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Assassins! A Valiant Bird

“You’re scared? Before who was the one that didn’t want their life and ran over here? If it wasn’t so that I had to protect you,  Ben Wang would’ve gotten someone alive!”

Long YuTian had no idea why he had said these words. Before when he saw how Qian DuoDuo had rushed here, his heart was actually nervous for her. However, when he saw his own fourteenth uncle with an anxious look on his eyebrows and a protective expression on, his heart couldn’t help to be sour.

That’s why when he opened his mouth, he wanted to torment Qian DuoDuo.

However, Qian DuoDuo directly ignored his words. She held onto her tiny skirt and ran over to the dead bodies. She then kneeled down, raising her hand over to pull at a dead body’s mouth. She raised her head over to look inside then she became a shocked bird~

“Wow, wow…Too fierce…They all seemed to have committed suicide through biting their tongues ah. I had thought that biting one’s tongue to kill himself would only be seen on the TV. Who knew this is actually something people would’ve done. This is simply too satisfying…”

Damn…What type of woman is she?

She actually raised her hand over to mess around a dead body and claim it was satisfying?

“Qian DuoDuo, you think biting one’s tongue off to kill himself is actually fun?” Long YinTian suddenly asked.

Qian DuoDuo nodded her head and moved the dead body over. She found a small dart-like item from his body. She thought it was fun at the moment and didn’t mind so she placed it away.

After that, she stood up from the ground and walked over to Long YinTian’s side. She pinched his chin: “Four, open your mouth.”

Although Long YinTian had no idea what Qian DuoDuo was going to do, he still opened his mouth obediently. Who knew in the next second, Qian DuoDuo actually raised two fingers over and pressed on his tongue. She placed all her strengths in to pull it out, causing him to be hurt and grimaced in pain: “Qian DuoDuo, I’m going to die…”

Qian DuoDuo watched as Long Yin Tian was so hurt that cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Regardless of his image, he curled up and bent his waist over. He covered his mouth while she lowered her head and was quiet for a minute. Then she raised her head again, watching Long YuTian who was on the side and dumbstruck as well as Long MuChen. Lastly, she turned her gaze over to Long YinTian.

She felt as though she had never done something wrong. She very innocently and naively said: “Does it hurt that much? I just wanted to help you test out that experiment…”

“…” Long YinTian really wanted to burst out swear words. However, once he saw her truthful expression, he couldn’t help it anymore.

In the end, it was Han Tie who had said a decent sentence: “Master, this is a problematic place. Let’s leave here first before saying anything else.”

“Hm…” Long MuChen nodded his head and pointed towards the dead bodies on the ground: “Bring these dead bodies as well. Maybe we might be able to find some clues.”

Qian DuoDuo became excited: “Right, right…Bring it to third WangFu. Leave one for me so I can observe it…”

The huge army brought the couple dead bodies and majestically left. On the empty hill, a black silhouette from the far distance slowly came closer. The shadow watched as the people moved further and further away. There was a flash and it disappeared.

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

After a whole night’s battle, the day was slowly lit. The three Wangyes along with Qian DuoDuo, not one of them all any intentions of going back to their WangFus. They casually sat by a lake and analyzed the origins of the assassins.

Han Tie along with the third Wang and fourth Wang’s bodyguards all respectfully stood 100 meters away. They waited for their Masters to order them.

“Third brother, how come you have met these assassins? I remembered that weren’t you going back to your WangFu? Plus how come you hadn’t taken anyone out with you if you were going out?” Long YinTian lazily leaned against a look, asking his doubts.

“Hehe, he is definitely opening a room with another woman behind your back. he is trying to sneak around and embarrassed, so he isn’t letting anyone know.” Qian DuoDuo answered without thinking.

Long YuTian’s face turned black: “Shut up!”

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