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The Request is very Simple 

Qian DuoDuo softly coughed and everyone immediately stopped their gossiping. They all paid attention, seriously at Qian DuoDuo as she made her order: “Based on everyone in the prefecture’s vote by raise of hand, they all think that Ben WangFei will become the highest official within the prefecture of Qian. In another word, from now on, in the entire prefecture of Qian, I am the biggest ruler. Everything is based on what I say!”

Based on everyone in the prefecture’s vote by raise of hand? How come they had no memory of this?

This WangFei just spoke to Chen Wang about this, most likely?

However, Chen Wang could’ve become the ruler of the entire Sheng Chen Country so could he not take control of the small family of the government minister?

“No!” After the second lady’s power had been removed, she had jumped out and protested against it. She had just said two words but immediately changed the tone of her voice: “Third WangFei, what I am trying to say is you are not in the prefecture that often, so this —“

If she had really let Qian DuoDuo take control, then will she even have good days in the future?

“When I am not here, it will be my mother who is taking responsibility!” Qian DuoDuo directly interrupted the second lady’s words. After a moment of pause, she glared at the servants: “My mother is this prefecture’s first lady so she ought to be the one in charge of the prefecture. Could it be that each one of you wants to offend your superior?”

Everyone couldn’t help to all move back a step. They exclaimed in unison: “This servant(s) doesn’t dare to –“

Qian DuoDuo wanted this result: “If no one else has any opinion, then clap to pass!”

Opinion! They had such a huge opinion! But who dared to say that?

Therefore, they could only ‘clap, clap, clap—‘ and applauded.

“Hm…very good!” Qian DuoDuo nodded her head, satisfied. She continued: “Ben WangFu’s request is very simple. First: what Qian DuoDuo had said is all correct. Second, whatever Qian DuoDuo had done is all correct. Third, if Qian DuoDuo had said or done something wrong, please go back to the first and second request…”

“Pu—” Someone couldn’t hold it in and spat out their tea.

Long MuChen had never seen such an arrogant woman but arrogant in a way that she is cute and unable to take his gaze off from her.

However…the three requests that came out of her mouth, are considered to be simple? If it was based on what she said to look after the prefecture then wouldn’t the entire prefecture have flying chickens and jumping dogs?

Long MuChen had not even realized that he had this kind of thought. He had minded his own business and secretly sighed at the pavilion.

Qian DuoDuo nodded her head and a beam of glare swept over. She silently cursed: “Small fourteenth, are you trying to ruin my stance?”

Long MuChen instantly shook his hand and explained: Duo Er is correct…is correct…

This type of reading minds…Qian DuoDuo laughed, tilting the corners of her mouth up.

She turned her head around and acted how she did usually, serious and cold: “Housekeeper, pass my orders down. All the small threes, fours, fives, and such in the prefecture of Qian’s will each be given 10 ingots of silver then all will be leaving the prefecture.”

“WangFei, this servant is stupid. But who are the small threes, fours, and such?” The housekeeper was bewildered.

“It’s the small wives, mistresses, and concubines, like that.” Qian DuoDuo lazily waved her hand.

The only way to prevent the first lady from being bullied still is to destroy the roots and branches completely!

Plus she had become addicted to her awe-inspiring authority that if in the future she had to pack her things to leave and then chased by this group of women with knives, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

“This…” The housekeeper was a little torn.

“What about this?” Qian DuoDuo watched as the housekeeper’s gaze turned towards Qian Zheng Kuan and immediately in her heart, she knew where the problem was. She hurriedly ran over to the government minister Qian with small steps. Without a single care about her image, she placed her arm on his shoulder, telling him: “Old father ah, the decision that this daughter had made for you will help me to my filial’s duty for you and display utter loyalty for the imperial court.”

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