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Chapter 457 - An Imperious Entry

“I, Song Yu, am the Ninth Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Greetings, Progenitor Wen Dao!”

Song Yu brought his fists together in a polite manner.

The crowd was startled while they glanced at Song Yu with a hint of respect.

Miao Yuxin and Lu Jian represented the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Trading Alliance respectively. However, they were only the genius disciples of their respective factions.

In comparison to them, Song Yu’s identity appeared to be much more honorable.

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had the biggest population and covered the largest area in the Eastern Continent. The kingdom was a constitutional monarchy, while the status of its emperor—the one possessing the greatest power in the kingdom—was on par with Progenitor Wen Dao.

“Song Yu, remember to send my regards to your father when you return.” Progenitor Wen Dao said.

The crowd was dumbstruck.


Song Yu nodded his head. He then glanced at Xiao Zhonghuang and burst out laughing, “Brother Xiao, we’ve got plenty of time to catch up when you come to the upper district. Since the Ocean of Death will be opened soon, I shall not waste any more time. On behalf of our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, I would like you to acquire a certain treasure from the Death Emperor’s Palace. If you’re able to do so, you will be greatly rewarded by us.”

In the midst of his talk, he flicked his finger which toggled a screen. On it was displayed a weirdly-shaped herb that somehow resembled the shape of a wooden umbrella.

“Junior Brother Xiao, the thing that we seek is this herb too. I hope that Junior Brother Xiao is willing to lend us a hand. The Trading Alliance will not let you down!”

Lu Jian swiftly said with a firm tone.

“Mr. Xiao, please help me find the herb and hand it to me. I will fulfill any request that Mr. Xiao has in mind.”

Yuxin spoke slowly.

At that instant, the crowd was stunned.

Song Yu, Miao Yuxin, Lu Jian—these were all geniuses of the upper district with intimidating identities, and now they were asking Xiao Zhonghuang to help them on behalf of their factions!

What exactly was this herb?

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders glanced at Progenitor Wen Dao with a hint of confusion.

Progenitor Wen Dao shook his head slightly.

It went without saying that he knew what the herb was, and it did possess an incredible value. However, he could not interfere in their business, as the other three factions were already unhappy regarding the fact that he was trying to steal Sacred Leader Qinglong’s power. If he were not to give the other three factions any benefits, it was highly possible that he would be targeted by the three factions.

After all, there was no way the other three factions would allow him to grow stronger!

Xiao Zhonghuang’s expression stiffened. He did not expect these three factions to demand the same piece of treasure. What decision should he make?

Either way, he would offend the other two factions.

Although he was the top genius of the lower district and had earned the favor of the Feiyang Sacred Area and Progenitor Wen Dao, he clearly knew that he could not match the status of the three cultivators standing in front of him once he entered the upper district.

A first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit was considered outstanding in the lower district, but in the Eastern Continent of the upper district, he would only be an above-average genius!

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place!


A shocking roar could be heard, accompanied by a terrifying suppression of a dragon that swept across the crowd in a ferocious manner.

The crowd was utterly astounded as they turned toward the direction of the roar.

They could only see a hundred-zhang-long dragon flying toward them from a distance away. The dragon’s appearance was extremely strange, with four powerful limbs on its body while its tail was that of a tiger’s instead.

Despite that, this beast with a dragon’s head and a tiger’s body did produce a great impact to the crowd visually!

“Hmm? Longhu bloodline?”

The eyes of Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin glistened.

Following this, the crowd immediately discovered a human figure standing on the beast’s head.

The figure was wearing a black shirt while carrying seven ancient sabers on his back. His hair danced wildly while his arms were crossed on his chest. His expression remained the same facing Progenitor Wen Dao, the entire Feiyang Sacred, and the geniuses from the upper district. Instead, an imperious aura like that of an emperor could be felt from him!

This black-shirted young man was none other than Qin Nan!

Behind Qin Nan stood Sima Kong, Princess Miao Miao, Xiao Qingxue, Peak Leader Duanmu, Tang Qingshan, Peak Leader Luo, and Sacred Leader Qinglong!

However, these few people brought a great impact to the crowd!

“Qin Nan the Maniac! Look, it’s him!”

“Gasp, such a terrifying suppression. The aura emitting from his body is more terrifying than Xiao Zhonghuang!”

“How confident! Able to act so calmly facing this many enemies!”


If the previous arrival of the geniuses caused the crowd to be startled, Qin Nan’s arrival served as a terrifying storm among the crowd.

The disciples of the Feiyang Sacred Area were startled too.

Their eyes were filled with a great hint of fear, while some of them wore murderous looks.

Even Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes contracted slightly when he saw Qin Nan, as a boundless icy aura burst out from him like the eruption of a volcano. As his side glance captured the seemingly weak Sacred Leader Qinglong, he managed to calm his rage while a cold grin could be seen on his face.

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin were confused seeing this.

They did know Qin Nan’s identity, but they did not expect his arrival alone could stir a great chaos among the crowd.

Xiao Zhonghuang wore a displeased look after seeing the crowd’s reaction.

Before Qin Nan had shown himself, he was the highly-respected limelight of the crowd. However, Qin Nan had completely stolen the focus of the people with his simple entry.

“Qin Nan!” Xiao Zhonghuang’s face turned cold as he snapped, “Half a year ago, you caused my Feiyang Sacred Area to suffer a great loss. Wait until we’re inside the Death Emperor’s Palace, I shall crush you on the Reaper’s Platform to pay you back for the humiliation you gave us!”

The roar caused the disciples of the Feiyang Sacred Area to turn energetic!

Half a year ago, they were completely outmatched by Qin Nan alone, which served as a great humiliation to them. Now that Xiao Zhonghuang was here, Qin Nan would no longer be able to act recklessly! 


The crowd could not help but gaze in Qin Nan’s direction.

Hearing the words, Qin Nan turned his head around and drew out the ancient saber behind him. A ferocious aura burst out from his body as if he was a god of war from the ancient era, “Cut the nonsense. Fight me in a duel of life and death if you have the balls. I’ll let you start with one hundred moves!”

The words served as a great explosion!

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