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Chapter 622 - Skyrocketing Cultivation, Shocking News

There were currently two types of force inside Qin Nan’s body—the Law-Defying Primordial Spirit and the ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm.

The Law-Defying Qi did not stop after it had gathered the force of the Martial Highness Realm. It proceeded to devour the human-figured Law-Defying Primordial Spirit like a beast tearing at it with its wide-opened bloody mouth.


Qin Nan was startled.

The Law-Defying Primordial Spirit was his foundation to achieve the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm. What exactly was the Law-Defying Qi trying to do?


At that instant, a shocking change occurred.

With the Law-Defying Qi as the core, the Law-Defying Primordial Spirit and the force of the Martial Highness Realm contracted rapidly to the size of a brain, then the size of a fist, then the size of a fingernail, and turned into a crystal in the end.

The crystal emitted a mysterious aura and a colorful magical glow, as if it contained an undepletable force.

Di Fengyun, who was busy recovering the strength of the four Martial Sacred Realm experts, raised his head and glanced at Qin Nan as he was aware of the change.

He was utterly stunned following a glance.

Qin Nan’s strength improved rapidly like an enraged beast!

Second-layer Martial Highness Realm!

Third-layer Martial Highness Realm!

Fourth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

It finally stopped after reaching the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm.

Ranking up from the first-layer Martial Highness Realm to the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm in a row!


Even Qin Nan’s mind went blank for a moment. He immediately inspected his figure after collecting his thoughts.

The colorful crystal the size of a fingernail currently contained a total of five hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm.

Normally, the first-layer Martial Highness Realm had ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, while the second-layer had one hundred and ninety-nine streams. Every one hundred additional streams would allow the cultivator to rank up to the next layer.

Therefore, Qin Nan’s strength now was equivalent to the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

“No! That’s not right!”

Qin Nan suddenly detected something strange.

He could sense an unlimited potential within the colorful crystal.

Its limit was immeasurable.

For example, if the five hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm resembled a basin of water, the colorful crystal was similar to a huge water tank. The water from the basin was not even close to a tenth of the tank’s capacity.

“I understand now—the Law-Defying Qi had accumulated the Law-Defying Primordial Spirit and the force of the Martial Highness Realm to produce this colorful crystal. I shall call it the Martial Highness Crystal then. Once I fully fill it with the force of the Martial Highness Realm, I will then achieve the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm!” 

Qin Nan cleared his thoughts.

Before this, he had to overcome a terrifying Tribulation to achieve the Martial Dominator Realm. Currently, that was no longer necessary, as he now only needed to accumulate the force of the Martial Highness Realm inside the Martial Highness Crystal to rank up to the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm.

Once he reached the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, he would only need to worry about the Tribulation of the Martial Sacred Realm, as he would not become just an ordinary one.

“This Law-Defying Qi is marvelous…”

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and took a deep breath.

If his speculation was accurate, the Third Prince had only given birth to a single stream of the Law-Defying Qi after altering his destiny. However, he had decided to gift the Law-Defying Qi to him.

“Third Prince, I’ll wait until your awakening in three years, and we shall stir a great chaos together!”

Qin Nan glanced at the unconscious Third Prince.

The royal guards in the surroundings immediately reacted and appeared from the dark. They took the Third Prince away immediately. These guards were perfectly loyal to the Sky-Scorching Emperor, who would hide the Third Prince at the safest place in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

In three years’ time, when the Third Prince awakened, he would change the future of their kingdom!

Thus, it’s extremely important to keep him safe!

“Platoon Leader, you…”

Di Fengyun glanced at Qin Nan with his mouth open wide. The astonishment on his face had yet to dissipate.

It was his first time witnessing someone’s cultivation rank up four levels in a row.

Was the stream of force that the Third Prince had given him that powerful?

“Di Fengyun, I’ll leave the seniors in your hands.”

Qin Nan said.

“Don’t worry, master had already expected this, thus we have made preparations beforehand to restore their strength.” Di Fengyun collected his thoughts and said with a stern look.


Qin Nan nodded his head and took out the pentagon-shaped badge as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

The badge was known as the Hidden Dragon Badge, which was specifically used to check one’s ranking on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Qin Nan waved his hand and saw that his ranking was still at the thirty-third place.

“It seems like it will need some time for the ranking to change.”

Qin Nan nodded his head as his eyes flickered sharply.

The Third Prince had successfully altered his destiny and became a terrifying genius with a tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. He would need to quicken his pace in ranking up his Martial Spirit.

Besides, he still had three million Primary Stones that Lin Fengxiao had given him.

“I’ll excuse myself!”

Qin Nan inserted the remaining Chaos Qi into the bodies of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise and left the place by summoning a rift. He no longer needed the assistance of the Demon God’s Robe to teleport through a rift, nor did he need to do it three times. One single teleportation was enough for him to reach the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

There was a huge difference between the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm and the first-layer Martial Highness Realm.

“I shall start devouring the Primary Stones!”

Qin Nan entered the Cultivation Hall and sat with his legs crossed. He took out all the Primary Stones and immediately began to devour them.

Three hundred thousand!

Eight hundred thousand!

One million!

Two million!

As Qin Nan devoured all three million Primary Stones, the Divine Battle Spirit showed no reaction. The only change was ten thousand streams of Chaos Qi given to him by the mysterious world his Divine Sense was communicating with.

“As what I’d thought…”

Qin Nan did not appear to be disappointed. Previously, his Martial Spirit had only ranked up to the eighth-grade Di rank after he devoured four million five hundred thousand Primary Stones. Since then, he had only devoured a total of four million and three hundred thousand Primary Stones.

If he were not mistaken, ranking up to the ninth-grade Di rank would require at least double the previous amount, or even more than that.

“This means that I’ll need at least another four million three hundred thousand Primary Stones, or even more…I guess I’ll need to ask the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, and the others to help me collect them…”

Qin Nan made up his mind.

If others knew that Qin Nan was asking two godly beasts to help him collect Primary Stones, it would completely blow their minds away. How formidable were the two godly beasts, and yet he was asking them to collect Primary Stones.

However, at that instant, a sound-conducting talisman began to glow in his bag.

The talisman was left by Sima Kong, just so they could keep in contact.

Qin Nan was startled. Why would Sima Kong contact him now?

Qin Nan took out the talisman and inspected it.

“Qin Nan, come to the Trading Alliance at the Northern Street of White Tiger City at once! Oh, ask Longhu to come too. Get ready to rumble!”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

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