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Chapter 904 - A Verbal Menace

Qin Nan's duo soon arrived at the other side of Shadow City.

In front of them stood an ordinary entrance, which read "The City of Miracles".

"The City of Miracles?"

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

"Hehe, you'll know once you head inside. You're going to witness a different era."

Sima Kong let out a hollow laugh as he pushed the door open.

As soon as Qin Nan stepped inside, he could feel a magical force covering his body as he dropped downward rapidly.

A few breaths later, they landed at the bottom, surrounded by darkness. In front of them was a wooden door.

Sima Kong stepped forward and pushed the wooden door open. A blinding light appeared from the other side.

"Ancient maps! A new batch of ancient maps! Each is appraised by the Shadow Pagoda and is confirmed to contain clues that lead to destiny-altering fortunate encounters. Thirty thousand Monarch Crystals each!"

"Trying to become an expert? Aiming to make a name for yourself? Come and buy these destiny-altering fortunate encounter maps! It's your only chance!"

"Feeling ordinary? Feeling tiny? Altering your destiny is the way to go!"

"The ancient maps that are collected over a year are all here. You can't miss it! You would miss your chance to alter your destiny!"

Countless shouts swarmed them like the surge of a tide.

The two hounds and one mouse were stunned.

Even Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

Before them was a huge dojo, filled with thousands of stalls, each with various ancient maps placed on top.

The stalls were crowded with cultivators wearing different attires. Some were from Two-Starred Factions, some from Three-Starred Factions, while the others were rogue cultivators or cultivators from rare tribes.

They consisted of Martial Progenitor Realm experts and Martial Sacred Realm cultivators.

With a rough glance, there were at least over three thousand people.

The atmosphere of the dojo was shocking, even the main hall on the first floor of the Shadow Pagoda was nothing compared to it.


Qin Nan took a deep breath before he collected his thoughts and took a closer look.

He saw geniuses with fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits and cultivators with fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits too. Each of their faces was filled with looks of hesitation, pondering, determination, and craziness!

For some reason, Qin Nan's emotions were slightly affected too.

"HAHA, surprised? I was feeling the same way when I came here the first time." Sima Kong's eyes flickered as if his blood was boiling, "This is the representation of our current era, not only here at Shadow City, but there are also similar places everywhere in the Middle Continent, including the half-God region."

Qin Nan came to a realization upon hearing this.

That's right this was the era they were living in.

An era where cultivators were going crazy over chances to alter their destinies.

There were only two ways to become an expert; to be born with an outstanding Martial Spirit, or alter their destiny!

That being said, it was Qin Nan's first time witnessing such a huge crowd gathering for map-betting.

"What are the rules of map-betting?" Qin Nan exhaled deeply before asking with glittering eyes.

He enjoyed the ambiance of the place.

The crowd here consisted of people who had yet to give up on their lives.

"Basically, every ancient map costs thirty thousand Monarch Crystals, and the incomplete fragments are around eight to ten thousand Monarch Crystals. Don't worry, this City of Miracles is under the control of the Shadow Pagoda. Each of the ancient maps is specifically appraised, thus every single one of them contains clues to a destiny-altering fortunate encounter."

It seemed like a thought came to Sima Kong as he exclaimed, "However, it's not that easy to actually alter your destiny for the better. Most of the ancient maps only contain clues to Xuan ranked or Di ranked Martial Spirits. It's pretty rare to find Tian ranked Martial Spirits, let alone fourth-grade or fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits…"

Qin Nan nodded in agreement. It was not easy indeed.

"Come, let's choose the maps! It's fine, I still have enough Monarch Crystals to buy a few of them!"

Sima Kong became excited.

Qin Nan shook his head, before following him with the two hounds and one mouse.

"Yin and Yang force, unleashed!"

Qin Nan murmured as the ten streams of the Yin and Yang force were gathered, causing his vision to become grayscale.

The City of Miracles did not forbid anyone from using their eye-techniques or similar techniques to inspect the ancient maps.

How impossible was it for anyone to actually speculate on the fortunate encounter related to the ancient map just by observing it?

"So that's the sign?"

Qin Nan simply gazed at one of the stalls and saw the streams of unique force from the ancient maps, which were relatively weak.

It served as an indication that the fortunate encounter linked to the map was not too impressive.

As soon as Qin Nan turned his head around, a cultivator who had hesitated at the stall for quite a while took out his Monarch Crystals and bought the ancient map.

Soon, the cultivator would realize that his thirty thousand Monarch Crystals had been wasted.

Qin Nan remained silent.

Even though he possessed the Divine Battle Spirit, an existence that defied the laws of cultivation, it did not give him the right to interfere with other people's fate.

"Mm? What's that?'

Qin Nan was startled all of a sudden.

"Huh?" Sima Kong was shocked seeing his reaction. All his hope lay in Qin Nan now.

"The Yin and Yang force is disappearing!" Qin Nan wore a stern look.

For some reason, the ten streams of the Yin and Yang force was being consumed at a rapid speed, which completely exceeded his expectations.

"What?" Sima Kong was stunned, "How fast?"

"We're running out of time! Quick!"

Without wasting any time, Qin Nan quickened his pace and scanned the stalls.

However, he had yet to detect any map that contained an outstanding force.

Meanwhile, half of his Yin and Yang force had depleted.

"Crap, there are countless ancient maps here, but it doesn't necessarily mean we could find a really outstanding map among them. Does that mean we've wasted the Yin and Yang Dao Liquid…" Qin Nan's heart gradually sank.

Sima Kong wore a troubled expression too, as he kept praying in his heart.

The Yin and Yang Dao Liquid was extremely valuable. It would serve as a great loss if they went home empty handed.

At this moment…

Squeak, squeak.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse danced wildly with flickering eyes, as it pointed its paw in some direction.

"What's wrong with it!" The two hounds were left speechless. It was their first time seeing such a reaction from the Heavenly Fortune Mouse.

"Are you trying to say that way?"

Qin Nan's eyes glistened. He had no time to waste, thus he quickly headed straight toward that direction.

After passing several stalls and the crowd, Qin Nan halted his movement as his left eye emitted a shocking glow. The Heavenly Fortune Mouse on his shoulder became quiet too.

"Is this——"

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