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Chapter 244

Send Off Across The City

Steward Qin hurriedly shook his head, “Miss, the items have already reduced over and over again . We really cannot be any less . ”

“If that’s the case . . . ” Mu Yunyao was in a difficult situation .

“The Shopkeeper at the boat store said that if we want to use the boat, he can leave the best boat to Madam and Young Miss . Why don’t I get someone to ask about it?”

“That’s fine too . If there are boats available, we can take them all with us . We can avoid trouble in the future . ”

“Wei Yi, hurry up and go to Xing Shun Boat Company . Tell the Shopkeeper there to leave a few boats behind for us . ”

“Yes . ”

The moment Wei Yi left, Steward Qin hurriedly turned around to command the others, “Quickly bring out all the things in Young Miss’s storage room . If you have other boats, you can let Young Miss take them away . ”

The others quickly complied .

Soon Wei Yi came back, and accompanying her was the owner of Xing Shun Boat Company . “Greetings to Madam and Miss Mu . I, Feng Xing, am the owner of Xing Shun Boat Company . The boat had prepared, and if Madam and Miss are dissatisfied with anything, you can tell me directly . I will do my best . ”

Su Qing had a smile on her face . With each movement she made, her demeanor was already extraordinary . “Boss Feng, there is no need to be overly courteous . In your rush, I’m afraid that it may have brought you quite a bit of trouble . ”

“How can you say that? During this time, I have succeeded in taking Xing Shun Boat Company to another level through Bun Xian Luo’s help, so I am very grateful to you . I heard that Madam and Miss Mu need a lot of things to take with you, so I picked some quick and efficient workers to help you carry the items up . ”

“Thank you . ”

Seeing that it was about time, Mu Yunyao accompanied Su Qing out . Just as they stepped out of the door, their footsteps suddenly stopped . Many commoners were standing in front of the gate, and many of them looked reluctant .

“Madam Su, Miss Mu …”

“We are here to see you off . I hope that you and Madam have a safe journey . ”

“We have brought some things with us . We hope that Madam and Miss Mu will accept them and not mind them . ”

Mu Yunyao and Su Qing were extremely surprised . Looking at their honest faces, they couldn’t help but feel touched, “Many thanks to all of you, my fellow neighbor . We are already very grateful to all of you for coming here and send us off . We all have a hard life, so you should take everything back . We respect it in our hearts . ”

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document.write(''); After talking for a while longer, Mu Yunyao and Su Qing firmly decided not to accept anything from the people and only repeatedly expressed their gratitude . Seeing that it wasn’t too late, the two of them got on a horse carriage and rushed the dock at the port of Jingling City .

Along the way, people stood on both sides of the street . Thanks and blessings heard all the time . Many more people were waiting on the dock . Seeing Mu Yunyao and Su Qing coming down from the carriage, they hurriedly expressed their blessings .

Mu Yunyao and Su Qing didn’t even have the time to persuade them to return when they saw Governor Zhang and his wife, as well as Li Mu Nian and Lady Zhou, rushing over in a horse carriage .

Everyone immediately knelt down and saluted, and their voices echoed in the sky .

Governor Zhang and others came forward and quickly signaled the people to get up: “Madam Su, Miss Mu, we were busy yesterday and did not have the time to attend the banquet to give back to the people . Today, we heard that Madam and Young Miss are about to leave and return to the Capital, so we rushed over . ”

“My Lord is busy with matters of the heart . I’m sorry to trouble you to come over . Our mother and daughter are very sorry . ” Su Qing’s face filled with fear . She really did not expect that Governor Zhang would actually come and send them off .

“Jingling City is under my jurisdiction . Madam and Miss Mu have greatly contributed to Jingling City, so I am grateful for the people’s behalf . After knowing that Madam and Young Miss are about to depart, I don’t know when I can see you again . How can I not send you off?”

“Thank you, My Lord . ”

“Because in a hurry, I didn’t have time to prepare any gifts . It’s just a little bit of my heart, Madam and Young Miss must accept it . ”

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Su Qing didn’t refuse too much either . Before coming, Mu Yunyao had told him that she had to accept whatever gifts these people gave her . They give gifts because they wanted to form a good relationship with us, and taking them would signify that we had agreed to this friendship . In the future, we can take care of each other when we have anything in the future, “Thank you, My Lord . ”

“Thank You, My Lord!” Wen mama and the others respectfully followed behind . They had never experienced anything like this before, so they couldn’t help but feel slightly flustered . They all think that although Su Qing and Mu Yunyao had some assets, their lives would be too miserable . But now, it seemed that even Governor Zhang was extremely courteous to them . I don’t know how many people felt better off than they are, but isn’t there a sign of dissatisfaction?

There was a sound of water splashing . Wen Mama and the others carefully looked over, only to see two boats built for both cargo and passengers approaching . Both of them are decorated in a remarkably magnificent manner and has extraordinarily atmospheric . The ship sent by the Su family was in front of these two boats, and it wasn’t expressly impressive .

The boat sent by the Su family to pick up people are not as good as the boats used by Su Qing and Mu Yunyao to carry things?

Wen Mama was already panicking in her heart . She could already imagine what kind of rumors and slanders would appear once the boat arrived in the Capital . She wanted to stop them, but Su Qing and Mu Yunyao talked with Governor Zhang and others, and there was no room for her servants to intervene . Moreover, as soon as the boat docked, Steward Qin ordered people to carry the items of Su Qing and Mu Yunyao one by one . Even if she asked them to do so, would she be able to get them to come down?

Seeing that she was about to board the boat, it is too late to send people to deliver a letter . She had no idea what would happen when she arrived in the Capital!

Wen Mama felt bitter in her mouth . The Old Madam attached great importance to face, so this time she was afraid that the Old Madam would be angry .

Governor Zhang and his wife didn’t stay for long . After talking for a while, they left . Li Munian and Lady Zhou naturally followed after them .

After they had all left, Mu Yunyao looked at Ding Yuelan, who stand at the side . “Madam, after Mother and I leave, I’ll leave Ni Yun Fang to you . Please take care of me, Madam . ”

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“Please rest assured, Little Owner . I will do my best to manage Ni Yun Fang properly . ”

Mu Yunyao nodded her head . Then, she looked towards Cai Qing, Nan’er, and the others who were beside Ding Yuelan . “You guys follow Lady Ding and study well . when you have finished your studies, you can come to find me in the Capital . ”

Cai Qing hurriedly nodded with a grateful expression on her face . However, Nan’er was so upset that he wiped away his tears . “Miss, can’t Nan’er go with you?”

“It’s not right now . If Ni Yun Fang can open in the Capital in a while, you, Ah Mao, and Li’er can help out . ”

Nan’er obediently nodded, “Nan’er understand . Madam and Miss must take care of themselves . ”

Mu Yunyao couldn’t help but smile . This time, when she left, other than Jin Lan and Jin Qiao, all the other female disciples stayed behind at Ni Yun Fang, waiting for the time to call them into the Capital .

Steward Qin walked over, “Madam and Young Miss, all the things had loaded onto the boat . The maids, the mama, and the others who came with us are on board as well . ”Su Qing nodded, “Yao’er, it’s time for us to leave . ”

Mu Yunyao nodded slightly . “We’re leaving . We’ll see you later . ”

All the people boarded one by one, the rope put away, and the boats slowly moved forward . The sound of the people on both sides of the river was notably loud . It could heard clearly and audible even when the ship far away .

At first, the sound of their farewells was disorderly, but eventually, it unified, “Madam and Young Miss have a good journey, everything goes well!”

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