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Su Wenyuan felt that it was useless to say anymore. He knelt on the ground. The Emperor's anger pressured him to keep his head on the ground.

After a long while, the Emperor said coldly, "I will leave this matter to Minister Su. Using a birthday gift to curse the imperial government, I don't think Minister Su would let that person off."

"Yes, Your Majesty. This official will definitely find the culprit."

Mu Yunyao's newly bought house was finished cleaning up. She chose a lucky day and then moved in happily with Su Qing.

After the Provincial Governor's banquet, many people looked for Lady Jin to get some information on the mysterious seamstress. Lady Jin blocked away some of them. She gathered the rest's names and organised them. Then, she got Yin Hong to send this list to Mu Yunyao.

Early on the second day, Mu Yunyao arrived at the Cao residence.

"I guess that you would come here, so I had already gotten the servants to ready the Bi Luo Chun. Come and have a taste." For the past few days, Cao Yunnian had been staying in her room. Lady Jin was extremely happy, naturally she would be much nicer to Mu Yunyao,

"Greetings to Lady, Yunyao has come today to thank Lady."

"Hm? Why do you want to thank me?"

Mu Yunyao took out the list of names that Lady Jin had prepared for her. "Naturally, to thank Lady for your protection."

There were just six names on the list. But the people that had come to look for Lady was definitely not just these six. There were some that Lady Jin had rejected to give information to, otherwise, there would be so many more who would be looking for Mu Yunyao. Even if Mu Yunyao had to work to death, it would still not be enough to make clothes for all of them.

Lady Jin gave a small smile. Talking with intelligent people used a lot less of her energy. "You don't have to thank me. I also have my own motives to protect you." She wanted to get Mu Yunyao to continue making clothes for her, of course she did not want her to work to death.

Using a big tree to block the elements was Mu Yunyao's main reason in choosing Lady Jin.

"Yunyao is very thick-skinned, I wish to ask Lady for some help with a matter."


"All the clothes that I make are used with the utmost concentration and energy. But, just one person making them is far from enough. I will not be able to make any good progress. My Mother and I are new to Jingling City, so we are unfamiliar with the people here. I was wondering if Lady has any talented girls under your wing?"

Lady Jin froze, she looked at Mu Yunyao with disbelief. "You want talented people……do you mean to say……"

"Yes, Lady has guessed correctly. I was thinking about passing on my skill. That way, I would be able to make more clothes, and I would also be able to create a business."

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