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Chapter 272 - The Emergence of the Divine Battle Spirit

When the Imperial Exterminator had appeared, Qin Nan finally realized that the mysterious old man was the Imperial Exterminator that Old Shan had mentioned to him before!

For his sake, the Imperial Exterminator showed himself and slayed every Hall Leader, authority, and Sect Leader of the other three sects, and forced Ouyang Ba to kneel down before him!

Why would the Imperial Exterminator be fond of him?

Qin Nan was not stupid; he could roughly guess that it was because he had managed to shatter the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder into pieces when he was measuring his Martial Skill Talent back on the Island of Versatility.

Although he was clueless of the significance of it in the eyes of the Imperial Exterminator, Qin Nan only knew one thing; the Imperial Exterminator had taught him the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, which played a great role in helping him to emerge victorious against his foes, defeating Ling Zixiao and killing Ouyang Jun!

Furthermore, the Imperial Exterminator had personally interfered to rescue him from the unresolvable danger.

The favors he owed the Imperial Exterminator were as weighty as a mountain!

Qin Nan had always been one who valued the friendship and kindness of people. Although the Imperial Exterminator might have some other objectives, Qin Nan did not care at all. All he knew was the favors he owed him!

Besides, three Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas had appeared just because the Imperial Exterminator had reappeared after appointing his successor, and that successor was Qin Nan.

Qin Nan was clueless of the conflict between the three Peak Leaders and the Imperial Exterminator. However, he was clear on the fact that the three Peak Leaders were planning to fight the Imperial Exterminator because he chose him to be his successor!

That being said, Qin Nan was furious for another reason.

I am trash?

I am tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit trash?

There’s something wrong with the Imperial Exterminator’s insight?

Ridiculous, what an absolute joke!

At that instant, the three Peak Leaders, Tang Qingshan, Ouyang Ba, the envoy, and the others focused their attention onto Qin Nan’s figure, as they had no idea why he had burst out laughing under such circumstances.

They could only see Qin Nan slowly raise his head and glance at the three Peak Leaders standing in mid-air, “Three Seniors, firstly, there’s something that I must clarify with you all. I’m not trash as you have said!”

The faces of the three Peak Leaders turned icy.

Not trash?

You gotta be joking.

“Half a year ago, when I first joined the Mystic Spirit Sect, I was only at the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm! In just half a year’s time, I’ve reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm. If it weren’t for the ambush from Ouyang Ba’s son, I would’ve been at the Martial Emperor Realm by now! I’ve accomplished this in just half a year!”

“I’ve yet to visit the two Sacred Areas, but I’m guessing that nobody among the geniuses of the two Sacred Areas would be able to reach the Martial Emperor Realm in just half a year’s time, right?”

Qin Nan uttered a roar; his voice was like claps of a thunder.

The envoy and the others stared with their eyes open wide. It was their first time seeing a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm presence who had the guts to roar at three Peak Leaders!

Was this guy seriously out of his mind?

The three Peak Leaders were startled.

Reaching the half-Martial Emperor Realm from the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm in just half a year?

If what he said was real, then it was true that the top geniuses from the two Sacred Areas could not match his talent!

Following this, the eyes of the three Peak Leaders turned icy as they glanced toward Ouyang Ba.

Ouyang Ba immediately panicked and blurted out, “Peak Leaders, I did mention that he had discovered the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the Longhu Mountain Range, which allowed his cultivation to improve at such a rapid speed.”

The eyes of the three Peak Leaders glistened, and turned icy once again. It’s true that one’s cultivation could be greatly improved with the help of fortunate encounters!

However, the rank of one’s Martial Spirit was determined since the very beginning, a rule that could never be changed!

“Qin Nan, back off!”

Tang Qingshan uttered without turning his head around.

“Back off? Still trying to back off now? Tang Qingshan, it’s been over hundreds years, and this is the successor you’ve found? He must die today!” 

