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Then, she saw Long MuChen had slowly stood up from his seat. He looked down at her, smiling: “Since you know, then how can Imperial Concubine Yun not know the meaning of the sentence?”

His eyes were as always, bright. The corner of his eyes raised up, adding onto a seductive feeling. His posture was elegant but it vaguely pervaded a type of icy cold breath which led people in in their hearts to be unconsciously shocked.

Long MuChen slowly lowered his head, his tone not quick nor slow yet it was firm. He unhurriedly opened his mouth again: “Qian DuoDuo had already married third Wangye so she is apart of the royal family. How is it up to family Qian’s turn to use the family punishment on her? Plus you said she hadn’t placed her superiors in her eyes. This Master doesn’t understand it. Qian DuoDuo is the Master. Qian Zheng Kuan is the official. He hadn’t kowtowed and greeted her but instead, told servants to beat the third WangFei up. Could it be that government minister Qian wants to be in charge of the royal family?”

“This servant doesn’t dare to…This servant doesn’t dare to…This servant should die 10,000 times and even then, his crimes can’t be spared…” Long MuChen’s one sentence had frightened Qian Zheng Kuan so much that he kneeled on the ground and his face slowly lost its color. His face was pale white and he trembled.

Long MuChen hadn’t paid attention to Qian Zheng Kuan, instead, he watched Qian DuoDuo’s awkward and slightly angry expression. He continued to ask: “Imperial Concubine Yun had also said third WangFei had offended her superiors and contradicted the imperial concubine. This Master doesn’t think so though…The women in the palace, casually throw a rock and a group of women would have appeared. Today you could be the imperial concubine so tomorrow you could be locked in the cold palace, becoming a maid. However the third WangFei, there’s only one…This Master’s words, does Imperial Concubine Yun understand?”

Long MuChen’s last sentence, although his tone was light and faint, yet it revealed an incomparable dignity. It scared Qian Yun Er badly that she almost kneeled on the ground due to the lack of strength. However, the maid by her side quickly moved over to hold onto her…

No matter how dumb she was, she had heard the threatening tone within Long MuChen’s words. If it was someone else, Qian Yun Er might’ve snorted disdainfully. However, in the face of Chen Wang, she hadn’t dared to overestimate her abilities and attempt the impossible.

Just one casual sentence from him could’ve led the Emperor to lock her in the cold palace and land in eternal damnation…

“Yes…What Master Chen had scolded is correct. Ben…It is I who had made a rash decision…” Qian Yun Er held onto her body and immediately gave in.

Then she took small steps and walked in front of Qian DuoDuo. She raised her hand over to hold onto Qian DuoDuo’s arm. Her tone was kind, not having a single trace of an overbearing manner from before: “Duo Er before it was this sister who had done things too harshly. This sister apologizes to you. Don’t be mad at this sister, okay?… Let this sister see, are you injured anywhere? Does it hurt ah?”

Qian DuoDuo heard as each of the sentences contained ‘sister’ and she felt so disgusted that goosebumps appeared on her whole body. She shivered then exclaimed: “Aiyo, my small arm ah…”

“Your arm hurts?” Qian Yun Er immediately raised her hand over to rub it.

“Doesn’t hurt…” Qian DuoDuo blinked her eyes.

After that: “Aiyo…My small waist ah…”

“You hurt your waist?” Qian Yun Er was nervous once again.

“It’s quite okay…” Said the woman.

“Aiyo…My throat ah…”

Qian Yun Er, at this time, had just realized this stupid girl was deliberately giving her a hard time, making her serve herself like a maid. In her heart, she immediately became angry. She tugged the corner of her lips and stiffly smiled: “Since younger sister is okay, then get up. The floor is cold…”

“But…” Qian DuoDuo raised her head to take another look at Long MuChen then turned her gaze towards the second lady. She innocently blinked her eyelashes, carefully, and pitifully lowered her head wanting to squeeze out some tears. Her voice pretended to be timid:

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