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Chapter 180

The End of Tan Bawang 

The County Magistrate Zhao raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and then solemnly stated his promise: “Everyone, please be at ease . I will definitely professionally conduct myself and handle this matter impartially . I will prove Bu Xian Luo and Miss Mu’s innocence, but also give Miss Ming Yin an explanation!” This time the evidence is conclusive . No matter how much pressure Tan Lin puts on him, he will definitely not let Tan Bawang off!

“Lord Zhao is wise!”

“Leave it to Lord Zhao . We can rest assured . ”

Mu Yunyao stepped forward and bowed . “This humble one thanks Lord Zhao on behalf of Ming Yin . ”

“Miss Mu, you are too polite . It is my duty and responsibility . Please wait for the good news . ” County Magistrate Zhao ordered the officials under his command, “Take Tan Bawang and his attendant back to the County Government Office . Bring the teacups and other evidence along with them . ”

“I’m sending you off, Lord Zhao . ” Mu Yunyao stood up, turned around, and bowed to the guest who had helped her testify . “Thank you for your righteous words . Today, you all have free tea in Bu Xian Luo . It’s a form of apology to the guests for disturbing everyone . ”

“Miss Mu does not need to be so courteous . How can we watch you and Miss Ming Yin bullied by them?”

“Yeah, I still have to pay for the tea . ”

Mu Yunyao smiled as she shook her head . “When everyone clearly knows that Cai Yue Pavilion is like the sun in the sky, and you can still stand up and testify for Bu Xian Luo . My heart is full of gratitude . Naturally, this kind-hearted and righteousness ought to reward . I have already felt so thin just by exempting one day’s tea money . ”

When the words left Mu Yunyao’s mouth, it carried a sincere tone . Everyone felt a burst of comfort in their hearts as if they had done an extraordinary thing: “Alright . Many thanks, Miss Mu . ”

Mu Yunyao supported Ming Yin back to the backyard to rest . After avoiding everyone’s gaze, Ming Yin stood up, curtsied, and said, “I’ve made Miss Mu and Steward Qin worry . ”

Steward Qin shook his head helplessly: “Although you have lost some sense of courtesy in doing things, you have achieved remarkable results . I will give you two months of your wages . During this time, you can have a good rest and take care of the wound on your head . ”

Mu Yunyao also knows about Ming Yin . It said that her original name was Ming Yin (冥音) instead of Ming Yin (铭音) . What she learned was assassination techniques, and she was the most outstanding amongst the people trained in that batch . If it wasn’t for Steward Qin’s request to not cause trouble in the building, Tan Bawang and his attendant had already decapitated long ago .

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After arranging someone to take care of Ming Yin, Mu Yunyao and Steward Qin walked out . “Steward Qin, when the guests who have testified for us leave, each person will be wrapped with two taels of tea as a gift . We can’t just let them be frightened for no reason . ”

“Alright, we’ll follow Miss Mu’s arrangements . ”

When she returned home, Su Qing hurriedly came out to welcome her . When she saw Mu Yunyao, she quickly pulled her up and down to examine her . “Yao’er, are you alright?” If it wasn’t for Si Qin stopping her, she already rushed to Jin Xiu Garden .

Mu Yunyao quickly held Su Qing’s hand . “Mother, don’t worry . I’m fine . It’s just that Ming Yin was injured . But after recuperating for a while, she’ll be fine . ”

“How come that Tan Bawang is always haunting us like a ghost . Tan Lin is also an ungrateful person . After learning the embroidery needle technique from us, he only cares about getting credit and fame for himself . He really is ungrateful!”

“Mother, didn’t we both talk about it long ago? Why are you so angry today?” Tan Lin turned his face ruthlessly was within her expectations . It would be strange if he didn’t .

“I don’t think it’s worth it . Tan Lin is truly ungrateful . ” Even though she had guessed it, she still felt so depressed when facing it .

