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Chapter 147: Seclusion once again

Within his room, the rest of the items had been stored by Wei Suo. What remained was a pile of spirit medicines.

After muttering faintly to himself, Wei Suo stored the spirit medicines into his Treasure Receiving Pocket. He then changed to an ordinary cyan robe artifact robe, before heading towards Han Weiwei's Heaven Grade residence.

Wei Suo had carefully contemplated prior to this. Of those spirit medicines, those two stalks of Yellow Fungus Fruit could strengthen his qi and blood, as well as increasing several years of longevity. Hence, he would definitely cultivate them himself.

Wei Suo would definitely refine the two petals of Mythical Underworld Immortal Lotus himself, testing if he could transform into an Ice Spirit Root cultivator.

As for the Earthflame Immortal Lotus. According to those cultivators and the green gowned Old Man, one petal itself holds a large chance for Wei Suo to form into a Fire Spirit Root cultivator. Even if Wei Suo's luck was awful, two petals of it would be sufficient…….hence, the Fire Spirit Root couldn't escape no matter what.

Yet for the remaining petals of the Earthflame Immortal Lotus, Wei Suo would temporarily not sell them off as those were seemingly unparalleled treasures. Once he auctioned them off, it would release ripples of shockwave, that would pinpoint himself to He Cuode and the other redoubtable cultivators.

As for the Amethyst Fox rose…apart from handing one stalk to Han Weiwei, Wei Suo definitely wanted to keep three stalks for himself.

To any cultivator, such a spirit medicine could supply 20 years of longevity. If Wei Suo were to consume another United Void pellet, he could instantly exhaust another stalk of Amethyst Fox rose. Furthermore, he still had another United Void pellet on hand. If he needed to increase his cultivation in an emergency, he could simply employ the method of consuming the Amethyst Fox rose afterwards; thus, easily increasing a level of cultivation……except, Wei Suo didn't wish to be such a wastrel now. That was because in breaking through from the Thought Division Stage to the Golden Dan Stage, the Amethyst Fox rose could increase the effectiveness of dan formulation.

(TN: I will be changing Golden Pellet stage to Golden Dan stage)

At present, Wei Suo had been forcefully fed a United Void Pellet which raised his cultivation to the Heavenly Circuit Stage level 2. Furthermore, he had acquired a great harvest of Golden Spirit pellet. Following that, he would definitely have to go into secluded meditation, to refine a stalk of Amethyst Fox rose to eliminate the impurities from the United Void pellet. Proceeding from there, he will charge straight for the Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 cultivation. Finally, he still had to refine the Mythical Underworld Immortal Lotus and Earthflame Immortal Lotus.

Rather than leaving spirit medicines on himself, why not just refine it and form his own spirit root.

This affair definitely couldn't be resolved in a matter of a few days.

Therefore, Wei Suo decided to first seek out Han Weiwei and hand over a stalk of Amethyst Fox roe to her, before retrieving back his two jade talismans. Then once he was free from all burdens, he could wholeheartedly focus on his cultivation……

"Wei Suo?" Their residence wasn't far from each other and he reached there in no time. After ringing the transmission golden thread for three times consecutively, the silver robed perky butt beauty, Han Weiwei, immediately poked her head out from a blue light screen. Shocked to see Wei Suo, she asked, "Aren't you off to a faraway place for an errand? Have you finished your errands and returned, or you haven't even left yet?"

"I'm done with my affairs, let's talk inside."

After entering the blue light screen, Wei Suo sized up Han Weiwei and asked, "My two jade talismans are still with you right?"

"Oh, jade talisman…" Han Weiwei giggled and replied. "Mine is with me, I've given to Nangong Yuqing the one that is for her. She has went out on a task and wouldn't return within half a month……"

"What!" Hearing Han Weiwei's statement, Wei Suo almost hopped. "Didn't I tell you to only hand it to her after 15 days no?"

"Oh relax, I'm just fooling with you." Observing that Wei Suo was on the verge of revolting, Han Weiwei elatedly offered him the two jade talismans. "It has been perfectly fine with me all this while. But it seems that Nangong Yuqing has really ventured out, I think she is headed for Seven Stars City with a bunch of Iron Policy cultivators. I'm not sure for what though, this is based on a reliable source. She is already a Heavenly Circuit Stage 1 cultivator, you'd best buckle up, if not……"

Han Weiwei was initially about to finish here sentence with 'if not perhaps half a day later, your cultivation will lose out to us females'. Yet before he could spew those words, Han Weiwei screamed from her new discovery. "Wei Suo, how did that happen? You actually broke through to Heavenly Circuit Stage level 2?"

"Don't bother about that……" Wei Suo glanced at Han Weiwei who wanted to slight him previously. "Why did you investigate Nangong Yuqing's whereabouts?"

"Of course I have a reason." Han Weiwei scanned Wei Suo with amazement. "How about you first tell me how you broke through to Heavenly Circuit Stage level 2 so quickly. It has just been a few days, this is too surreal."

"Is that so? Then you still wish to get your hands on this?" Wei Suo snorted as he produced a stalk of Amethyst Fox rose, parading it before Han Weiwei's eyes. "If you want it, then cut the crap and tell me."

"Isn't that just a rose, what's so good about it?" Han Weiwei was still in her astonished state…..

