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Chapter 905 - A Map Fragment

On a stall not far from him, among a pile of ancient maps, two ragged map fragments made of beast skin was emitting an outstanding force.

It was at least a hundred times stronger than the ones he had observed previously.

"Qin Nan, did you find anything?" Sima Kong's forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Even as the successor of the Emperor of Thieves, he could no longer remain calm due to the circumstances.


Qin Nan nodded as he uttered a relieved sigh in his heart.

The force in his left eye could only last for another three breaths. Fortunately, he had found two valuable map fragment.

"Senior, I would like to take these two map fragments." Qin Nan pointed at two of the map fragments and said.

The vendor was a black-robed old man with a cultivation of the ninth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. He burst out laughing as he heard Qin Nan's words, "You two are quite confident about the value of these map fragments, to make your way in a rush here just to buy them. If that's the case, these two map fragments will be…forty thousand Monarch Crystals!"

"Forty thousand Monarch Crystals?" Sima Kong was infuriated hearing this. "Are you trying to scam us——"

Before he could finish, Qin Nan waved his hand and said in a calm tone, "Forty thousand it is. Give him the Monarch Crystals."

"Nice doing business with you!"

The black-robed old man grinned. Sima Kong immediately took out forty thousand Monarch Crystals and handed them to the black-robed old man as he realized something. In return, the black-robed old man handed him the fragments.


A prideful voice could be heard, "I'll pay fifty thousand Monarch Crystals for the fragments!"

A young man with an imposing appearance slowly approached them. On his waist hung an eye-catching blue badge, telling the surrounding people of his outstanding status.

The young man had seen how the duo had been just in a rush to buy the two map fragments.

Therefore, his instincts told him that there must be something extraordinary about the map fragments.

"Oh? Looks like we've got a better offer…"

The eyes of the black-robed old man flickered as he spoke.

To hell with the expected ethics of a vendor, earning more Monarch Crystals was more important for him.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan took out a purple badge and said calmly, "Mister, I'm sorry. I believe we reached an agreement just now."

He never thought that he would attract someone's attention when he had decided to buy two map fragments at the same time.


The black-robed old man and the young man were startled.

Why did he have a purple badge?

Was he the son of a Martial Monarch, or a top genius?

"Huh? Trying to steal our stuff?" Sima Kong took out his purple badge with an unpleasant look.

He was more straightforward than Qin Nan.

"Another purple badge?"

The young man and the black-robed old man could feel their scalps going numb, causing their figures to shudder.

If only one of them had a purple badge, it was not too intimidating, but since both of them had a purple badge, there was no way they would dare to offend them.

"Sorry, I'm sorry. I was being rude just then. Please excuse me!"

The young man lowered his head and apologized before running away in a panic.

"Pardon me, that was my bad. I will sell you the two map fragments for thirty-five thousand Monarch Crystals."

The black-robed old man immediately reacted and offered to give them a discount.

Qin Nan received the Monarch Crystals and reached out his hand toward the two map fragments.

A shocking occurrence took place.

An invisible force appeared and covered Qin Nan's hand.

"What happened?"

Qin Nan was taken by surprise. He immediately unleashed his force to grab at the map fragments but was unable to move forward at all.


An overwhelming force penetrated his Divine Sense.

It felt like the force had taken the shape of an illusionary human figure inside his Divine Sense.


Following a furious cry, the illusionary figure unleashed a shocking murderous intent as he attacked Qin Nan's Divine Sense with terrifying attacks.

He was planning to destroy Qin Nan's Divine Sense!

"This is the attack of the Heavens and Earth. Could it be that because I've peeked at the secrets of the maps, I've broken the rules of the Heavens and Earth?"

A thought crossed Qin Nan's mind as he snapped in his heart and unleashed the golden seal.


The illusionary figure exploded, but it did not shatter into pieces. However, the wounds on it recovered rapidly, as if it were immortal.

"I've surpassed the rules of cultivation. How could the rules of the Heavens and Earth stand against me?"

Qin Nan's intent skyrocketed at that instant.

His Divine Sense flowed crazily into the golden seal, unleashing its strongest power.


Countless golden runes were summoned below the golden seal, which surged downward like a raging wave.

The illusionary figure instantly struggled, before it was eliminated a few breaths later.

However, a grey aura penetrated the barrier of the golden seal and sprang toward Qin Nan's Martial Spirit like a soaring dragon.

There was more than one attack!

"Targeting my Divine Sense and Martial Spirit at the same time, how vicious…The Divine Battle Spirit wages war against the Heavens and battles against Earth. There is none He does not fight and none He does not win against!"

Qin Nan uttered a roar in his heart.

The Divine Battle Spirit possessed extraordinary capabilities. Even though Qin Nan was still unable to fully utilize its strength, he could awaken its will when something was trying to threaten its existence.

The Divine Battle Spirit in his body immediately answered his summoning. Its hollow eyes emitted a tremendous flicker, as if a god that had fallen asleep had awakened.

The grey aura suddenly halted in its tracks and shuddered violently in a fearful manner.


Following this, the aura disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Qin Nan could not help but let out a sigh of relief. A sense of fatigue could be felt coming from his body, as his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He had relied on the golden seal and the Divine Battle Spirit to nullify the attack, thus it had consumed a great deal of his energy.

"Qin Nan…what's going on?"

Sima Kong asked in a cautious tone as his eyes were filled with fear.

The black-robed old man was astounded too.

The Heavenly-Fortune Mouse was trembling slightly, while the two hounds lay flat on the ground, their eyes full of terror.

Just a moment ago, they had sensed a terrifying aura from Qin Nan's figure, which served as a great impact to their soul.


Qin Nan smiled and shook his head, before reaching out his hand and successfully grabbing the two map fragments with ease.


Qin Nan subconsciously inhaled deeply before nodding his head at Sima Kong. Following this, they left the place and disappeared among the crowd, leaving the black-robed old man with a blank expression as he stared at their departing figures.

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