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Haven’t Played Enough


“But…” Qian DuoDuo raised her head to take another look at Long MuChen then turned her gaze towards the second lady. She innocently blinked her eyelashes, carefully, and pitifully lowered her head wanting to squeeze out some tears. Her voice pretended to be timid:


“But…I am afraid to get up…I think it is more comfortable for me to keep kneeling. I want to kneel in Qian prefecture’s front hall and turn it into a hole otherwise if my mother and I offend father again or the second lady, we won’t even have a place to die in…”

She deliberately stopped momentarily and under Qian DuoDuo’s eyes, a layer of misty fog really appeared. She looked as though she was the wife who was bullied all day long and had no one to vent out her feelings to.

She purposefully took a look at Long MuChen again and bit on her red lips. She wanted to say more but then stopped. That expression, don’t mention how resented she was. It led people to be distressed for her…

Long MuChen thought in her heart that Qian DuoDuo might’ve endured other grievances and his heart was in pain due to this thought. He had just wanted to open his mouth to ask when he subconsciously had seen with the corner of his eyes that the woman in front of him actually harshly pinched her waist with the hand that was hidden…

Long MuChen had just realized what happened right now. So this small woman hadn’t played enough yet…Under the hovering tears in her eyes, revealed a naughty glow.

His nervous expression immediately became at ease. He lazily leaned against the back of the chair with the hand holding his folding fan. Then he peacefully, as usual, cooperated with all of her requests.

“Duo Er ah…Oh no, third WangFei, quickly rise. You are trying to take this father’s life ah!” Government minister Qian kneeled on the ground and turned around towards Qian DuoDuo and kowtowed with head-banging on the ground. He almost cried out. i

Qian DuoDuo lowered her head and held in the laughter. She bit her lips and displayed a weak and scared expression: “But…I am still afraid of the second lady ah. Look how she made my mother frightened. She’s stunned now…”

She pointed towards the place the first lady stood then everyone had just noticed the first lady who wore shabby clothes and held a frightened expression.

The corner of her eyes had tears still stuck to it. The clothes were ripped and wrinkled. Due to the bodyguard’s roughness from before, her neck had red traces. Don’t mention how messy she was right now.

On the other hand, the second lady wore pearls and precious pieces of jewelry. She looked graceful and rich. It’s just that she originally had a rude appearance on and now because Qian DuoDuo intentionally pointed the problem towards her, she was angrier but dared not to say anything. The face was so infuriated it turned green which made her look even more frightening and horrifying.

These two women, after a comparison, were obviously a fluffy sheep and big gray wolf ah…

Long MuChen had only faintly swept his gaze over to the second lady and hadn’t said anything. It’s just that this harsh breath led the second lady to shiver and be scared. She turned around to the first lady, as though in a difficult position. She opened her mouth but her words were stiff: “In the past, it’s my fault. Sister, please don’t mind it.”
The first lady hadn’t woken up from the world-shattering change, only to see the second lady had slightly bent her waist towards her. Besides hand-writing the phrase ‘overwhelmed by favor from the superior,’ her face revealed a startled expression. She hurriedly also bent her back and bowed towards her: “The second lady, your words are too formal…It’s my fault, it’s my fault…”

The nature of a slave really couldn’t be changed…

If she wasn’t this body’s mother and was overprotective of her, she would be too lazy to feel sympathetic with these types of people. Maybe she might’ve stood by the side, clapping and cheering.

Qian DuoDuo secretly scolded in her heart and her feelings were even more irritated.

Long MuChen’s gaze had never left Qian DuoDuo. He saw the way she pursed her lips and hadn’t said anything, not having a bit of fighting strength in her. He pondered in his heart, wondering if she was uncomfortable anywhere or maybe it hadn’t gone as she planned to so she was having a fit. Therefore he walked over to Qian DuoDuo’s side and very patiently, asked: “Duo Er, get up. The floor is cold…”

Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips and hadn’t responded to him. She turned a blind eye towards his words. In her heart, she considered how to save this soul who was deeply stuck in a quagmire.

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