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Purposefully trying to Disgust Third Wangye

This woman who should’ve died wasn’t even embarrassed to talk. If it wasn’t that he had gone back to WangFu and found out Qian DuoDuo hadn’t gone back yet even though it was late and worried in his heart about she might be bullied in Qian’s prefecture or not, he wouldn’t have met assassins halfway on the journey to go pick her up.

Regarding the fact that he hadn’t brought attendants along, that is our Wangye’s pride…How could’ve he let the servants know…

“YuTian, where do you think the assassins were sent from?” Long MuChen’s tone had also become serious.

“Does that still need to be said? He definitely stole a person’s wife.” Qian DuoDuo interrupted, not scared of death.

“Qian DuoDuo!” Long YuTian clenched his teeth.

“But then each of the moves doesn’t need to be fatal, right?”

Long YinTian obviously knew this woman was purposefully trying to disgust the third brother. However, he especially enjoyed ridiculing with Qian DuoDuo now. He also responded, in a happy mood.

“Then I guess Long YuTian not only stole someone’s wife but also dug their ancestor’s grave. Besides that, he probably pulled on someone’s leather straps. That’s probably why someone would’ve come after him regardless of the distance…” Qian DouDuo’s expression was very serious. Once she spoke up to here, she had also nodded her own head in agreement to what she had said.

However, the person behind her had already transformed into black charcoal. He and agitated and infuriated, very horrifying as though the voice had come out from hell: “Qian DuoDuo, you dare to interrupt one more time. Do you believe that Ben Wang will immediately throw you into the lake to feed the tortoises!”

Qian DuoDuo watched as Liong YuTian yelled at herself and wanted to feed her to the tortoises. She hadn’t shown weakness either and became even more aggressive: “What, you’re angry now that you’re ashamed? You want to kill me so I can’t speak anymore? Psh…You think this lady is scared of you ah…Xiao Chen, Xiao Si, get up there. Bite him!”

Xiao Chen is referred to as Long MuChen but Xiao Si…

When Long YinTian had reacted over, he immediately rejected: “Don’t call me Xiao Si…”

“Then how about I call you Xiao Yin Yin?” [1] Our family’s Qian DuoDuo is pretty easy to talk to.

Xiao Yin Yin? Then he’d rather be called Xiao Si…

Long MuChen felt pain in his head and he rubbed against his temple. He really wanted to press on her mute acupuncture point so that she could be quiet for a while. However, how could he willing to do that? He thought about it before he took a wad of banknotes from his pocket and delivered it over to Qian DuoDuo: “Duo Er, count how many banknotes there are for me. If you are able to count it correctly, these banknotes are all yours. However, if you can’t count it correctly, then you can’t speak. Otherwise, I will take your banknotes.”

Qian DuoDuo flipped the banknotes over. There are banknotes of 100s and 500s. There are numerous ones that made it complicated. She completely ignored the fact that Long MuChen’s motive was to let her shut her mouth and took it over from him, with sparkling eyes. She kneeled on one side and picked up a tree branch. She moved it around the ground, counting the banknotes.

Long MuChen thought that since these banknotes added up to 30,400, it would’ve taken her a while for her finish counting?

Therefore, he felt at ease and continued to discuss: “YuTian, before the sacrificial warriors that Han Tie had shown you, are there any familiar ones?”

Long YuTian lowered his head and scrunched his eyebrows, thinking for a moment. He was able to open his mouth when a certain woman’s voice from behind rose: “Yes, there is definitely one who he is close to…”

Long YinTian was shocked for a moment: “DuoDuo, weren’t you counting the banknotes? How come you opened your mouth to talk? Do you not want the banknotes?”

Qian DuoDuo threw the tree branch on the ground. She placed the banknotes into her embroidered pouch, without a trace of politeness and said: “I finished counting. There are 30 banknotes of 100 silvers worth, 15 banknotes of 300 silvers worth, 15 banknotes of 500 silvers worth, 7 banknotes of 1400 silvers worth and 3 banknotes of 3000 silvers worth. It’s a total of 30,4000 silvers…”

Qian DuoDuo narrated in full detail and announced the number out loud. It was precise to the finest detail…


Xiao Yin Yin [1] – In Chinese, there are four tones to one word. The reason why Long YinTian doesn’t want to be called Xiao Yin Yin is that it means promiscuous (淫) in the second tone while his name (胤) is in the fourth tone.

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