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Out of the three disciples of the Violet Myrtle Sect that had gathered in the valley, one was at the third level, while the other two were at the second level.

The third level remembrance stage Kung Fu Power belonged to one of the two twin cultivators of the Violet Vine Sect. This cultivator wore a purple robe and looked exactly the same as the cultivator in black and white. One of them had a pair of beady eyes, with only a pair of slits in his eyes. The other one, however, had a face full of pockmarks, looking extremely ferocious. Seeing cultivators in black and white vestments appear in their line of sight, the three cultivators immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

These four cultivators were quite famous in the nearby cities.

The two twin cultivators from the Violet Vine Sect wore black and white vestments. They were called Yin Dao and he was wearing a purple robe.

The flesh eyed cultivator was called Zheng Yuan Tu, and the pockmarked cultivator was called Zhang Wuji.

"Big brother, why did you only arrive now?" At this moment, the cultivator surnamed Qi immediately read out Yin's words.

"I ran into a Ming Yuan Sect cultivator on the way, but fortunately, it was not Eu Ran Meng. We have already taken care of him." Yin Tao glanced at the three people in the valley and frowned. "Only the three of us?"

"If he doesn't come at this time, something bad will probably happen. But big brother, you have arrived. We finally have a seventy percent chance of winning this Sea Hunt. "

"70% confident?"

As soon as Disciple Qi read this, the surrounding cultivators on the surface of the sea almost couldn't help but ask him if he had read it wrongly. Judging from Yin Dao's tone, he wasn't confident in being able to deal with Eurmania either.

"You can begin." However, at this moment, Qi Cultivator immediately read out Yin Dao's words.

After Yin Daoyi said this. The pockmarked Zhang Wuji immediately nodded his head. With a flick of his hand, he placed more than thirty blue array flags in the valley.

At the same time, Zheng YuanTu who had a pair of fleshy eyes took out a azure-yellow little censer, then quickly after, he took out a few vermilion strands of hay and put them into the azure-yellow little censer.

With a surge of primeval essence, these few stalks of red hay were ignited. Strands of bluster began to slowly spread out from this little censer.

"This is the Jade Dragon Grass, it is specially used to lure the Jade Bone Demon Dragon!"

Some of the cultivators present recognized the few vermilion strands of hay and cried out in alarm.

Upon hearing the names of the Jade Flood Dragon Grass and the Jade Bone Demon Dragon, a wave of incredulous gasps sounded out across the entire surface of the sea. Even Ancestor Xuanyuan's expression couldn't help but change.

Anyone whose name carried the word "dragon" was basically a high level Wicked Beast.

This Jade Bone Demon Dragon was unique to the Cloud Spirit Continent, which was a powerful Wicked Beast at the peak of the sixth level!

This kind of strange dragon-shaped Wicked Beast usually ate jade as food, and like the Black Bat Demon Dragon, it was a rare mutated earth-attributed Wicked Beast. Every bone in its body was like jade, and they were all abnormally tough.

The strength of this level six high Wicked Beast was comparable to a great cultivator in the Aurous Core stage.

Now that these four cultivators had ignited the Jade Dragon Grass, it was clear that they were trying to lure the Jade Bone Demon Dragon over.

Although Jadebone Demon Dragons usually lived alone and could only have one of these Wicked Beast in a radius of thousands of miles, these four disciples dared to lure them out. Could it be that they had the ability to kill a Jadebone Demon Dragon that was comparable to an Aurous Core stage cultivator?

"He's here!"

Yin Tao's face quickly revealed a trace of a serious expression.

"It can't be?"

What caused many of the cultivators present to open their eyes wide in shock was that the brothers before and behind Yin Dao, suddenly clasped their hands together.

This man and woman, even the two of them holding hands, were nothing much. However, these two men were holding hands, their fingers still interlocked, making people feel a little cold.

But then, a shocking scene appeared.

The spiritual energy in front of Yin Dao, who was wearing a black and white magic robe, started to churn. It actually took the form of a green lotus petal just like the aurous core stage cultivator. However, the spiritual energy behind Yin Dao was greatly lost, as if he had become a mortal without Kung Fu Power s.

"Unity Law!"

Forefather Xuanyuan immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

From the looks of these two cultivators, they were obviously practicing some extremely rare technique of the Dao cultivation World. This secret technique was equivalent to superimposing a cultivator's Kung Fu Power onto another cultivator.

It was no wonder that Adept Purple Star had insisted on continuing with the Sea Hunt even though he had known about Eulalia Meng's participation and had also witnessed Wei Suo's strength. So he had this kind of trump card to play!

At this moment, Daoist Violet Star's face was filled with a complacent expression.

Previously, the reason he wasn't as arrogant as Li Minghe was was because he couldn't guarantee that these two cultivators would be able to meet up.

Of the ten cultivators of the Purple Wei Sect, only four were able to gather here. However, Yin Daoyi and Yin Daoyuan were already gathered here, so Purple Star Daoist's heart was at ease.

