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Chapter 906 - Magical Thunder City

As the crew returned to the residence, Qin Nan shoved the fragments into Sima Kong's hands and said, "I'll need some time to recover my strength. You should check them out first. Besides, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse played an important role this time, remember to reward it."

Saying this, he sat down and shut his eyes.

The destiny-altering fortunate encounters were determined by the Heavens, thus his actions were no doubt challenging the authority of the Heavens. He was lucky to have the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, the golden seal, and the Divine Battle Spirit protecting him, but for anyone else, even if their eye could endure the power of the Yin and Yang Dao Liquid, they would suffer greatly from the punishment as well.

It was never easy to compete with the Heavens.

Following this, Qin Nan cleared his thoughts and began to meditate.

"Hehe, little fellow, thanks for your help."

Sima Kong glanced at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse and fired a leaf with a unique shape into its body, which responded with a satisfied expression.

"Uhh, you might not be aware of this, but the mouse was only able to locate the map fragments with our assistance. Otherwise, it alone could never…" The two hounds blurted out seeing this.

"Piss off!"

Sima Kong rolled his eyes. Who were you trying to trick here?

The two hounds continued to explain their contributions shamelessly. In the end, Sima Kong ignored their presence entirely and set his focus on the map fragments.

"Is this——"

Sima Kong's eyes widened as his hands unconsciously trembled.

After the period it took six incense sticks to burn, Qin Nan's eyes sprang open as he exhaled deeply upon recovering his strength.

"Qin Nan." Sima Kong had long been waiting for him to wake up. He said with a solemn look, "Even though I'm the successor of the Emperor of Thieves, all I have are his capabilities. I've never found the things he had left, but now, this map is somehow related to his tomb, so I really need it."

He paused for a while before continuing, "Of course, I won't take it…"

"The tomb of the Emperor of Thieves? If that's the case, just take it."

Qin Nan was startled, and smilingly said before Sima Kong could finish.

He did not expect it to be such a coincidence. It seemed like the risk he had taken was well worth it.

Sima Kong's figure shuddered.

The map for the tomb of the Emperor of Thieves, even if it were only a fragmented piece, its value was absolutely immeasurable, but Qin Nan had given it to him without hesitation.

Sima Kong's eyes became teary as he recalled his past. He sniffed and chuckled, "Damn it, I'm so touched by your words. I almost fell in love with you."

Hearing this, Qin Nan was terrified, causing his face to turn pale.

"WAIT! What's with that reaction? Can't I make a joke?" Sima Kong rolled his eyes.

Qin Nan's face darkened. He could handle other jokes, but this one reminded him of his Senior Brother in the past.

"Mm? I've received the news from the Shadow Pagoda!"

Qin Nan felt the badge vibrating, thus his eyes flickered as he swiftly checked its contents with his Divine Sense.

"The Magical Thunder City, a Three-Starred Faction supported by the Heaven-Saber Sect. Since the city was constructed, it has acquired a rare artifact, which is capable of suppressing the force of the Heavens and Earth, thus attracting countless rogue cultivators and geniuses of the Middle Continent to overcome their Tribulation there. The first City Lord of the Magical Thunder City came up with an idea to establish a betting ground with the Tribulations. A small bet every day and a grand one every month…"

Qin Nan's eyes glistened as he finished reading the contents.

He did not expect there existed such a place in the Middle Continent, which was coincidentally the subfaction of the Heaven-Saber Sect.

The Tribulation Betting Ground mentioned in the badge was referring to two cultivators triggering their Tribulation simultaneously and using it as their weapons to compete with one another. Meanwhile, the spectators would bet on who they predicted to be the winner.

The bet was fair in a sense, as no one was able to control the Tribulation of the Heavens and Earth.

Even though the Magical Thunder City had a rare artifact that was able to suppress the force of the Heavens and Earth, there was no way any cultivator would believe that they could control the strength of the Tribulation. As such, the Tribulation Betting Ground was somewhat popular among the cultivators.

The reason being that the battle between two Tribulations was exceedingly spectacular!

The Tribulations triggered by two peak Martial Sacred Realm experts were on par with the strength of third-layer Martial Progenitors, not to mention the ones triggered by Undefeatable Martial Sacreds, Law-Defying Martial Sacreds and those who had achieved their own personal unique Martial Sacred Realms.

"This is the place for me! Doesn't this mean I would be able to collect the force of the Heavens and Earth every day?"

Qin Nan's eyes sparkled with excitement.

Even his blood began to boil.

With the force of the Heavens and Earth, he could finally reach the limit of his path of cultivation, and become an extraordinary existence!

Most importantly…

He could control the strength of the Tribulations with his golden seal!

Didn't that mean he could decide the result of the bets?

He could earn Monarch Crystals as he wished!

"Qin Nan, what happened?" Sima Kong was dumbfounded seeing Qin Nan's reaction.

Qin Nan swiftly gathered his thoughts. His lips curled upward as he saw Sima Kong standing in front of him, "Sima Kong, have you heard of the Magical Thunder City? I've got a great business that would earn me lots of Monarch Crystals there. Are you interested in coming with me?"

"The Magical Thunder City? The Tribulation Betting Ground?" Sima Kong was stunned, before his eyes glistened, "What do you have in mind?"

"It's a secret for now. You'll know once you're there."

Qin Nan smiled.

"Damn it, being so mysterious…" Sima Kong cursed before he uttered a strange chuckle, "It's always fun following you around. There's no way I'm missing out on this!"

"Great! Let's go!"

Qin Nan immediately rose from the ground and headed to the exit of the city with Sima Kong, the two hounds, and one mouse.

After leaving Shadow City, the crew took a teleportation portal back to the Middle Sector City, before finding the portal to the Magical Thunder City in a desolate corner.

…In the Southern part of the Middle Continent…

On a huge formation, following a flicker, the figures of Qin Nan and the rest of his crew slowly appeared.

"Crap, what the heck is this, to put the formation in such a strange place…" Sima Kong scanned his surroundings and felt low-spirited after seeing the sandstorm surrounding him.

The Magical Thunder City had somehow decided to locate its teleporting portal at such a lifeless area.

Qin Nan took out his badge.

The Shadow Pagoda was quite efficient at doing their job. They had also sent him the exact location of the Magical Thunder City.

"Come, it's not too far away. Only a few thousand li ahead!"

Qin Nan shook his head as his figure turned into a red beam of light propelling forward. A moment later, he was a li away from the Magical Thunder City.


Qin Nan frowned as he saw the sight before him.

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