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Chapter 1079 - Slaying Bai Qi

...At that instant, deep inside the Royal Palace...

"Empress, everything is going according to plan. Bai Qi has attacked Qin Nan with his crew." A black-robed cultivator said on his knee.

"Very well, spread the word. Ask the Ministry of Justice to prepare themselves." Bai Ling nodded in satisfaction.

"Empress, what if Bai Qi ends up killing Qin Nan? You do know that he has five eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm demonic cultivators helping him." The old man with the hunched back asked after a slight hesitation.

"Hehe, Qin Nan is from the Middle Continent, so his strength should not be underestimated. I believe five eighth-layer Martial Sacreds are not enough to handle him." Bai Ling wore a charming smile, "Besides, even if he were killed, those are Bai Qi's subordinates. How do I have anything to do with it?"

The old man's figure shuddered, as he never thought Bai Ling would be so meticulous in her planning, causing his heart to feel a chill. Bai Ling's smile felt like the smile of a Death God.

...Meanwhile, on the street of the Royal City...

Qin Nan's figure sprang forward like a phantom as he struck forward with a shocking might.

The cultivator being attacked immediately dodged aside panickedly.

Qin Nan seemed to have expected this, who dashed forward again with a kick, arriving in the middle of the other four cultivators with a smile.

"Destruction Domain!"

Whoosh, a huge black glow was emitted, devouring the figures of the four cultivators.

The four cultivators were startled, who swiftly carried out their defensive methods that encapsulated their figures. However, they soon realized in terror that their defenses were crumbling instantly.


What was going on?

"The Crimson God Art of the Sky-Roaming Martial Monarch!"

Qin Nan let out a roar as he executed a Monarch Art that he had never used before despite having acquired it a long time ago, producing brilliant rays of light, each similar to a godly sword being drawn out from their sheaths, pouring down onto the five cultivators.

The five cultivators backed off without hesitation.


Qin Nan had predicted this, who maximized the output of his will, unleashing five shocking saber intent that emitted a blinding glow on the street, capturing the attention of the people.

The slash was too powerful!

"Establish the formation!"

Bai Qi never thought Qin Nan would possess such terrifying strength, but he managed to react in time and uttered a roar.

The five cultivators were terrified and immediately activated the ancient formation on their tongues without hesitating, causing their auras to combine into one.

At that instant, the five demonic cultivators seemed to have transformed into a giant mountain that was able to remain firm despite the impact it was experiencing.


Qin Nan merged his newly-learned desolation aura into his right arm without hesitation as he executed another five slashes.

The slashes were even more terrifying than the ones before.

"Humph, it's useless. This is the Life-and-Death-Altering Demon God Formation, which allows them to combine their cultivations and lives temporarily to construct a defensive barrier. Even a ninth-layer Martial Sacred wouldn't be able to break it!"

Bai Qi harrumphed.

Qin Nan was indeed significantly stronger than he had imagined, but it was still nowhere near enough.

However, as soon as he finished his speech...

A shocking sight took place. Both the previous and current five streams of saber intent were completely unstoppable as they struck the figures of the five cultivators.

The Heaven-Shattering Saber slashes the Heavens and Earth, and everything in the World!


Five cries of agony instantly could be heard.

A giant wound appeared on the figures of the five demonic cultivators, as they were sent flying like arrows being fired, colliding into the structure nearby before losing consciousness.

The rogue cultivators and the crowd that had gathered after the impact were astounded witnessing this.


"Who is this guy, this is absolutely terrifying, to think that a fifth-layer Martial Sacred is this powerful!"

"I'm afraid his talent is comparable to Senior Chen Zilai back in the day!"

"Does that mean that our Southern Continent is going to have another peerless genius?"

Several gasps echoed in the surroundings.

The impact from the slashes was enough to shatter their souls.

Bai Qinglian wore a blank expression on the demonic horse after witnessing the battle.


Why was it still different than what she had imagined?

She was aware that Qin Nan was mysterious and powerful, but how was it possible for him to defeat five eighth-layer Martial Sacreds with a mere cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm?

Bai Qi's face became pale as his lips trembled slightly. His bloodshot eyes were filled with a hint of terror.

He never expected the outcome to turn out this way when he had first assumed that the victory was his from the beginning.

"Qin Nan, this isn't the end!"

Bai Qi collected his thoughts and let out a roar. He executed an escape technique without hesitation, allowing his figure to move forward rapidly.

There would never be a shortage of woods as long as the mountains remained. It was more important for him to protect his life for now.

As he only moved less than two zhang away, he subconsciously raised his head after feeling his scalp turning numb, and saw a giant hand landing upon him, clamping onto his skull.


A great might was unleashed, causing Bai Qi's figure to experience several explosions.


Bai Qi began to stutter, unable to speak properly.

His cultivation was at the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, similar to Qin Nan's, but for some reason, Qin Nan's hand felt like the hand of a deity, hindering his movement.

"What are you trying to say? You've brought your men here to kill me when I've done nothing to you. Do you think I will allow you to bully me like that? Besides, there are many paths of cultivation, but you somehow chose to cultivate the demonic path instead. I won't let you go that easily!" Qin Nan's eyes became cold.

His disgust toward Bai Qi had reached its limit.

"Qin Nan, don't!" Bai Qinglian's expression changed tremendously as she was aware of Qin Nan's intention.

"Qin...Qin Nan...please...please don't kill me. The Bai Clan will not forgive you, the Royal Family will not forgive you either! Please let me go, I'll do anything you order, I'll help you to deal with the Empress..." Bai Qi begged as if he had grabbed a final life-saving straw.

He now understood how terrifying death was.

"Enough with the bullshit."

Qin Nan tightened his grip and exerted a force.

Bai Qi let out a groan before his figure fell to the ground without any sign of breathing.

At that instant, it felt like a silent explosion had taken place above the street.

"Is he...dead?"

Bai Qinglian and the cultivators stared with their eyes open wide. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

He was the young master of the Bai Clan!

And they were right on the street of the Royal City in front of the public!

He was killed in front of the crowd just like that?

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