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Father is Scolding Me

After struggling for a while, Lu Luo had seen the bamboo stick and immediately acted as though she had seen something that could’ve saved her, grabbing onto it suddenly. She struggled to raise her head up, taking in a deep breath. Just as she wanted to climb up along the stick, who knew Qian DuoDuo had pressed the stick down with a huge force which directly dunked her head back into the water again.

A share of lake water had fleed inside her nose and mouth, almost choking Lu Luo to death: “Save my life—Save me–“

Qian DuoDuo watched the way she cried for heaven and earth, in a playful mood. On the other hand, the servants on the side trembled with fear.

One, who was brave enough, came up to advice against “Third WangFei, please stop it. If you continue to do this, then it will result in one’s death…”

Qian DuoDuo gave a harsh glare towards them: “Did I ask for your opinion? Don’t you see that Ben WangFei is stuffing her under water for twenty seconds then letting her come onto the surface to take in a breath for two seconds?”

“…” Then why don’t you just directly stuff her to death…

This little devil, where does she come up with all these bizarre tricks?

In the end, the servants had no other choices but to ask for the Lord’s presence over from the lobby.

Qian Zhen Kuan was just checking through the prefecture’s expenditures witht he second lady when he had heard of this news. Immediately, he rushed over to the garden and saw Qian DuoDuo who was holding the bamboo stick, torturing his favorite concubine as though stuffing a dead fish. Qian Zhen Kuan instantly became angry, yelling: “Qian DuoDuo, what troubles are you trying to stir at now?!”

Qian DuoDuo was suddenly scolded by Qian Zhen Kuan out of nowhere and directly pressed Lu Luo to the bottom of the lake because of the sudden force on her wrist. As a result, Lu Luo had eaten a mouthful of mud…

Then she blinked her eyes and looked at father then looked at Long MuChen: “Fourteenth…father is scolding me…”

Qian Zhen Kuan had his minds only on worrying about his concubine that he hadn’t noticed Long MuChen who was leaning against the side of a tree watching the show. After he had suddenly heard this from his daughter, he had turned his gaze over.

Long MuChen placed a leisure and content face on, hanging a faint smile that wasn’t warm but not fiery as well. However, under the bottom of the deep and quiet eyes, it held a harsh gaze.

The words in Qian Zhen Kuan’s mouth immediately swallowed back into his stomach. He changed his face as though a 360-degree spin, smiling: “Silly girl, how would father dare to scold you? Father is just afraid that you might get tired from playing like this. Come, place the bamboo stick down and let the servants help you play while you stay on the side, watching them okay?”

Qian DuoDuo was considerably satisfied after hearing this. She moved her waist side to side and stretched her legs: “No need, I am trying to lose weight like this. Confucious has said: life is revolved around exercising…plus before Concubine Lu Luo had said that she wanted to see how big of a wave that I – ‘the water spilled out’ could end up turning over. I will grant her wishes…Let her see, how big of a wave I can turn over!”

As she said this, Qian DuoDuo fiercely dragged Lu Luo out from the lake only to harshly press her back down again in less than a second.

The surface of the lake appeared ripples, splashing out water.

“Hehe…Concubine Lu Luo is quite fat. Look at that splash of water…Such a huge one ah…”

Qian Zhen Kuan stared blankly as Qian DuoDuo had tortured his favorite concubine like this and was so angry that his teeth had ground against each other. Due to Chen Wang’s prestige, he dared not to say a single sentence about it. He let her play around the way she liked.

Originally Qian DuoDuo just wanted to have a deliberate show of strength as a warning to bring down these women’s spirits. She watched as each of them lose its color on their faces and even the second lady who loved to stick her head into other people’s business dared not to say a single word, then clapped her hands and let go of the bamboo stick.

Qian Zhen Kuan looked as Lu Luo’s body slowly begin to sink down and instantly called for the servants by his side to bring Lu Luo up, placing her by the edge of the shore.

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