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Chapter 261

It Turned Out To Be A Cousin 

Su Yuyi was shocked by the current situation . She stood up hurriedly and looked at Meng Yanran, “Sister Yanran, how are you?”

Mu Yunyao also quickly followed, “Elder Sister Meng, are you alright?”

Meng Yanran originally had a domineering temper . At this time, the hot tea poured on her leg, and the pain was piercing . Seeing Mu Yunyao come over, she raised her hand and wanted to slap her . But unexpectedly, Mu Yunyao seemed frightened and retreated two steps back, causing her slap to miss . All she could do was to reprimand her angrily: “Mu Yunyao, I found out that you came back here and made a special trip to visit you . I didn’t expect you to be so gloomy and deliberately scald me with hot tea . What exactly is your intention?”

Mu Yunyao frowned, her face filled with confusion . “It’s obvious that Elder Sister didn’t hold the teacup steady, so why did you blame it on me?”

Meng Yanran’s voice became shrill, “Then according to what you said, I deliberately scald myself and then frame you in turn? Why don’t you look at yourself and What’s worth framing you by hurting me?”

Mu Yunyao’s face showed anger, her voice is crisp, and her words are sharp, “Elder Sister Meng, don’t say that I’m the granddaughter of the Old Madam, even if I’m just a commoner, my name not allowed to be tainted . The law has long existed . Even the Son of Heaven is guilty of the same crime as the commoners . Even if my identity to Elder Sister Meng is just like an ant, you can’t trample on as you please . ”

Meng Yanran felt the pain in her leg, and her heart was in a state of rage . She suddenly remembered that there were scars on her body . If a large cup of boiling water had poured on her body, her legs must have scalded . In that case, her future would be affected as well . Thinking of the consequences, she immediately hated Mu Yunyao . “I didn’t expect you to be so sharp-tongued . Today, I’ll teach you a lesson and let you know what rules are!”

“Even if I don’t understand the rules, there are elders who can teach me . I won’t bother Elder Sister Meng . ”

“You actually dare to talk back? Somebody! Slap her mouth!”

Mu Yunyao raised her head to look at Su Yuyi, who was at the side, with an anxious gaze, “Cousin, that cup of tea was obviously Elder Sister Meng who didn’t hold the teacup firmly, and I didn’t throw it at her on purpose . You were right by my side at that time, so you should have seen it clearly . ”

Su Yuyi frowned slightly, and a trace of worry appeared between her carefully drawn eyebrows, which made people want to get rid of the thing that had annoyed her immediately, so that the beauty could smile, “At that time, I was sipping tea . I really didn’t see the actual situation clearly …, However, I still had to shout called the doctor to take a look at Little Sister Yanran . The woman’s body is a huge matter . If there is a scar on her body, it will affect her for the rest of her life . ”

When she heard that, the anger in Meng Yanran’s heart flared up, and seeing that the maidservants behind her did not move, she immediately shouted, “All of you only can eat, didn’t you hear my order? Hurry and pull Mu Yunyao down and slap her!”

“Yes, Young Miss . ” The two maids standing behind Meng Yanran hurried forward, one on the left and one on the right, wanting to hold Mu Yunyao .

Mu Yunyao slightly retreated two steps before turning around and running for the door . Judging by the time, Su Qingwu should be coming here soon . Since Meng Yangran was going to cause trouble, then she must make a big fuss!

The rules of the Su family had always been exceptional . The people who selected to take care of Su Yu Yi were even more carefully selected . For afraid that there was something wrong with the place, If the maid who was guarding the door really not comfortable and had to leave for a moment, there would definitely be someone else who would come to make up for it . But according to Su Yuyi, the maid had obviously just had transferred here, so she didn’t understand the rules . That was why she heard Meng Yanran’s derogatory words at the door .

Would Su Yuyi ask the maidservants that she had just sent over to guard Lu Yi Pavillion that she attaches great importance? It was impossible to even think about it, so it had to be a deliberate arrangement .

Just as she was about to reach the door, Mu Yunyao suddenly stopped in her tracks . The two maids who were chasing her were already very aggressive, so they couldn’t react the moment Mu Yunyao stopped, and they directly collided with Su Qingwu, who entered the door . One of the maidservants accidentally knocked on his arm, causing him to frown .

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“Ah, Eldest Young Master? This servant deserves to die . Eldest Young Master, please forgive me . “

Su Yuyi hurriedly stood up and said in a surprised voice, “Elder Brother, you’re back?”

Su Qingwu’s gaze fell straight on Mu Yunyao . A myriad of emotions flashed past his eyes, but they quickly became turbulent, causing his heart to beat uncontrollably . He would never have thought that he would meet Mu Yunyao again, moreover, at the Su family residence!

At this moment, her face filled with panic and slightly pale . Her white teeth gently bit down on her lower lip as she stood on the spot as if she was helpless .

Although he didn’t see the entire scene clearly, Su Qingwu had already guessed a few things in his heart . Her fierce gaze landed on the two kneeling female maidservants . “What’s going on?”

Su Qingwu slightly furrowed his brows . Compared to the last time they had met, she seemed to have grown taller . The immaturity of her body gradually faded away, and she actually revealed a delicate and graceful appearance . She was wearing a light pink dress as she quietly stood where she was, like a slender and elegant lotus flower . Her eyes filled with stubbornness, clearly unable to face the wind and rain, yet so proud that she did not want to lower her head .

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Seeing Su Qingwu staring at Mu Yunyao for a long time without saying anything, Su Yuyi quickly stepped forward, “Elder Brother left home a few months ago and followed Third Prince to reward soldiers on the border . There are many things that you aren’t clear about how things go in the world . It’s a coincidence that not long after Elder Brother left, Father sent people to investigate . Then, we discovered that Mu Yunyao was Grandmother’s granddaughter, and her mother was our Aunt who had lost for many years . ”

Su Qing Wu Chen had already clenched his fist tightly and couldn’t help but pull his finger back after hearing this: “Yunyao … . Cousin?”

When Meng Yanran saw Su Qingwu, she subconsciously wanted to stand up, but hearing his words, she forced herself to sit down, “Cousin, it’s great that you’re here . I came to visit Mu Yunyao today with good intentions, but I didn’t expect her to be so hostile towards me and splashed hot tea on my legs on purpose . Now, my legs have injured …” As she spoke, tears streamed down her face, making her look very pitiful .

Su Qingwu looked at Meng Yanran . Sure enough, he saw tea stains on her dress and scattered teacups on the ground . “Yuyi, what’s going on?”

“Little Sister Yanran has been curious about Yunyao for a long time, and after hearing that she had returned to the residence, she wanted to meet her today . The three of us wanted to have a cup of tea, but who would have known that when Cousin Yunyao delivered the tea, the tea would fall on Little Sister Yanran’s legs …”

Mu Yunyao sneered in her heart . What Su Yuyi said was real . But she had only chosen some words that were beneficial to Meng Yanran . When others heard it, they would subconsciously agree with what Meng Yanran said and thinks that the tea was poured by her intentionally .

Su Qingwu looked at Mu Yunyao . “Is that really the case?” The moment he said those words, the tension in his voice became even more apparent . He quickly pursed his lips .

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