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Everyone yearned to become stronger.

Everyone wanted to gain more power.

Long Batian was a legend in the ancient world.

Even if a trillion years had passed, no one would forget about Long Batian.

Because …

In the eyes of many in the ancient world, Long Batian was the number one Overlord, and also the strongest Overlord. Even if the Xuan nationality controlled the entire ancient world and emperor Xuan became the number one powerhouse, in their hearts, the position of the emperor Xuan was not even close to Long Batian's.

Only after so many years had passed could Long Batian be considered to be the absolute hegemon.

Long Batian did not rely on any foreign forces to establish the dragon clan and destroy all of the ancient clans in the ancient world.

Anyone who refused to accept this outcome would be knocked down.

Not even that.

Long Batian led the dragon clan and resisted the invasion from the other realms.

To be able to compete with outer space powerhouse, this was the true hegemon of the kingdom.

In the eyes of many, Long Batian was even more of a hero.

With Long Batian's death, the ancient world entered into an era where demons were wreaking havoc.

The rise of Ming Clan.

The great battle between the Xuanming Tribe and the Xuanming Tribe.

The rapid fall of the Ming Clan.

Whether it was the mortal world, the Universal Realm, or even those small planes, they all had the power of the Xuan nationality.

This was completely different from the dragon race back then.

On the surface, he was trying to reinforce his own position, but... Many people knew that the emperor Xuan was scared.

He was afraid of Long Batian's return. Both the emperor Xuan and the Xuan nationality were like ants when Long Batian was still alive. Long Batian had been suppressed by the Outer World God Stone and had his body buried in the abyss of the Ashura. He had never been to the Ashura anywhere, however he had never been to the Ashura.


Everyone knew that the emperor Xuan was afraid of Long Batian.

Legends of Long Batian also surfaced one after another.

Some said that Long Batian did not die, and instead went to another world.

Some people said that Long Batian had offended the Heavens, and was suppressed by a stone in the Ashura's abyss. Whoever could pick up that stone, Long Batian could return.

Some people even said that it was the Long Batian suppressed by the outer space powerhouse.

However …

The most common legend was that Long Batian had summoned his own divine stone and suppressed his own body, so that he could wait for his soul to be reborn.

Moreover, his Dragon Soul contained an incomparably strong power. Whoever could obtain this power, could become the strongest Overlord of the ancient world.

Everyone wanted to obtain Long Batian's strength.

Long Wushen wanted it.

Undead Lord also wanted it.

As for the emperor Xuan's reward, to an old monster like the Undead Lord, he did not care at all. What he wanted was another breakthrough.

Thus …

When he discovered Long Fei, he immediately rushed over.

"Legend has it that Long Batian's power is hidden within his Dragon Soul, is that right?" Undead Lord slowly walked to Long Fei's side.

"It's your sister."

"If you want to kill me, then kill me. Don't talk so much nonsense." Long Fei could not move, but his heart secretly tensed up, "No wonder Long Wushen wanted to take the dragon soul in my sea of consciousness …"

"The dragon soul contains Long Batian's power?"

"ancient dragon body?"

"If it's this kind of power, it shouldn't pique the interest of these old freaks, right?"

Long Fei couldn't understand.

She asked Long Kuangdao in her heart: "Do you know what kind of power is hidden in the Dragon Soul?"

Dragon Kuang truly helped Long Fei think of a way to survive. Hearing Long Fei's question, he replied, "I don't know, Master has never mentioned it."

Long Fei snickered in his heart, "Perhaps this is where Long Batian's brilliance lies."


"Even if there is a hidden power that can destroy the heaven and earth, it has nothing to do with me anymore."

His dragon soul had already been taken out by Long Wushen.


Long Wushen's corpse had also been devoured by the purple dragon.

The fact that his dragon soul had been extracted was something that probably no one knew about.

When he thought about how the purple dragon was about to devour Long Wushen's body, the space between Long Fei's eyebrows tightened up, "Damn … Could this step also be Long Batian's chess piece? "

"If that's the case..."

"Long Batian, oh Long Batian, you are truly amazing."

Long Wushen had died, but the purple dragon was still alive.

The dragon soul was also in a special bottle on Long Wushen's body.

If …

The purple dragon was arranged by Long Batian.

Then …

The dragon soul then returned to Long Batian's body.

If so.

Long Fei felt that his brain was no longer sufficient, "If everything is as I guessed, then what is the purpose of setting up such an astonishing game?"

"Does everything have a purpose?"

"What is your purpose?"

"Resume Dragon Soul? To escape from these trillions of years? Or for some other purpose? " Long Fei couldn't think of anything.

However …

It was useless to think about it. He couldn't even preserve his own life right now, not even his own woman.

"Perhaps …"

"All this time, I was only able to survive because of Long Batian, right? Now that my dragon soul is gone, this chess piece of mine is no longer of any value." Long Fei laughed bitterly in his heart.

He smiled bitterly with a hint of unwillingness!

Undead Lord circled around Long Fei, and said thoughtfully: "You don't have anything special about you."

"Long Batian hid his strength too deeply?"

"Let me take a look..."

As soon as he finished.

Undead Lord suddenly grabbed Long Fei's right hand, causing the idea to move, "Boom!"

Long Fei felt as if his body was electrocuted.

A numbing force from his right hand gushed into his sea of consciousness. That feeling was like a steel needle that pierced into his brain.

"Ahh …" Long Fei was in so much pain that her eyeballs were about to pop out.

It was just that …

In an instant.

Undead Lord's gaze tensed up and his expression suddenly changed, "It's empty. Such an unbearable sea of consciousness, it's simply unable to contain the Dragon Soul."

"Not Long Batian's reincarnation?"

"Are you really Long Fei?" Undead Lord looked at Long Fei with doubt. He was extremely suspicious, because Long Fei did not have the slightest bit of Dragon Qi on his body.

Long Fei said: "I am called Long Fei, but I am not Long Batian's reincarnation."

With a slight movement of the Undead Lord's finger, it pierced through the center of Long Fei's palm.

Blood gushed out.

Long Fei gritted his teeth in pain.

"Whether or not it is the blood of a dragon can explain everything." Undead Lord touched the blood on Long Fei's palm and sucked it.

Half a second later.

His gaze changed again.

"How is this possible?"

"Is there really a mistake?"

"That's impossible."

"Your blood is just ordinary blood. Not to mention the dragon clan, even the strength contained in normal beast blood is stronger than yours."

"You are a complete piece of trash."

"But …"

Undead Lord was even more surprised.


Long Fei was also definitely surprised. His blood clearly contained an incomparably powerful strength, could it be that it had also disappeared along with the Dragon Soul?

"F * ck!"

Undead Lord stared at Long Fei, he did not give up.

"I don't believe it!"

At this moment.

He grabbed towards Long Fei's abdomen with one hand, as if he was a test subject, "I want to see your Pubes …" Long Fei's eyes darkened, and he exclaimed in his heart, "We're finished."

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