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Mu Yunyao pulled her to sit down, “Don’t think about this matter anymore . In two days, everything will be peaceful and quiet . ” The reputation of Cai Yue Pavilion was out, and there were quite a few people who could not sit still . It would not be long before Cai Yue Pavilion would follow the example of the Spring Embroidery Workshop (Chun Xiu Fang) .

Within two days, County Magistrate Zhao convicted Tan Bawang and sentenced for the crime . He framed the reputation of Bu Xian Luo by poisoning his tea and assaulting a woman, so he was hit with a wooden plank . After 50 rounds, he sentenced to exile . Tan Lin came to deal with him several times later but failed to bring down Tan Bawang’s charge .

When Tan Bawang took out of the city, many people came to watch . It said that a lot of people threw stones at him, smashing his head until it bled profusely . “Miss, you didn’t see that County Magistrate Zhao didn’t show the slightest mercy, the fifty planks almost took half of Tan Bawang’s life . After that, he didn’t even have time to rest but directly let the officers take him away . Along the way, there were even some people throwing things at him . When he left the city, he almost crawled out of the city . It seems to be able to relieve the hatred . ”

Mu Yunyao smiled and did not take it to heart . “The reason he has his fate today is also that he has committed too many evil deeds in the past . It said that Cai Yue Pavilion has a powerful influence in Huai’an City, and Tan Bawang has often bullied men and women . He was forcing people to die, and she didn’t even know how many there were, so if you count it seriously, he should be beheading . It’s not enough to pay with ten times of cutting him off, and it’s a cheap thing for him to leave life . ”

Jin Qiao nodded her head heavily: “Yes . ”

In the afternoon, when Mu Yunyao had just gotten her afternoon nap, Liu Liang came over to ask for an audience, “Mistress, we’ve already investigated some of the things you want . There are many salt merchants in Jiangnan, but only the three that can be called giants . They are Wu, Cao, and Wei . Among them, Wu Minzhi of the Wu family is the leader of the salt merchants and has great influence . ”

“Is there any way to find out what Wu Min’s preferences are?” Mu Yunyao carefully thought about it, and her mind turned quickly .

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“There are rumors that he likes to collect porcelain, and there are also rumors that he loves tea . However, he should have a mediocre preference for these two items . On the contrary, he is quite pleased with flowers and plants . He once spent a lot of money to buy two pots of Peony Blossom King in Luoyang and collected a lot of precious orchids . ”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes moved, “You think of a way to check and confirm if he really likes flowers and plants . Also, keep an eye on the movements of the salt merchants . After a while, the order for the imperial court to check the salt tax should come down . They will not start their work until they are in a burning situation . There must be arrangements in advance . We must seize the opportunity . ”

“Yes, Mistress . ”

When Liu Liang left, Mu Yunyao smiled lightly . “If you really like exotic flowers and strange plants, then it would be easier to handle . ” There was a flower room in the backyard of Jin Xiu Garden, but due to the lack of people to manage it, it had always abandoned . She could borrow some and use them . Since she wants to intervene in the salt policy, she naturally has got on good terms with the salt merchant leaders .

Mu Yunyao went to take a look at the flower house in Jin Xiu Garden . She had ordered some people to find a craftsman to repair and clean up the flower house . It was maintained pretty well, so it didn’t take too long . In just five or six days, it would be ready . During this time, people can search for some flowers and plants .

After busying herself for an entire afternoon, Mu Yunyao went to bed to rest early . In the middle of the night, when she fast asleep, a knock on the door suddenly rang . She had just put on her clothes when Jin Lan hurriedly ran in: “Miss, Miss Yinhong has come to deliver a message that Lady Jin is about to give birth . It has already started, please go there quickly . ”

Mu Yunyao frowned, put on clothes quickly, and said: “Isn’t it going to take another half a month?”

“This servant is also not clear . But looking at Miss Yinhong’s expression is extremely terrible . ”

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