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The moment when Long MuChen made a move, the assassins realized this person’s skills were very outstanding and out of the common run. Fighting against Long YuTian, they had enough people to spare. However, if Long MuChen was added in, the chances of them winning weren’t big. Just as they were thinking about changing their plans, they had seen Qian DuoDuo who was behind them.

This woman seemed to have no skills at all. With a reckless spirit, they rushed over. The few people gave each other a look and all rushed towards Qian DuoDuo.

Long MuChen had seen this scene and haven’t even though before he took large strides over. He went over to Qian DuoDuo’s side who was in front of the battle and with one hand, he held her left wrist and held her behind him. Then he took out his gree jade fan. He made quick, severe, and fierce moves at the assassins and they were beaten up, falling on the ground. He opened up a bloody road.

Qian DuoDuo watched the way they cried out for help. Don’t mention how excited her expressions were. She had not even a little realization that she had done something wrong as she kept following Long MuChen from behind. She learned the way Wang Tai Sen would’ve punched. She danced and gesticulated in joy, cheering on: “Punch…Punch…Left hook punch…Right hook punch…”

The leader of the assassins saw that Long MuChen had settled down his couple subordinates in only a few moves which led him to point his sword towards Qian DuoDuo. He tried to frighten her: “This matter is none of your own business. Quickly scram away!”

Qian DuoDuo naughtily stuck her tongue out and ran over to Long YuTian’s side: “Since I had seen the road isn’t flat then I need to raise my sword out to help. [1] Plus, this person owed me 200,000 silvers. If he’s dead, then I am going to ask you guys for money ah! Therefore, I am definitely going to mind his business!”

The first half of the sentence was pretty upholding justice. However, how come the middle of the sentence had changed its smell? Was he – the third Wangye’s life only worth 200,000 silvers?

Especially when Qian DuoDuo said up to the last sentence, everyone had thought she would’ve said with righteousness: ‘I am definitely going to mind this business!’

Who knew she had raised her arm and pushed Long Muchen up towards them. All the problems had pointed towards him.

After that, one person had quickly moved behind Long YuTian, mumbling: “Small Yu, I had saved your life. Want to consider adding an extra 100,000 silvers?”

Long MuChen watched as Qian DuoDuo asked Long YuTian for money as though a money grubber. He was taken aback. The little person inside his mind howled in grief. How come he had met this kind of master?

However, at this time it hadn’t allowed him to think too much. The people in the surroundings had already made an uproar. However, the two men at least had tender and protective feelings towards her. One on the right and one on the left, leaving Qian DuoDuo in the middle.

But Qian DuoDuo wasn’t a light that would’ve saved oil. [2] Based on her couple close combat moves and strange skills, she had also beaten the assassins up that they cried for heaven, cried for the earth.

Close after, in the far distance of the hill, it was brightly lit. People in Yu WangFu had seen the signal sent by the third Wangye and the fourth Wangye had also come along with numerous imperial bodyguards rushing here without a stop. They had surrounded the assassins, making it impenetrable.

The group, going against Long YuTian and Long MuChen, was already a struggle. Now that they had faced countless bodyguards as well, they knew they would be dead without a doubt. The leading assassin suddenly fiercely raised his hand.

“Han Tie, leave one alive!” Long MuChen realized something wasn’t right and hurriedly yelled.

However, it was too late by half a second. By the time Han Tie had gone up, all the assassins had suddenly fallen to the ground. The corner of their lips had blood rising out.

Han Tien hurriedly ran up and kneeled down to check. He opened his mouth towards Long MuChen: “Master, they are all sacrificial warriors. [3] They had killed themselves.”

Long MuChen nodded his head. In his mind, he thought about whether or not Qian DuoDuo was hurt or not. He turned his head to see her staring with her mouth and eyes wide opened at the sacrificial warriors as though she was scared badly.


Since I had seen the road isn’t flat then I need to raise my sword out to help [1] – Helping others when they had seen an injustice.

A light that would’ve saved oil [2]  -An expression for troublemaker

Sacrificial warriors [3] – Those who aren’t afraid of death. They usually commit suicide once their tasks are incomplete and revealed by the enemies.

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