The eyes of Peak Leader Duanmu emitted a ferocious glow.

The curtain of a terrifying battle was about to be unveiled.


At that instant, a bursting laughter could be heard, which was from Qin Nan once again.

The three Peak Leaders could feel their faces twisting. This Tang Qingshan surely knows how to pick his successor. Despite the rank of his Martial Spirit, having the guts to burst out laughing in front of them was surely an attitude similar to the Imperial Exterminator’s.

Regardless of the surging tide occurring in front of him, he would never be intimidated!

Following this, Qin Nan suddenly took a step forward, his eyes glancing at Ouyang Ba, then at the three Peak Leaders, before he burst out laughing recklessly, “Since the very beginning, countless people have been mocking the rank of my Martial Spirit. I had actually planned to show my true colors this time, but I didn’t have a chance to do so previously. Now that the three Peak Leaders, the disciples of the top four sects, Old Shan, and Senior Imperial Exterminator are present, it is time to show its real appearance!”

Despite his weakened flesh, his words were accompanied by a tremendous sense of pride.

“Wowowow, I can feel my blood boiling. This kid is finally going to reveal his true talent in front of the world…”

The eyes of the Longhu Ancestor Beast flickered vigorously, as he could not help but utter cries upward into the sky, bearing similarities to the cries of dragons and tigers, shocking the Heavens, as if it was a sign marking the ascension of a king.

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes glistened. Currently, there existed an indescribable aura emitting from Qin Nan’s body, one which was totally unblockable.

“Qin Nan…”

Tang Qingshan and Old Shan were startled, as they had no idea what Qin Nan was trying to say.

The eyes of the three Peak Leaders displayed confused looks. It was their first time seeing such pride being shown from a disciple.

Under everyone’s attention, Qin Nan took a step forward as a brilliant green light appeared on his back. The figure of the Divine Battle Spirit firmly stood in mid-air like a giant.

It was as if every living being had turned incredibly miniscule as soon as the Divine Battle Spirit appeared, including the three Peak Leaders and the Imperial Exterminator.

“This is…”

The three Peak Leaders, Tang Qingshan, Ouyang Ba, and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area were stunned at the same time.

It was because they could detect a familiar pressure, one that belonged to a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit!

Did this mean that Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit was a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit?

“A first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit? Qin Nan, how is this possible, how do you have a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit…” Ouyang Ba burst out screaming after seeing the Divine Battle Spirit.

Wasn’t Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit tenth-grade Huang ranked?

How is it first-grade Xuan ranked now?

A first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit cultivator would definitely be listed as a core disciple within the entire Luohe Kingdom—a presence at the top of the hierarchy!

“A first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit? So what, he is still an ant. Tang Qingshan, you still have disappointed me!”

The three Peak Leaders shook their heads.

Was a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit powerful?

Within the Qinglong Sacred Area, one with a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit could only be considered an average disciple, nothing extraordinary.

“Hehe, are you sure my Martial Spirit is only first-grade Xuan ranked?”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he took another step forward. Another ray of green light swiftly appeared behind the Divine Battle Spirit!

“This is…”

The three Peak Leaders, Ouyang Ba, and the others were startled.

A second-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

This lad has a second-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

It looks like the successor chosen by Tang Qingshan is not totally useless.

But, is that enough?

“This is still not the end!”

With another step, another brilliant ray of green light appeared behind the Divine Battle Spirit.

Third-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan took another step forward, and another green light appeared!

Fourth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan continued to advance forward, one step at a time. With each step he took, another blinding ray of green light appeared behind the Divine Battle Spirit!

Five steps!

Six steps!

Seven steps!

When he lashed out the eighth step, Qin Nan’s movement came to a halt, as eight green rays of light were unleashed behind the Divine Battle Spirit!

“This is…”

The three Peak Leaders, Tang Qingshan, Ouyang Ba, the envoy, and Old Shan were utterly astounded!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

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