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It’s not good over there!

Long MuChen meaningfully stared at Qian DuoDuo in front who was kicking the rocks at the moment. However, due to one sentence from her, his heart randomly felt better. He pamperingly raised his hand over to rub against Qian DuoDuo’s hairs. He smiled as he said: “Duo Er, don’t go to Bai Hua Lou in the future. It’s not good there…”

“If it’s not good then why do you guys go there?” Qian DuoDuo retorted back. She sneakily blinked her stars-like eyes and poked at Long MuChen’s arm: “Small ChenChen…Don’t tell me you are going there to relieve everyone from suffering, telling these women to place their butcher knifes down, and take refuge in religious life…If you’re trying to find a woman then go find a woman. I won’t laugh at you or even collecting second-handed money from you. What are you scared about…”

The corner of Long MuChen’s lips tilted up and thought in his heart it was better not to explain he might’ve made matters worse…

Qian DuoDuo thought back to Bai Hua Lou the thick rouge smells on the women’s bodies and it spoiled her appetite. After she sighed for a good while, she said: “If you guys have a duck shop [1] here then that would be nice…”

“What is a duck shop?”

The place where you eat ducks? But Long MuChen subconsciously thought it wasn’t that simple.

How could she explain such an advance and profound question to a thousand years old ancient person?

Qian DuoDuo organized her words and explained concisely: “A duck shop is a place where it allows women who feel cold, gloomy, and empty to have red apricots growing over the wall. [3] On the other hand, ducks [2] are men who will calm down these women’s injured spirits…”

“Understood…” Long Muchen nodded his head as though a good student. He raised his hand to eagerly state: “Duo Er, do you think I have the potentials of being a duck?”

“Pu—-” Qian DuoDuo almost choked on her breath…Then she very seriously observed Long MuChen from his hairs down to his shoes, sighing: “You are barely enough…How about this, this lady will reluctantly take you in and prepare you for being a duck…However, you need to be available whenever I call for you!”

Long MuChen clearly thought that the meaning of being a duck was like him…staying by her side…

However he overlooked the fact when Qian DuoDuo stared at him, her eyes were sparkling…As though from his body, she had seen a couple millions worth of gold.

The two people walked on the way back to the third WangFu, each having different thoughts.

The small person inside Qian DuoDuo’s heart was secretly planning how to mingle in Sheng Chen Country so that when the wind blew past, the water would’ve formed waves.[4]

On the other hand, Long MuChen watched her fabulous expression from the corner of his eyes. A warm current rippled in his heart.

After a good while, his mind suddenly flashed over a phrase, ‘red apricots growing over the wall’… He couldn’t help to tease her: “Duo Er, what thoughts do you exactly fill your mind up with? You’re thinking of letting those married women have red apricots growing over the wall. Are you not afraid it will lead to public anger ah!”

“What I am doing is called being a small cosmos…What do you – an old man know?” Qian DuoDuo objected against. Regarding the legal systems in feudal society, she watched as the first lady accepted comprises and held a feeling of implacable hatred: “So what if they have red apricots growing over the wall? How come it’s not even enough for you guys to have three wives and four mistresses and even able to sneak out for fun while we – women have to worship whatever dog fart, support our husbands and teach the children. Besides that, why do we have to obey the three men – husband, father, and son and follow the four virtues of morality?”

“Being warm and virtuous is the constant virtue that is never changing.” Long MuChen answered in such a way he was asking for a beating.

“Beautiful a knitting wool ball… These are just excuses forced upon women so that you guys can go out to mingle around. Oppressing one’s wife, making comparisons to see which house has more mistresses, becoming a man who has a specific charm which makes women fall under their charms, all that seems to make men proud…If those women have courageous spirits and seen their men finding a mistress, they would’ve make a racket and ask for a divorce. Conveniently, one might make a racket the first day of a lunar month while the other does it on the fifteenth. Then, I want to see if you guys would dare not to restrict yourselves and go around sneakily cheating.”


Duck shop [1] – That is the literal meaning but in this case, it means male prostitute shop

Duck [2] – In this case, it means male prostitute

Red apricots growing over the wall [3] – An expression for cheating.

The wind blew past, the water would’ve formed waves [4] – Used to describe how something is prospering and flourishing.

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