That was because he knew better than anyone that what he had learnt before Yin Dao and after Yin Dao was none other than the true secret technique, Primal Chaos magic! Furthermore, when the two of them combined their powers, the primeval essence before Yin Dao was not at all inferior to that of Aurous Core stage cultivators. At the very least, Purple Star had tried. The true essence strength of the two of them after joining forces was not inferior to his.

… ….

After Yin Dao's and Yin Dao's combination was completed, Yin Dao's two hands waved and a green light barrier appeared out of thin air, covering all four of them.

This light barrier looked extremely thick, and impressively, there were some vine like runes on it.

The other cultivators, Zheng YuanTu and Zhang Wuji, who had pockmarks all over his face, each took out a three-colored brick magic treasure and a white crystal ball the size of a fist.

In the instant the green light barrier was formed, the ground of the valley started to tremble.

A large hole suddenly appeared on the mountain wall to the left of the four cultivators. Huge rocks flew everywhere and a gigantic Wicked Beast that was over fifty feet long appeared in the line of sight of all the cultivators on the sea surface.

"This is the Jadebone Demon Dragon?"

"Oh my god!" Let alone bones that are jade, the outside world is practically made of jade! "

Shouts of alarm immediately rose up from the surface of the sea.

This "Jade Bone Demonic Dragon" had a Kirin's head, a pair of round and short legs, and a body that was thicker than a bucket. It also had four claws.

All the scales on this level six Wicked Beast were actually crystal clear cyan and white in color. It looked as if it was carved out of jade. Even the two large eyeballs looked like they were made of jade. If this Wicked Beast did not move, it would give off the feeling that it was a jade dragon carved from jade.

An indescribable ominous glint shone in the eyes of the Jade Bone Demon Dragon.

The intelligence of this level six high Wicked Beast was extremely high. It seemed to understand what was going on just by looking at the scene in front of it.

The moment the Jade Bone Demon Dragon appeared, the ground beneath the feet of the four cultivators had already arched upwards. A crystal spike the size of a small mountain pierced out from the ground, viciously heading towards the four people.

The crystal spike struck the green light barrier and the entire green light barrier shook violently. However, it did not shatter. Instead, the crystal cone's tip broke into pieces.

As soon as he saw such a scene, Patriarch Xuanyuan's expression immediately became a bit darker.

The Jade Bone Demonic Dragon's attack clearly had the power of a first level Aurous Core stage cultivator. The fact that it was able to block the attack before it was formed meant that the power of the technique was at the same level as that of a first level Aurous Core stage cultivator.

Seeing that the green light barrier could withstand it, the expressions of the four cultivators clearly relaxed.

The pockmarked Zhang Wuji immediately concentrated his primeval essence into the white crystal ball in his hand. As his primeval essence concentrated, over thirty blue pillars of light rushed out from the ground towards the Jade Bone Demon Dragon.

At the same time, the flesh eyed Zheng YuanTu had already activated the brick-like Magic Treasure in his hand.

This item was actually a heavy, crushed magical equipment. It turned into a huge, three-colored, giant golden brick that was seventy to eighty feet in size in the air. It smashed down towards the Jade Bone Demon Dragon's head.

"This Jadebone Demon Dragon is too powerful, isn't it?"

What caused many cultivators on the surface of the sea to exclaim in shock was that a transparent barrier of light appeared around the Jade Bone Dragon. The more than thirty blue pillars of light continued to attack it, but they were unable to damage the barrier at all.

At the same time, a nearly completely transparent, yet glittering, elixir came gushing out of the Jade Bone Dragon's mouth, spraying onto the giant golden brick above.

As soon as this golden-colored, brick-like magical equipment was hit by the spray, a thick layer of crystal formed on the outside. It lost its spirit and fell to the ground.

The Jadebone Demon Dragon's elixir was actually able to directly block the energy of the formation and seal the effects of a cultivator's magic item!

Facing this kind of Wicked Beast, an ordinary Cultivator of the remembrance stage would probably be killed in an instant in a single exchange.

However, the expression on Yin Dao's face didn't change in the slightest on the blue screen. With a swipe of his hands, a green wind blade that was no weaker than the sickle-shaped magic tool of Eurmania instantly condensed. In a flash, it arrived in front of the Jade Bone Dragon's head.

Facing this wind blade, the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon did not dare to be negligent. It spat out a mouthful of elixir and immediately dispersed after colliding with the wind blade.

Meanwhile, the flesh eyed Zheng YuanTu had once again activated a treasure that was pure gold in the form of a ruyi.

Just like the giant golden brick, this magic treasure was immediately sealed by the Jadebone Demon Dragon's elixir and dropped to the ground.

However, Zheng Yuan Tu did not seem to feel any pain as he once again took out a bronze-coloured ring-shaped magic treasure without the slightest pause.

It seemed like the amount of magical equipment he had on him was very astonishing, and the might of these few magical equipment were also very powerful. And for the Violet Myrtle Sect to allow him to bring so many powerful magic treasures, it must be because this person had some method that allowed him to safely enter the valley. At this moment, he was not hesitating about the appearance of his magic treasure. It was obvious that he wanted to use magic treasures to slowly consume the Jadebone Demon Dragon's true essence. In any case, this sort of magic treasure was only sealed and not directly damaged.

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