'll bet another hundred thousand Monarch Crystals!" Qin Nan demanded.

"One…one hundred thousand Monarch Crystals?"

Cui Lixu, City Lord Zhou, and the others had their eyes open wide.

Was this guy out of his mind? Including the previous seventy thousand Monarch Crystals, the stake was now one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals!

Was he really planning to bet such a large sum on the battle?

Besides, anyone could realize that Cui Lixu was setting Qin Nan up with his words.

Could it be that Qin Nan had some way to ensure that he would be winning the bet?

For once, Cui Lixu was doubtful.

"What is it? The five-hundredth ranked Cui Lixu on the Monarch Ranking is scared of a bet? How disappointing." Qin Nan snapped without mercy.


Cui Lixu was infuriated. The thing that he hated the most was being looked down upon by other people.

"Junior Brother Cui, he must have realized our conspiracy, thus he should have some method to ensure that the trio will win the battle. Otherwise, he would not be so daring. However, don't worry, no one knows that I'm able to adjust the force of the Heavens and Earth!"

City Lord Zhou's eyes flickered as he transmitted his voice.

He had never described the bet to be fair from the beginning.

It went without saying that he was able to decide the outcome of the battle. Otherwise, how could he have earned a profit from the bets in the past?

"Great idea!"

Cui Lixu's eyes glistened. He did not expect that the City Lord was able to manipulate the outcome.

"HAHAHA, one hundred thousand Monarch Crystals? I'm in!" Cui Lixu waved his hand in a heroic manner.


Qin Nan clapped as if he were sincerely uttering the compliment.

Cui Lixu and City Lord Zhou secretly laughed. They would show Qin Nan who had the better trump card in no time.

"Just a little longer…"

Qin Nan checked the message from his badge.

Time gradually passed...

The battle continued to take place. Cui Hao was completely suppressed by his opponents, and was on the verge of losing.

Sima Kong's figure sneaked past the formations like a phantom.

Finally, after the period it took half an incense to burn, Qin Nan clenched his fists.

According to the latest message, Sima Kong had arrived at his destination!

And now…

It was time for him to make his move!

Qin Nan rose from his seat, giving the two hounds and one mouse a great scare. Even Cui Lixu and City Lord Zhou were astounded.

What was Qin Nan trying to do?

"How could we keep such a remarkable bet to ourselves? It's time for every cultivator here to witness how I'm about to win one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals!"

Qin Nan's gaze sharpened as his figure emitted an imperious aura, as if he had the entire situation under control.

Following this, he yelled with a thunderous voice.

"Everyone, before the battle took place, Cui Lixu and I had a bet with the stake being seventy thousand Monarch Crystals, and now…"

He thoroughly explained the series of events.

The cultivators in the palaces were stunned, and were lost in astonishment after learning the bet.


Are you being serious? A bet consisting of one hundred and seventy thousand Monarch Crystals?

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