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Chapter 1150 - The Three Legends

As the entire place fell silent, a giant two thousand zhang long vessel which looked like an enormous 'Kun' beast from the ancient era slowly flew out from the rift, resulting in a great storm while casting a shadow across the place.

The giant vessel eventually stopped, and followed by several piercing sounds, three groups of people flew out from it.

The group on the left was led by a middle-aged woman dressed in a monarch robe and in a luxurious manner. Behind her followed eighteen female disciples wearing different kinds of monarch robes.

Although their faces were covered by some ancient, mysterious veils, their glistening eyes, their walking stance, the exposed jade-white skin, and the tight clothing highlighting their outstanding physiques combined into a great impact to the cultivators' hearts as if they were witnessing the blossoms of hundreds of flowers.

They were the cultivators from one of the three great factions, the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain.

According to the rumors, the rules of the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain were different than the outside world. Despite having the same levels of cultivation, the status of women was significantly higher than the men.

The group on the right was completely different than the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain. Their leader was a middle-aged man with hair reaching his shoulders, who placed his hands inside his sleeves as he walked at a slow pace with his eyes closed. His enormous figure was enough to bring pressure to the crowd even when looking at him from afar.

Behind the middle-aged man were thirteen disciples, both male and female. Their clothes looked ordinary, but their auras were intimidating and immeasurable.

They were from the Martial Principle Sect.

The rumors said that the Martial Principle Sect put a heavy focus on the path of cultivation, and emphasized that it was acceptable to sacrifice everything to pursue their cultivation.

However, the auras from the two factions were incomparable to the group in the middle.

Three elders wearing purple-golden robes led the way, their auras formidable like mountains while their steps were ferocious like dragons. Their presence felt like three peerless swords!

They were followed by seven disciples, who showed no attempt to conceal the pride in their bones. Their calm yet sharp gazes felt like seven peerless emperors looking down on the crowd!

These people were from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground!

The faction that split the Middle Continent into two and conquered the entire half-God region. Even the Martial God Realm experts were powerless against them. Meanwhile, the infamous South-Heaven Gate was regarded as the strongest artifact of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground!

Although the people of the Canglan Continent would refer to them as the three great factions of the half-God region, many were aware that the strength of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground greatly surpassed the other two, and was no doubt the strongest faction in the entire continent!

"It's really the South-Heaven Sacred Ground!"

"I recognized that purple-golden robe, it's the common outfit of their elders!"

"The female disciples of the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain. I can tell how beautiful they are without seeing their faces!"

"Gasp, the three great factions are really here!"

The disciples and elders on the dojo collected their thoughts and inhaled deeply. However, the shock in their eyes showed no sign of dissipating!

They had experienced another shock when they confirmed the identities of the people who had just arrived!

Meanwhile, the Martial Monarchs swiftly collected their thoughts and began discussing among themselves with their Divine Sense!

That being said, the Martial Monarchs seemed calmer. After all, they were considered the authorities of the Canglan Continent upon reaching the Martial Monarch Realm, thus they did have the right to remain calm!

"What a surprise to see the three great factions visiting the Dragon Emperor Clan." The Dragon Emperor rose to his feet and said, "Nine-Tailed, quick, bring our guests to the dojo!"


The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast waved her hand, causing the glowing dojo to immediately emit three beams of light which transformed into three wide paths right in front of the three groups, thoroughly displaying her cultivation of the peak Martial Monarch Realm.

"Damn, I'm almost scared to death. Brother Gong, what are they doing here?" Sima Kong pinched his jaw as he recovered from his shock. He blurted out tremblingly as a sudden thought crossed his mind, "Don't tell me that brick head Qin Nan somehow offended the three great factions, and that they are here to make him pay..."

The thought became more plausible the more he thought about it.

With Qin Nan's temper, it would not surprise him if he actually offended the three factions.

"What are you thinking? Qin Nan didn't do anything to them, and I have no idea what they want. However, I'm sure that something shocking is about to happen."

Gong Yang shook his head and said in a calm tone.

Under the crowd's gaze, the people of the three factions proceeded to the glowing dojo taking the paths. They were allocated the seats right behind the Martial Monarchs.

"I'm interested to know the purpose of your sudden visit to the Dragon Emperor Clan. Are you all here to congratulate Ao Cangtian?" The Dragon Emperor slowly said as his eyes stared at the people from the three great factions.

"Same here, I'm curious too. Why have you come to the Middle Continent?" The Extraordinary Saber Monarch squinted his eyes.

The tones of the two Martial Monarchs were filled with hints of interrogation.

After all, they were in the middle of the Monarch Ascending Ceremony. They would not feel too pleasant being interrupted.

The three great factions might be powerful, but it did not mean that they could do whatever they wanted.

The noisy dojo suddenly fell silent at that instant.

The crowd directed their gaze toward the people of the three great factions.

Everyone was keen to know the reason that brought them here even though they had never attended the Monarch Ascending Ceremony in the past.

They would not believe that they were here to congratulate Ao Cangtian and the others.

"Dragon Emperor, Extraordinary Saber Monarch, fellow Martial Monarchs and cultivators." An old man from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground stood up and said with a calm expression, "We're here firstly to congratulate Ao Cangtian, Sorceress Qian Qian, and Tang Qingshan on their achievement. Here are the gifts that the South-Heaven Sacred Ground has prepared."

"These are from the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain."

"And the Martial Principle Sect."

The middle-aged woman and the middle-aged man took turns to speak as well before taking out storage bags and throwing them into the hands of the Dragon Emperor, the Extraordinary Saber Monarch, and the Fallen Demon Monarch."

"Mm, what else?"

The Dragon Emperor did not lower his guard.

"As for the second reason, something bizarre has happened in the half-God region, thus we're here specifically under the command of our sects to attend the Monarch Ascending Ceremony to announce it!" The old man's eyes flickered as he raised his tone, "Currently, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain, and the Martial Principle Sect each has a legendary genius who had surpassed the rules of cultivation. We're here specifically to announce it to the world!"

The words felt like deafening thunder on the glowing dojo.

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