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I will Support You

Okay aye! Letting the grand Chen Wang become her root and helping her to fight and scare other people. She exclaimed this without a change in color on her face, as though he was the one who asked her for this. It was clearly shown she was determined to eat him…

However…want to follow him and become a ‘housekeeper’…This sentence, how come it sounded nice…

Therefore, under the situation where he hadn’t even realized himself, one sentence had blurted out from his mouth: “Qian DuoDuo, no matter how you want to make a racket out of this world, even if you poked a hole in this world, you will have me who will always support you…”

This sentence led Qiao DuoDuo to be scared and she jumped. As it had turned out, he had considered her to be Nüwa?! [1]

However…Qian DuoDuo really hadn’t placed his in her heart.

It’s just that she casually turned her head around to look at Long MuChen. She noticed instead, him under the moonlight, had black eyes like ink. It was deep and fascinating. The corner of the eyes which were slightly tilted up seemed to spiral around a powerful whirlpool. There seemed to have an attractive force everywhere.

On the beautiful face like painting, he placed away the usual joking face. Instead, it revealed a trace of seriousness.

Suddenly Qian DuoDuo seemed to have felt her heart had randomly jumped a beat.

She bit her lips and thought secretly that this man was really an evildoer. She nearly made herself become one of those love-struck fools.

Her eyeballs had turned around here and there. She looked here and then looked there. Yet she never dared to land her gaze on Long MuChen’s body. Just as she prepared to smile and change the topic, a bright light suddenly appeared in the sky from the far distance.

‘Su—-‘ White smoke had flashed by, up in the air.

The bottom of Long Muchen’s eyes became serious. He became cold all of a sudden. “Duo Er, YuTian is in trouble…Follow me closely…”

After he had finished his words, he felt the space at his waist became tight. A pair of soft and thin arms as though a small snake without bones had wrapped itself against his waist.

Long MuChen was stunned. He twisted his head to stare at Qian DuoDuo. She very naively blinked her eyes, then opened her mouth: “Didn’t you say for me to follow you closely?”

“Right…Follow me closely…” Long MuChen repeated again. He raised his hand over to place Qian DuoDuo in his arms. He placed his Ching Kung  [2] into effect and they suddenly moved up into the sky.

Qian DuoDuo watched as her feet had left the ground in an instant. The body was light as a swallow. She felt excited with the way Long MuChen had carried her halfway in the air: “Oh, oh oh — Small ChenChen, not only do you know Iron Palm Skill, but you also know Wei Yi Xiao ah! Fly higher, fly even higher…”

Fly higher? Fly even higher?

Long Muchen watched the way the woman in his arms became noisy and at that moment, he wasn’t able to cry or laugh.

However, his Ching Kung wasn’t the normal kind of quick. Just as she finished her words, Long MuChen had taken her over a couple streets over and stopped on a small dusty slope.

Not far in the distance, a bunch of black-cloaked men held swords and fought against Long YuTian who was stuck in the middle. They had caught him unprepared.

“Duo Er, go find a place to hide. I am going down to help YuTian.”

Although Qian DuoDuo hadn’t understood, Long MuChen had seen from the moves of the black-cloaked men that each of these moves was fatal. He was worried that Qian DuoDuo had no idea of the depths and blindly wanted to join in on the fun. Therefore, he ordered her beforehand.

Who knew, just as he had flown over to the assassin’s side, Qian DuoDuo who was behind him began to rub her palms. She yelled: “It was the first time this lady had stepped across, seeing this kind of scene which was surging with passion. Assassin ah…Which causes more than a mouthful of blood than the terrorists during my time. Such a fun event happening and he wants me to go hide. Watch as I throw you guys into meat pulp!”

She blabbered and yelled for a while before she also ran down.


Nüwa [1] – Chinese creator of humans in Chinese mythology

Ching Kung [2] – A Chinese type of martial arts – Kung Fu like.

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