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I will give you the Position of the CeFei

“Long YuTian, you’re a bastard. Besides knowing to bully me, what else can you do? Originally, a couple thousand years ago, you had bullied me like this. It’s no wonder you will be rolling around with pig feces in the future…” Qian DuoDuo’s tear dripped down. She truly wanted to vent her anger.

Long YuTian looked as though he couldn’t make sense of what just happened but when he saw Qian DuoDuo’s tears, his heart felt randomly hurt. He could only hold in his moodiness and coax her in a nice tone: “DuoDuo, don’t cry. Don’t be mad…I promise you that in the future, I won’t rape a small Lolita anymore or play car sex…”

Although he had no idea what small Lolita and car sex meant, he could only follow her words.

Qian DuoDuo held a face: ‘I don’t believe you–‘

Long YuTian sighed. For the first time ever, he lowered his status and said: “Duo Er, however, you need to understand that you are Ben Wang’s woman. You are Ben Wang’s WangFei. In the future, if you are too close with guys, I will be mad…”

To your girl – your woman [1]…Qian DuoDuo bit her lips and decided to ask in a tactful way: “Then what about Zhu SiSi?”

Long YuTian was stunned for a moment. In his mind, a lucid and elegant figure appeared. The bottom of his eyes seemed to turn darker. He opened his mouth in a lowered voice: “SiSi is a good girl. She said that she will get along well with you in the future. Duo Er, Ben Wang told you before I will give you the position of a CeFei. I won’t take my words back. However, after SiSi comes into the WangFu, you cannot go into a huff and bully her. Do you understand?”

Once Long YuTian was done, he raised his hand over trying to pull on Qian DuoDuo’s hand. Who knew the originally quiet Qian DuoDuo suddenly seemed as though a kitten that got its tail stepped on. Immediately, she exploded and stood up with a whoosh. She pointed at Long YuTian, angrily shouting: “I Ce your sister ah! Long YuTian, listen carefully for me. We had said clearly with white paper and black words that the day you decide to marry Zhu SiSi, give me 200,000 banknotes and a divorce. Then this great aunt will have no relations with you anymore!”

“200,000 banknotes, I will give you. But there is no divorce!” He watched as Qian DuoDuo still wanted to distinguish clearly the boundaries even after he tried consoling her with kind words. This made Long YuTian unhappy.

“Okay, you want to ruin the contract? Okay, then I will take our contract and file a lawsuit to the throne room. When the moment comes, don’t blame this great aunt, that I had instigated a rebellion!”

Serving the same man with other women was already sullen enough. Now that’s great, she had to be the smaller one (in position)?

Before she had thought that Long YuTian discovered his conscience. Who knew after moving around for half the way, he actually said this!

He thinks that she – Qian DuoDuo will appreciate being the small concubine of the future Emperor?

They were all good-for-nothings, compared to each other!

“Stop the carriage!” Qian DuoDuo hollered.

Once she finished, the servant on the horse carriage turned his head around. Separated by the curtain, he politely asked: “WangFei, what is your order?”

“I have a urinary urgency!” Qian DuoDuo opened her mouth and blurted.

The servant who drove the horse carriage tugged at his lips, feeling a little awkward. This WangFei is a little too crude?

However, he saw as his own family’s Wangye hadn’t said anything so he raised his hand over to pull on the curtain. Right after, he saw as Qian DuoDuo cruelly stomped on her feet twice inside the carriage before she hurriedly jumped down.

Long YuTian held a serious face and watched as Qian DuoDuo’s silhouette got further, without saying a word. In the next second, he felt as his own horse carriage ‘bang–‘ and shook.

Long YuTian moved the curtain over to see a certain girl who was venting her anger out on the horse carriage. A delicate bound foot had ruthlessly stomped twice, letting out the anger in her heart.


To your girl – your woman [1] – Expressing how displeased she is. Kind of like swearing in some way.

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