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"You mean, I can also cultivate now?" I was very happy as I asked.

"I'm afraid you can't." Zhang Quan shook his head, "You have only expanded your Dantian through external force. The reason you could see souls later on is probably because you have not used up the mana you borrowed from Zhang Chi Hang which was left in your Dantian. Once you used it up, your Dantian would be empty. There are a lot of limitations in the Imbedding Body, and it will be more problematic if you cultivate by yourself."

"However — —" Zhang Quan thought for a while and looked at me, "Recently I'm researching a method to reform a human body. Do you want to be my experimental object?"

"No!" I was scared by Zhang Quan's words. I was not an alien or any kind of experimental object. I quickly changed the topic, "In that case, do we have any way to save Zhou Yuan?"

"What does your Dantian have to do with Zhou Yuan?" Yan laughed, "You cannot use the Divine Power of the North to make Zhou Yuan's soul complete."

"That's right. Your talent is indeed special, but there are also many limitations." Zhang Quan thought for a while, then suddenly raised his head and said, "But that is not necessarily the case. There is a method that we can try."

That's my man! I looked at Zhang Quan with my eyes filled with starlight.

Perhaps Zhang Quan was reincarnated from Du Fu who always spoke astonishing words. When he said those words, even Yan was so shocked that his mouth gaped wide open—

"If only there is the List of Creating Gods. At least I could recreate a god!"

"Hehe." I couldn't help but let out an awkward laugh. Zhang Quan was crazy. Forget about what was written in the famous novels, even if the authors of those unrestrained web novels today rarely wrote about recreating gods.

Yan also laughed bitterly and advised Zhang Quan, "Brother Zhang Quan, are you crazy or something? It seems like next time, if you ask me to help you keep your soul safe, I won't take on this job no matter what good stuff you give me."

Liu Shuai looked embarrassed and looked out of the window, pretending that he did not recognize this madman.

Zhang Quan completely ignored our reactions and asked Yan a question, "Yan, you mentioned about talents earlier. What do you think about my talents?"

Hearing this question, Yan stopped laughing and turned into a serious expression, "Yun Zhong Zi, you once transformed King Wen's 100th son into a winged Thunderbolt, and you were granted the Blessed Immortal in the Creating Gods Ceremony in Zhou Dynasty. It saved you from suffering the Nine Curves Yellow River Array, but you loved to study the treasures at that time. I heard that you even managed to refine a Falling Treasure Coin, and I also heard that you studied arrays quite a bit."

"That's right." Zhang Quan nodded his head, "The three things I'm most proud of include my blessing without desires, learning from others to refine tools, and turning my cultivation into arrays. If you want to refine a tool, then you must conduct some research about the tool. The List of Creating Gods is also a tool, isn't it?" He turned around to look at Liu Shuai and me, "Or else why do you think that I am staying at Fu Tu Kang? To be an assembly line worker? Almost all of the world's high-grade divine tools are related to it. If I don't study here, where else can I go?"

Interesting. I never thought that Zhang Quan would have that kind of ability. I had only read a few words about tools in books, but it turned out that he would actually have the ability of creating gods. I couldn't help but flatter him, "You're so awesome! It says that a medium hermit lives in the bustling place, while a high-level hermit stays in the imperial court. You must be a super hermit hiding in Fu Tu Kang."

Zhang Quan laughed and waved his hands, "Well, I'm really flattered. I am just a quasi-super hermit at most."

It turned out that he was not modest at all. I mumbled to myself, while I told him, "Then don't waste any time. Hurry up and take out your List of Creations. Let's create a god!"

"Uhh …" The smile on Zhang Quan's face had yet to end, but upon hearing my words, he immediately froze, and laughed awkwardly for a long while, "About that, I haven't yet studied it. I just said that I probably can make it in theory."

"Damn!" Liu Shuai seemed particularly not like the bragger of this Blessed Immortal, hence he ridiculed, "How you dared to say it out without even doing it. You are wasting our feelings."

"You brat," Zhang Quan was not angry, but patiently explained, "Just like how you two wrote your code and saw a new technology coming out. Although you haven't done it yourself, you should at least guess something out, right?" Hearing his words, Liu Shuai could not help but nod his head. After all, it was one of the skills he was most proud of. Then Zhang Quan continued to speak, "That's it. Although the List of Creations is made with a great amount of mana and Innate Divine Tools, we can figure out some of its functions and mechanism." After that, he continued to look at Liu Shuai.

This time, it was Liu Shuai's turn to feel awkward. His talent seemed to have been mostly used to write codes, and that knowledge about strange and mystical techniques was probably forced onto him by Zhang Quan in his dreams back then. He did not study it carefully, thus Liu Shuai looked at me and said, "I really don't know the mechanism behind the List of Creations. Do you have any idea of it?"

Doing this again? I cursed in my heart. He did this before in Avalokiteshvara's place. Each time he couldn't answer questions, he would ask me. I was not a wikipedia. Just now, I was flattering Zhang Quan, so it wasn't good to make him embarrassed. I thought for a moment and forced myself to answer, "I don't read much, but I can guess from some phenomenons. There are some descriptions about the List of Creations. For example, after a person died, his true spirit would go to the List of Creations. There is another tale saying that after a cultivator died, the List of Creations would be able to protect him from reincarnating or losing any of his mana, but he would be unable to continue cultivating. The nature of this List of Creations is a bit similar to — "

Zhang Quan was slightly excited, "Similar to what?"

"Uh …" I felt like I was too out of my mind. "Similar to the refrigerator in a morgue …"

"What.." Liu Shuai had originally been looking forward to it, but after hearing my description, he shuddered. "Don't be so brainy. How could you call the List of Creations a morgue."

Zhang Quan was obviously a person who didn't mind causing big troubles. He thought for a bit and agreed with me, "That makes sense. All those who can make themselves onto the List of Creations are dead. Indeed, the List of Creations cannot guarantee that their true spirits won't dissipate. But with regards to true spirit, Yan has the most right to speak. "

Then all of us, including "Fang Bing Bing" in the TV, looked at Yan. He was embarrassed by our stares. He made a light cough, "Brother Zhang Quan flattered me. True spirit and soul are similar, but there are also differences. The similarity is that in the Gods Creating World, true spirit and soul can't leave the body for a long time, but if one has a certain amount of mana, his soul can keep mana after leaving the body, which is very similar to true spirit. Normal man's soul does not have that ability. His soul can recombine with body through the Six Paths of Reincarnation's power. But at that moment, memories in his soul will be emptied, which means that he will be a new life. This is also the biggest part of the Three Realms' dispute on soul persistence. While for a true spirit, if he wants to keep his memories and mana, he usually has to adhere to the List of Creations. Of course, there are some secrete techniques such as…"

After saying that, Yan's eyes flashed. He looked at Zhang Quan with interest, "Brother Zhang Quan, this is not what you are assuming, isn't it?"

Zhang Quan nodded, "We can give it a try."

Yan's gaze turned gloomy, "This technique is extremely dangerous!"

Zhang Quan sighed, "Both initiation and termination of a relationship start from a thought. It all depends on whether you're willing or not."

"What mysterious things are you talking about?" After these two people spoke for a long time, I could hear their words clearly, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I looked at Liu Shuai, but it was obvious that he did not understand either, so I could only ask.

Yan and Zhang Quan looked at each other and nodded, then Zhang Quan turned and looked at me and asked.

"Are you willing to knock off a List of Creations to save Zhou Yuan?"

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