"Are you truly a young missy from the Precious Treasure Pavilion? You don't even recognize an Amethyst Fox rose!" Wei Suo almost fainted from Han Weiwei's ignorance. For the sake of this Amethyst Fox rose, he had gone through the brink of life and death in Sky Valley; as though living through nine consecutive deaths. After toiling for so long, he finally presented the Amethyst Fox rose before her eyes. Yet she actually couldn't recognize it?

"Amethyst Fox rose?!" This time, Han Weiwei's eyes widened with disbelief. "This is truly an Amethyst Fox rose? Wei Suo, you mustn't lie to me. Where did you acquire this?"

"You don't have to know." Wei Suo rebuffed her and rolled his eyes. "If you want it, then hurry up and tell me. If you don't want it, then I'll just swallow it down first."

"Of course I want it, do you take me for an idiot?" Han Weiwei beamed with smiles as she snatched the Amethyst Fox rose from Wei Suo's hand. Her eyes glistened brightly as she explained. "I was pretty bored. Anyway, it was useless for me to cultivate, and I was afraid of being spotted by senior sister's people; letting her realize that I've taken the United Void pellet. I was contemplating that if you didn't return, I would still have to find her. Thus, I decided to investigate her trail…."

"Wakao! As it turns out, you wished for me not to return?" Wei Suo rolled his eyes.

"Honestly speaking, I obviously wish you would hurry and return. I couldn't go out exploring or cultivate, I almost died from boredom. In any case, it was more entertaining hunting demonic beasts with you." Han Weiwei fondled the Amethyst Fox rose admiringly in her hands. "I never expected this to be an Amethyst Fox rose, how did you even obtain this?"

"I already told you, don't bother about that……but you must promise me. Don't ever tell anyone that you have a stalk of Amethyst Fox rose." Wei Suo made it clear to Han Weiwei.

Observing Wei Suo's exceedingly solemn state, Han Weiwei nodded with a perplex reaction. "Wei Suo, the errand you mentioned about, could it be that you were searching for the Amethyst Fox rose for me?"

"You can put it that way. Anyway, what I've told you, you must abide by it." Wei Suo nodded. Indeed, his primary motive for entering the Sky Valley had been for the Amethyst Fox rose.

Looking at the nodding Wei Suo, Han Weiwei was a little suspicious. Even by using her buttocks to think, she was aware acquiring something like the Amethyst Fox rose wasn't a simple feat.

"Wei Suo. Truthfully speaking, I view you with a whole new level of respect now." Han Weiwei patted patted her chest with her tiny fair hand. "If not for you being a wretched hooligan and your shameful appearance, otherwise based on your performance, I may have been moved and devoted my heart to you, you know…….I, Han Weiwei, can vouch that your affairs in the future will be mine as well. If we go out hunting for demonic beasts, we don't have to split 50/50 anymore. I will just take 40% at most."

"My features are like a jade strip against the breeze, you actually say I look shameless?" Wei Suo originally wanted to punch Han Weiwei. Instead, when he saw her slapping her own chest, the bounciness of that slap, he watched on with slight wretchedness. Thus, he decided not to curse this charming beauty, but only argued normally, "Alright then, if you really wish to help me, then hurry up and refine this stalk of Amethyst Fox rose. Furthermore, for the next ten days, don't look for me unless something special crops up. I will be going into closed-door training……"

Han Weiwei nodded bluntly. "Don't worry. As long as I refine this Amethyst Fox rose, I will be able to venture out to play. After you finish your closed down meditation, you can look for me then. I haven't visited my senior sister for a long while, I'll go visit her first."

"Then we'll do it that way. Remember, you mustn't tell anyone you obtained an Amethyst Fox rose." Before he turned to leave, Wei Suo once again reemphasized this warning.

"I got it. I, Han Weiwei, have never gone back on my words." Han Weiwei watched as Wei Suo departed without looking back. Suddenly, she blurted out a question, "Do you want me to investigate clearly where Nangong Yuqing is?"

"Do it." Wei Suo paused, as he replied with those two words. In truth, he hadn't seen Nangong Yuqing for so long, and truly had a dangling feeling of longing for her.

"Ka cha!"

After returning to his room, Wei Suo directly shattered the two jade talismans.

Afterwards, he immediately fished out a stalk of Amethyst Fox rose. Then, he devoured it as he sat and started refining it.

Without a single movement, Wei Suo shut his eyes in a meditative posture.

Night time. The green gowned Old Man wafted out from the nearby Ghost Raising Jar. After carefully inspecting Wei Suo, the old man abruptly returned into the Ghost Raising Jar; no longer peering his head out.

Wei Suo sat for five days straight.

On the first day, there was seemingly no chances for him at all. At the start of the second day, perspiration secreted out from his pores with strands of black filth oozing out.

In the following two days, more and more black filth were squeezed out. It was as though Wei Suo himself had fallen into a dirty drain, where a layer of sediment stuck onto him. It was utterly repulsive, and emitted a piercing stench that assailed his nostrils.

Evening the fifth day. Wei Suo's eyes popped open as he release a breath. Then he muttered to himself. "Ah shoot, I've finally refined it!"

Before he concluded his statement, Wei Suo's face instantly revealed an expression that of fainting to one's own stench. As he swept his gaze through his body, he immediately pinched his nose and rushed straight for the hot springs outside.


He bathed inside the hot springs for nearly six hours. After cleaning off the black oily filth on himself, Wei Suo stretched his body with satisfaction. Right now, his body was emanating a sparkling and pure sensation.

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