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Chapter 102: Secret of Magic (1)


It had been a long time since she last made a dumb face while she was completely sober. Lee Yuri looked at Dohyuk with a toothbrush in her mouth.

After she brought Giwon into the city, she had been resting. Dohyuk did not make an exception for her to enter the city, but even if she couldn’t go in, there were other enjoyable things to do. She was able to order the people working on the farms to get her towels, soap, shampoo, snacks, and even some cosmetics. After taking a nap in one of those tents, she walked out to wash and she heard the crowd murmuring from within the city.

Then, after a few minutes, she was watching something even she couldn’t believe. She heard the sound of someone landing behind her.

“This… why…”

As she looked back, there was a man with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Oh, hey, smart boy.”

Yuri greeted him but Yoo Giwon did not respond.

“You’re ignoring me? How sad. I was the one who dragged you all the way here you know?”

Whatever she said, it didn’t matter to Giwon right now. He did not respond, but he took a step forward. After walking a few steps…

“No, you can’t.”

Lee Yuri stopped him with the toothbrush still in her mouth.

“… Move.”

Giwon’s face turned vicious.

“No, I can’t do that. I’m trying to stop our smart boy from doing something that he’ll regret.”


Giwon became so angry that he couldn’t even speak. Instead, it was Yuri who moved first.

With her free hand, she moved it like a blade against Giwon’s chest. It wasn’t powerful, but it was enough.


Yuri was a few levels stronger than Giwon and he was perhaps at 20% of his usual self. There was no way for him to withstand or dodge such an attack. Giwon fell to his knees face down, throwing up from the pain.

“Oooh, hope I don’t get stabbed in the back later.”


“But I have no choice. You’re so scared that you can’t even think straight right now.”

“You… you don’t know… Jung Ilgyu…”

“Of course. I became a Four Circle by killing the previous one. I haven’t met the Tyrant myself… but so what? What are you trying to do if you claim to know him so well?”


“Hold on. Let me guess… you probably Yoo Dohyuk is probably being reckless because he doesn’t know how terrifying the Tyrant is? Therefore, you need to stop him?”

“… He must have his own reasons… but Jung Ilgyu… it’s just too dangerous…”

Before Giwon could even finish, Yuri burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! You stupid fool!”

Yuri spat her bubbly toothpaste spittle.

“Danger? Is your head messed up too?”

“What are you…”

“Look at us, smart-boy. Danger? Do you really think there’s any point in saying that?”

Giwon couldn’t rebuke the fact that she was right. He had abandoned the Tyrant and decided to work for Yoo Dohyuk. That alone was the most dangerous thing to do in this situation already. Besides, everything Giwon and Dohyuk did up until now had been just as dangerous.

As Yuri said, Giwon wasn’t in the right mind, including his body condition. He was just mentally shaken by the fact that the Tyrant was here.

“Exactly. So just sit back and wait. That’s the best we can do right now.”

Of course, ‘waiting’ didn’t mean to stay back and watch. Yuri turned back and picked up a water bottle to gargle and wash her mouth. Her movements seemed to be a bit stiff.

“To be prepared to die… I thought I did it multiple times before but it feels different this time.”


No matter what Dohyuk was up to, they would not interfere. If the plan went awry, then it was up to them to pull out Dohyuk from that place, granted that they all would survive.

Even then, Lee Yuri and Yoo Giwon were certain about going after Dohyuk to save him. Both beasts became silent for a while. They just looked in the same direction together and planned for the worst possible outcome, while also wishing for their master to succeed.

Dohyuk could feel it.

Although there were thousands of people, even with his enhanced eyesight, he couldn’t find where the Tyrant was standing. His instinct, however, told him – ‘It’s there.’

The carnivore looking for its prey was there. His intuition was right.

Dohyuk heard an explosion from behind all those people, and in next moment, his eyes saw the skies, not the people. At superhuman speed, a small dot had shot off up the ground.

The dot grew bigger instantly, and as it dropped about 20 meters in front of Dohyuk, it turned into a human figure. It was Jung Ilgyu, the Tyrant.

Everyone held their breaths and watched, no matter how powerful they were, analyzing the differences between the two.

Dohyuk had jumped from the city wall. Ilgyu jumped up from behind all those people. It was Ilgyu who had traveled farther with his jump. It was Ilgyu who pushed out more land, and it was also him who landed more cleanly.

And Jung Ilgyu seemed to not feel bothered by any of that at all.

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