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Plan to Seize the Throne

Qian DuoDuo gave a side glance towards her. At this point, Lu Luo’s face was pale white, with disheveled hairs, spitting out water, along with some mud stains. The body of precious articles of clothing was now wrinkled because of the water. Yet, it still stuck up against the tender and fragile skin. The front of the clothes was scattered out and the red undergarment covering the chest and abdomen on the inside was seen clearly.

Qian Zhen Kuan watched as Qian DuoDuo seemed to have finished stirring up troubles so he immediately ordered the servants to deliver some warm tea over for Lu Luo to drink. Quickly, the unconscious Lu Luo slowly woke up.

She opened her eyes to see the type of glances the surrounding people had given her: some were sympathetic, mocking, or just indifferent. Then she looked down at herself – with improper clothing on. She instantly cried as though a tear-stained face of a beauty. Lu Luo crawled over to Qian Zhen Kuan’s side, hugging his legs: “Wu~wu~ Lord…you need to give this concubine justice ah…”

“Lord? Even if you call him old father, it won’t work!” Qian DuoDuo sneered, stepping on her shoes, rushing towards Lu Luo.

Qian Zhen Kuan watched his daughter and wanted to open his mouth to say something to protect Lu Luo. However, it seemed as though Qian DuoDuo had seen through his intentions and directly attacked first. She opened her mouth before he could: “This lady, today, believes in Buddhism so I won’t take the life of a living creature. However, if you dare to casually bully my mother again, slander her with your filthy mouth, steal her items, then I will rip your mouth off!”

Once Qian DuoDuo had finished her sentence, she lowered her head to see Lu Luo who was still holding onto her clothes. She raised her hand over and with a strong force, tore open a big hole on her crimson Mudan pleated skirt. She humphed and slightly raised her eyebrows to look at the other concubines.

Lu Luo was completely stunned and didn’t even care right now that she was half covered. Her face turned pale to its extreme and she fell onto the ground.

Then, Qian DuoDuo unhurriedly turned around. Under everyone’s surprised gaze, she walked over to the three and gestured for Long MuChen to come over with her finger.

Long MuChen was much taller than the seventeen years old Qian DuoDuo. He knew that this small girl seemed to have something to say to him so he considerately lowered his head down to be closer to her.

Qian DuoDuo leaned against his ears to say a couple sentences. Her quick-witted eyes from time to time looked towards the lake.

The corners of Long MuChen’s mouth hanged a smile pamperingly stroked her hairs.

Under the multi-colored lights, the dark blue sky, the clear lake, the charming fragments showed off the man’s handsomeness and the woman’s beautifulness.

What a delightful and pleasing picture scroll…

Family Qian’s people were all stunned by what they were seeing. Xiao Rou was ecstatic, minding her own business. Han Tie slightly sighed…

What good is this…He had wished so badly for his master to like a woman, but this woman just had to be his nephew’s wife…

Qian DuoDuo, not even a little bit, had felt the surrounding strange gazes. She, with her head high, had returned back to the lake, standing in front of a group of women. She pointed towards the housekeeper with a lame hand: “Go, call everything over that is breathing in prefecture Qian’s. Have everyone gather together in a line!”

****Duo Er’s diving line****

Ever since the housekeeper had lost some meat on his hand, the actions dealing with his feet turned quicker.

After he had received the ‘imperial edict,’ under one wick of an oil lamp’s time, all the servants, maids, bodyguards of prefecture Qian’s had gathered by the lake. Even the dogs and cat watching the door were all carried out.

Who said that their family’s young miss had ordered for everything that was breathing to gather outside together!

Everyone gossiped to one another, guessing what big events might’ve actually happened? At one point, it was full of buzzing as though bees.

At an earlier time, Long MuChen was already been served upon and he sat by the pavilion, drinking top-notch Yu hou longjing [1] and tasting the fresh fruits. The smiling eyebrows watched as Qian DuoDuo executed her plan to ‘seize the throne.’

Qian DuoDuo raised her chin high and the indifferent eyes swept through everyone. There was about more than hundreds of people and just looking at the concubines, there seemed to be at least ten of them.


Yu hou longjing [1] – A type of tea.

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