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You are Born in the Year of the Dog?

In Qian DuoDuo’s past life, she was at least twenty-something years old and had kissed ‘Long YuTian’ many times before. However, it was never this type of feeling. It seemed to be brought along with an intense desire of possessing someone and punishment. It seemed like he couldn’t help to wish to suck her soul over like this.

However, this wasn’t the main point… The main point was that she obviously felt something on her underbelly. There seemed to be a strange thing which was…

On the other hand, Long YuTian felt her warmth, as obedient as though a kitten. Immediately, there was a scorching breath that rose, getting out of hand.

Although he had many women before, none of them were like Qian DuoDuo. Just one kiss seemed to be a fatal poison, letting him be submerged in it.

Qian DuoDuo was stunned for a couple seconds. She felt as though the tip of his tongue almost made her lips blue. Therefore, she suddenly recovered her conscious and moved around a little. However, her hands and legs were tightly confined by Long YuTian, unable to move.

In the end, she could only use her unexpected move for going against enemies. She opened her mouth and fiercely bit on Long YuTian’s tongue. The faint blood flavor slowly spread in between the two people’s lips and teeth.

“Are you born in the year of the dog? You dared to bite Ben Wang—” Long YuTian subconsciously pushed Qian DuoDuo away. He humphed in pain, wanting to swear.

However, Qian DuoDuo’s reaction contained not a trace of embarrassment or fright. But instead, she lowered her head. “Pah, pah—” She raised her hand out to rub against her lips, out of dislike.

“Hey–You – this woman who should’ve died—” This was the first time a woman disliked his kiss. The third Wangye is hurt!

But he had only said a sentence before Qian DuoDuo interrupted him: “Don’t move—”

Then she grabbed his long sleeves as well as the teapot by the side. She poured some water on the sleeves then directly pulled it over to her mouth and harshly wiped against it. Right after, she left out a sigh in relief: “Clean now…Clean now…”

“Qian DuoDuo, can you be even more disgusting?”

He watched as the cuff of the sleeves had her bright saliva rubbed against it mixed with dark yellow tea stain. Long YuTian jumped up with a whoosh.

Qian DuoDuo was just extending her tongue out as though a little dog, panting. She heard Long YuTian’s words and turned his head over to harshly glare at him. She pulled at her throat, mocking: “You’re not even embarrassed to say I am disgusting…You’re a slag male and stud horse. You dared to try to rape a small Lolita [1] like me and want to play car sex. Long YuTian, are you a pervert ah?”

She was exactly a Lolita ah! With her small figure right now, at most, she is only sixteen or seventeen.

Small Lolita? Car sex?

The longer YuTian took what he heard into account, the more he wasn’t able to make sense of this matter. However, he understood the one phrase that came from her mouth: ‘rape’ !

She actually thought of him bestowing favor on her as rape?!

Qian DuoDuo finished wiping her mouth, sheltering herself in the carriage. She lowered her head, not saying a single word at all. She covered her two arms and curled herself into a ball. That look, taking away the usual domineering and bossy look, seemed to be pitiful.

Long YuTian originally felt angry in his heart due to her ignoring him but now that he saw she hadn’t said anything, he felt a glimpse of nervousness in his heart. He moved his body and softly called: “Qian DuoDuo?”

Qian DuoDuo slowly raised her head and scrunched her eyebrows while looking at Long YuTian. The curly eyelashes seemed to be held with a faint light.

It couldn’t be explained why but when she felt Long YuTian’s kiss and the remnants of Long YuTian’s faint dragon sandalwood smell, even when she knew he isn’t ‘he’ anymore, her heart was in pain as though stabbed by a needle.

She knew already that love that was missed was like the ground filled with destroyed fragments. Even if she tried to assemble them back together, she would still be riddled with scars. But she still stubbornly looked at the man in front of her. In her heart, she felt a type of grievance which couldn’t be explained.


Lolita [1] – a cute young girl

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